Denise and I talked for months before deciding to meet in Philadelphia. She would be visiting her daughter, and since I often go to Philadelphia for business, we decided to meet there. It would be the first of many visits. So, I explained what I’d like to do at our first face-to-face meeting in a PM session.

Denise, when we meet, this is what I’d do. I’d meet you at the door, introduce myself, and then give you a deep hug, kiss you passionately. Then take your hand, leading you over to the bed. Kiss and hug you some more. Sit us down on the bed and then while kissing you take off your blouse, remove your bra and hold and fondle those lovely breasts that you’ve shown me on many a PM session and then make love to you, and then you can make love to me.

But this is what actually happened, and I hope that some of you might experience the same when you meet her or someone online like her for the first time…

I’m standing in front of the mirror, having just gotten out of the shower. Denise says she’ll be arriving around 7 pm. I look at my watch, 6:25. I still have some time. I shave, brush my teeth, comb my hair, and try to decide whether to wear the bathrobe or get fully dressed. Knowing that most likely she’s not going to be wearing her bathrobe to drive over here, I go for fully dressed. I no sooner get my pants on and tighten my belt than I hear knocking on my hotel room door.

It’s only 6:40, but I walk over and open the door, and there she stands. My jaw hits the floor; I’m standing there like some teenage high schooler, just taking in her hair; her eyes do change color; I can’t tell if they’re blue, green, or a bluish-green. She’s looking at me, and then I look down at her breasts, her torso, her legs, and I think, well, I guess I’ll invite her in so I can take a look at that ass that’s haunted me this past five or so weeks.

I invite her in, and when the door shuts. I reach out and take both of her hands. I hold onto them and trace her fingers with my fingers, her palm. Then, I reach upwards and draw her in for a hug. My arms wrap around her, and I breathe in her aroma; she smells so lovely, her hair smells nice. I give her a little peck on the neck. I feel my cock hardening as her breasts lean into my chest. She wraps her arms around me, and I feel her hands tickle my back; then, she lowers her hands to my ass. She squeezes my ass, and I pull back a bit from the hug.

We make eye contact, and I look down at her lips. She licks them, and my cock is now a full-blown hard-on. It takes all I can not to start ripping off her clothes, throwing her on the floor, and making love to her right then and there. But I restrain myself, for this is what we agreed. We would see each other, and if I liked her, I’d kiss her, which I hadn’t done, but she already acknowledged her pleasure at seeing me by grabbing my ass.

I lean in and playfully take a small bite of her lower lip. I continue eye contact as I put my mouth firmly over hers. She opens her lips, her mouth and her tongue dart out, making contact with mine. I put my arms around her and drew her in. She’s only a foot inside the door, and my desire to have her is intense. I kiss her passionately, my tongue diving into her mouth, touching her tongue. My hands are rubbing up and down her back. I reach down, still kissing her, grabbing her ass cheeks with both hands, and even lifting her a little, letting her feel the strength in my arms and chest.

I continue kissing her, our heads tilting one way and then the other vying for a vantage point where we can get our best tastes of each other. I draw away a little bit and suck on her tongue. Sucking it out of her mouth and then released it. She does the same to me. I start gyrating my hard cock into her pelvic area, and she responds with gyrations of her own. I break the kiss, look her in the eye and then kiss her one more time.

I reach down and grasp her one hand and lead her into the room. We haven’t even said one word to each other. It’s almost like we have a psychic connection. I lead her over to the bed. I had already removed the top cover and folded down the sheet. I took all of the pillows and laid some at the headboard and some down where our feet will be or vice versa; who knows where heads and feet will end up before the night is over.

I sit down, and she sits beside me. I lean over and take her in a passionate kiss again as I gently lean her back onto the bed. We’re lying on our sides and stroking each other’s backs and kissing. The kisses get wetter, even more, desirable if that’s possible. I feel saliva dripping down my chin. I pull her into a tight embrace and then wrap one of my legs over her body, flip her over onto her back. I pull away and look down at her. I see her breasts; I can see her nipples hardening and trying to poke out from the material of her blouse. I straddle her and then lean down, my cock rock hard and trying to break free of the bindings of my khaki shorts.

