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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
bluez Ubuntu Cosmic 5.50-0ubuntu1 2018-06-19 None
gjs Ubuntu Bionic 1.52.1-1ubuntu1 2018-04-17 None
bluez Ubuntu Bionic 5.48-0ubuntu3 2018-02-21 None
pulseaudio Ubuntu Xenial 1:8.0-0ubuntu3.8 2018-02-15 None
totem Ubuntu Bionic 3.26.0-0ubuntu3 2018-01-24 None
libinput Ubuntu Bionic 1.9.4-2ubuntu1 2018-01-22 None
pulseaudio Ubuntu Bionic 1:11.1-1ubuntu4 2018-01-12 None
mpv Ubuntu Bionic 0.27.0-2ubuntu4 2017-12-15 None
gnome-system-monitor Ubuntu Bionic 3.26.0-1ubuntu1 2017-12-15 None
totem-pl-parser Ubuntu Bionic 3.26.0-1ubuntu2 2017-12-05 None
totem Ubuntu Artful 2017-08-28 None
pulseaudio Ubuntu Artful 1:10.0-2ubuntu2 2017-08-09 None
gstreamer-vaapi Ubuntu Artful 1.12.2-1ubuntu2 2017-08-09 None
mpv Ubuntu Artful 0.26.0-3ubuntu1 2017-08-09 None
intel-vaapi-driver Ubuntu Artful 1.8.3-1ubuntu1 2017-08-08 None
gst-plugins-bad1.0 Ubuntu Artful 1.12.2-1ubuntu2 2017-08-08 None
gdm3 Ubuntu Artful 3.24.2-1ubuntu8 2017-07-13 None
bluez Ubuntu Artful 5.45-0ubuntu1 2017-06-07 None
avidemux Ubuntu Oneiric 1:2.5.4-0ubuntu7.1 2011-10-20 None
avidemux Ubuntu Precise 1:2.5.4-0ubuntu8 2011-10-17 None
nvidia-graphics-drivers Ubuntu Lucid 195.36.24-0ubuntu1~10.04.1 2011-09-22 None
nvidia-graphics-drivers-96 Ubuntu Lucid 96.43.17-0ubuntu1.1 2011-09-22 None
geeqie Ubuntu Oneiric 1:1.0-8ubuntu1 2011-09-08 None
bcmwl Ubuntu Natty 2011-07-22 None
oss4 Ubuntu Natty 4.2-build2003-1ubuntu1.11.04.1 2011-06-17 armel
mediatomb Ubuntu Oneiric 0.12.1-0ubuntu2 2011-06-03 None
126 of 26 results