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xfonts-wqy Ubuntu Feisty 0.7.0-6-1.2ubuntu1 2007-01-25 None
kpowersave Ubuntu Feisty 0.6.2-5ubuntu1 2007-01-25 None
gtkterm Ubuntu Feisty 0.99.5-1ubuntu1 2007-01-23 None
ktrack Ubuntu Feisty 0.3.0-alpha1-9ubuntu1 2007-01-20 None
gnome-hearts Ubuntu Edgy 0.1.2-1ubuntu1.1~proposed1 2007-01-17 None
acct Ubuntu Feisty 6.4~pre1-3ubuntu1 2007-01-13 None
zsh-beta Ubuntu Feisty 4.3.2-dev-1+20070105-1ubuntu1 2007-01-12 None
jabber Ubuntu Feisty 1.4.3-3.1ubuntu1 2007-01-10 None
kxdocker Ubuntu Edgy 1.1.4a-0ubuntu2.1~proposed1 2007-01-04 None
siege Ubuntu Edgy 2.65-2ubuntu1~proposed1 2006-12-18 None