I push my cock onto her upper pelvic region; she spreads her legs as I take her into a kiss again. We are each starting to moan lightly as our passion for each other heightens, and as she opens her legs, I fall between her legs and bring my cock to bear directly onto her clit, and I start maneuvering my cock against her clit. Again, I feel and hear her moan through our kiss. Her hands are working up and down my back. She says my name softly, "Oh Stan, I never realized how much I’ve wanted you till right now. Please take me, I want you in me, I want to feel your nakedness".

I roll off of her, and we both sit up on the bed. She has a button-down blouse on, and I start slowly unbuttoning her shirt; after each button, I pop, I kiss her. When I get to the last button, I kiss her, my tongue darting into her mouth, and I suck on her tongue as I remove her blouse. Then my hands move around to her back, and as I release the clasps of her bra, I move my mouth down to the nape of her neck. I am kissing her, sucking gently. Next, I move my mouth up to her ear lobes and kiss and suck on them. With her bra unclasped, I removed it. I bring my mouth around and begin sucking on one nipple and then the other, whichever breast and nipple my mouth is not on, my hands and fingers are fondling the other one.

I feel or sense her head moving backward. I feel her heart beating faster beneath her breasts. I hear her breathing increase as I suck on one nipple and then the other. Her nipples are taut before me. Her breathing becomes more labored. I push her gently back onto the bed. I look at her, and I reach down and unzip her jeans, then unsnap her pants. I gently spread apart her pants and noticed her pink panties. I put a hand inside her panties and feel the smoothness of her crotch.

She looks up at me and then reaches up and draws my head down to her as we kiss again. My hand goes into her pants and behind her panties. I feel that she’s already wet, and I play with her clit. Our mouths together in a passionate kiss, and I feel her intake of breath as my finger finds her clit already throbbing. I push on it, and a small gasp emits from her mouth into my mouth. I look at her face, and she has closed her eyes. I maneuver my hand lower, and I insert one finger into her pussy. She arches her back, and I can feel her pussy juices flowing.

I spread her legs and move my mouth from kissing her; moving downward, I start at her knees and work my way up her inner thigh. My tongue stops at her pussy, and I insert my tongue deep into her pussy. I spread her legs even wider, and I pull my tongue out and begin sucking on her clit. Next, I take my thumb and push it deep into her pussy. She arches her back, and as I’m sucking on her clit; I feel her shudder and her pussy juices flow down her legs. I try to lap it up, but I miss some of it so much that I feel it pool between her legs onto the bedsheets.

I start gyrating my thumb up inside of her. My thumbnail up against where I felt her rough patch of skin, and I know that her G-spot will be a source of much attention my fingers and later my cock will attend to. I move my thumb downwards towards her anal canal. She moans when I touch her G-spot, but I can tell she likes it even more when I push downward to her ass. I start moving my wrist so that each upward thrust hits her clitoris, and then I increase the tempo.

My thumb and wrist, my whole hand is jackhammering her pussy, and suddenly she sits fully upright in the bed. She sat up so suddenly that her breasts hit my face, it stunned me for a second, but I didn’t stop. I keep jackhammering her, and then abruptly, she screams out, I see her fists clench the sheets, and she squirts. I keep up the maneuver with my wrist and thumb, her pussy gushing constantly. A musky odor permeates the bedroom; her squirting fluids have soaked the bedspread, my hand, my wrist, and most of my arm.

"My gosh, Stan, I’ve squirted before, but that was fucking awesome. I’ve never felt that much extreme pleasure from anyone ever before. Please do that again". Well, when you have a gorgeous and sexy woman naked in your room, you don’t want to ever disagree with her on anything. So I leaned over, kissed her breasts, kissed her lips, and slowly lowered her back on the bed.

I ran my hands over both of her rather large breasts, making sure to squeeze her nipples. Then downwards till my thumb lightly ran over her hooded clit, down between her labia. Spreading her labia apart, I took my tongue, licked both sides, and then into her glistening wet pussy. I sat up beside her and inserted my thumb once more, thumbnail upwards. Bending my wrist and then started pushing it in and out of her. Each upward thrust once more, letting my wrist hit her clit. My thumb bent backward so that the thumbnail would rub her G-spot. Slowly at first and then increasing the tempo, I moved my arm faster and faster. In and out of her pussy. Dragging my thumb downwards and then on the upstroke, the thumbnail making contact.

Denise’s body tensed, and I felt her pussy juices flowing. She started writhing on the bed. Her knees bent, and I looked down to see her toes also clenching the bedsheets. She whimpered and moaned at each upward thrust. I picked up the speed and (the only adjective or verb I know is to describe the maneuver is: Jackhammer) I jackhammered her pussy with my wrist and thumb. My arm muscles provide the force and speed. Her breathing became ragged, her chest heaving up and down. When she tensed this time, I knew what to expect, and I increased (if possible) the speed, and I didn’t withdraw my hand. I continued hammering her as she squirted, moaning and sometimes screaming as wave after wave of orgasmic squirting juices gushed out of her pussy. It was quite a sight to behold.

She seemed to be starting to hyperventilate, gasping, her face quite red, her eyes wide open. I slowed down the rhythm and eventually stopped with my hand and arm quite drenched. Her breathing slowed. Her body is still convulsing in mini orgasmic spasms. I pulled my thumb out and then went and lay down beside her. I stroked her hair, touched the side of her face gently, lovingly. She turned her head towards me, her breathing finally subsiding to normal.

I took her chin in my hands and kissed her softly. Her tongue met mine, and we kissed with eyes open.

"I just wanted you to know that no words can express the sensation I just felt. That was beyond awesome." She said as she then looked down at my arm, still dripping from her orgasm. "I think we ought to take a shower."

I helped her stand up. Her legs were a little shaky, and we made our way over to the bathroom. When the shower was warm enough, I helped her into the shower, and we let the warm water spray over us. I took her in my arms and held her tightly. We kissed. Then she began soaping up a cloth and washing my body. I stopped her and said, just use your hands, no washcloth. She smiled at me and dropped the washcloth. I stood with my back against the spray, and she lathered up my chest, my arms, and then knelt in front of me. My cock was once again rock hard; she grasped it and began to suck on it. I felt it throbbing. I wanted to shoot a load; my balls felt like they were on fire.

She took all of me into her mouth, gagged a little, and then started rocking her head back and forth on my shaft. She took her tongue and made circles around the head of my cock. I have quite a broad fat head on my cock, and she took her tongue and rubbed on the underside of that rim, and then she touched her tongue to the V of my circumcision. I shot a spurt of precum that landed right beside her nose. She reached up with her finger, wiped it off, and then sucked on her finger.

She suddenly grabbed the shaft of my cock and squeezed hard. I gasped, and then she started stroking me while sucking hard on the head. Then she released her hold and began sucking up and down on me. Her head (here’s that word again) jackhammering up and down, maintaining a tight suction. Faster and faster, she bobbed her head on my cock. Her fingers tightened around my ass, drawing me in deeper into her mouth and throat. Her head slightly leaned backward, taking all of me with each downward thrust. I’ve never felt anything like it.

The water started to get cold, so I reached around and turned the temperature up. She continued like this for some time. Finally, she started tiring, looked up at me, and said, "Don’t you ever cum?" I then reminded her of our PM’ing and Skyping, where I told her that I rarely cum while I’m standing. I need to lie on my back, or I can’t cum. She laughed just then with her hand on my cock and said, "Yes, I remember, but no one’s ever not shot their load when I do it like that."

She turned around and bent over to get the bar of soap. I looked at that beautiful ass, and I thought, it’s a shame she’s never tried or experienced anal sex. She stood up and handed me the bar of soap and said, "well, if you’re not going to cum, you might as well clean me up so we can get you on your back." Once again, if a beautiful naked woman wants you to do something, you better be damn sure you do it!

I lathered up my hands and started with soaping up her back, which brought those lovely breasts in contact with my chest. Our faces were close together; I kissed her while washing her back, neck, and arms. I released the kiss, backed up and bit, and began washing those lovely breasts. Her nipples were super sensitive, and I might have washed her breasts a bit more than any other part of her body. I knelt, letting the water hit her full force, washing her tummy, her legs downward, and then the other. I cupped my soapy hand on her pussy and squeezed her labia together with one hand, and soaped it with the other.

I stood up and removed the showerhead and put the spray dial on soft, and washed off all the soap from her tummy and legs. Then I acted like I would put it back but instead set the dial on pulsating. Hotel showers usually have a bench at the back of the tub, and this one was no exception. I stood up with the shower head pointing at the floor, kissed her, and gently eased her to the back wall. When the back of her knees hit the bench, she automatically sat down. Her eyes widened in surprise. I quickly knelt, spread her legs, took that shower head, and pointed it at her clit. The pulsating warm water was pulsating against her clit. Her eyes showed shock and then pleasure as I inserted a finger inside her pussy. The water pulsating, my finger stroking inside her. She leaned back and let me make love to her with a showerhead. She came quickly. I moved the water aside and dove my face into her crotch. I was lapping up those lovely juices.

"Stan, enough, please?"

I looked at her, and I did contemplate ending our shower lovemaking session, then my mind remembered how that ass was beckoning to me as she bent over for the soap. So, I said to her, "there’s one more thing I want to do to your lovely body, and I don’t want to hear no from your beautiful lips."

"What’s that, she asked?"

Without answering her, I turned her towards the back of the shower wall, gently pushed on her back to lean her towards the wall. I kept pushing until she had to quickly reach up and place her hands on the wall, lest she falls over. At that angle, she would not be able to make herself stand upright. Instead, she looked back over her shoulder at me as I knelt lower than the pulsating water as it pummeled her asshole. I knew what she was thinking, but she would be wrong. She thought I was going to give her another orgasm from the showerhead.

While the water was pulsating against that beautiful ass, I stopped the flow and let it hit the back of my head as I clamped my mouth on that recently cleaned asshole and began licking all around her asshole. I put my lips tight against her ass and spit a stream of saliva into her ass. Then I took my index finger and slowly slipped it in one knuckle at a time. I heard her moan and say, "Oh yes, my gosh, that feels so damn good; who would have thought it would feel this good. Don’t stop." She squealed.

I inserted my finger all the way in and then removed it, her asshole widening just a bit, then I spit some more saliva and then inserted my thumb; it slid in easily. Next, I stood up and placed my hard cock head up against her asshole and tried to insert it, but it was still too tight. So I backed off, spit some saliva onto my cock and turned around, and got a mouthful of pulsating water, swished it around in my mouth, knelt and put my mouth up against her ass, and forced the water up inside of her ass.

I stood up again and inserted my index finger and middle finger slowly, one knuckle at a time, into her asshole. She moaned and started pushing her ass towards me. I moved them both all the way in and then back out. Spit some more saliva onto my fingers and inserted them back in. Slowly back and forth, and then, at last, I pulled them out. Spit onto my cock and drove my fat cock head slowly into her ass.

Her moaning was intensifying as I pulled it back out, the crown of the head of my cock becoming visible, and then I inserted it a few more inches. Again, I pulled it back out and then slowly thrust it until I was entirely inside of her. She turned her head and said, "I never thought something that fat would ever fit in me with causing a lot of pain, but this feels so damn good. Fuck my ass, Stan, give it to me. I want it all!". (As I’ve said before when a beautiful XNXX woman asks you to do something…)

I pulled my cock out until I could just see the crown of my cock, and then I pushed it back in. No need for more saliva lubrication. Her pussy, I could see when I pulled out, was issuing forth juices, and I reached down with my hand and collected some of that sweet nectar and rubbed my cock with it, and then pushed deeper into her ass.

I wished I had a vibrating gel toy right about then, but oh well, next time, I’ll remember to grab one. I started with slow thrusting of my hips, pulling my cock out and slowly entering her. Denise said, "quit going so damn slow and teasing me, fuck my ass hard. It feels so damn good" (Well, when a beautiful… Yeah, I know you get it now…). So I started ramming my cock in and out of her faster and faster. One thrust I actually slipped, and I fell into her, and she almost knocked her head into the wall. Regaining my balance, I got into a good rhythm, and she was moaning and groaning. I could feel the water getting colder, so I turned around and shut off the water flow. Now the only sounds I could hear in the shower were the suction her ass was making on my cock and her moaning of pure pleasure.

I saw her remove one of her hands from the wall, and she slipped it back to her pussy. I could feel her hand movements getting faster on what I surmised was her clit. She then used her other hand and grabbed one of her lovely breasts, and I thought that I should have thought of that sooner, as I really liked squeezing her breasts.

"Denise, you know how I said that I don’t ever cum when I’m standing?"

"Yes," Denise replied.

"Well, I’m getting ready to, your ass is so damn tight, and the sight of you playing with yourself and my thrusting…" and before I could finish the sentence, I came. I shot that load deep into her asshole, and at the same time, she practically stood up and screamed; I could feel warm pussy juices flowing down my legs.

I kept stroking my cock into her ass and cumming too. It was like my nuts didn’t know it should be over after the first eruption. I finally felt myself stop, and I knelt between her legs and lapped up her pussy juices, fingering her pussy, and then I took my thumb and inserted it deep into her pussy. I watched, mesmerized at my cum oozing out of her asshole and running down to her pussy

She resumed her earlier position against the wall with both hands holding her up for support. I took my thumb and started slowly moving it in and out, my thumbnail up against where I knew her Gspot to be at. Then, I started moving it in and out of her faster and faster. My arm motion was like a jackhammer as I hammered her pussy. Unfortunately, my hand was in the wrong position for the wrist to hit her clitoris. So I took my other hand and began pushing down on her clit and then rubbing it, not quite as fast as my other hand was pummeling her. I didn’t want to abuse it; I just wanted to stimulate it.

I felt juices flowing, and then they started squirting out of her. She almost stood upright as she experienced a mindblowing (her words afterward) squirting orgasm. She screamed and screamed, calling out my name as I pulled out my thumb, but continued massaging the area around her clitoris. Eventually, like a faucet turned off, her squirting subsided, and I saw that she was about to collapse. I grabbed her around the waist and held her upright; turning her body towards mine, I embraced her, and then moving her wet hair from her face, I kissed her deeply. She felt almost limp in my arms.

I opened the shower curtain, steadying her; I grabbed towels and began to dry her off. She put a hand on my chest and said, "No, I’ll dry myself off, thank you very much. If you get your hands on me again, we’ll never make it to the bed".

"Well, what’s wrong with that?" I replied.

"I want you flat on your back so that I can taste that cum and then climb on top of you and feel you shoot it up inside of me. I didn’t fly 2800 miles for you to do all the work!"

"What work? It’s not working; it’s a pure pleasure for me. Your enjoyment is paramount". I replied

"Yes, I know you’ve said that before, but I also get extreme enjoyment over making my man cum and cum and cum. So, let me enjoy myself as well".

After we toweled ourselves off, I took her hand and led her back into the bedroom. We lay down on the bed but realize it’s still soaked from our previous lovemaking. I hopped out of bed and went over to the linen closet. "I guess we ought to change the sheets," I said as I pulled out fresh sheets. We remade the bed and then climbed on top of the bed. I pulled her into a tight embrace, and then we lowered ourselves. I wanted to put her on the bottom, but she had other ideas.

"Oh, no. You are lying flat". She said.

(Once again, if a beautiful woman says…)

I lie down, and she lays on top of me. Her legs between my legs, her pussy on top of my cock, our chests touching. I reach up and draw her face to me, and I kiss her. She rolls off to one side and lays her head on my chest, lightly tickling my muscles. Her hand was going from my nipples to my belly button. "Stan, I know I said I wanted to make love to you after that shower episode, but quite frankly, I’m worn out. First, jet lag and ultimate squirting orgasms, then that damn shower head, then you fucking my ass. Would it be alright if we just go to sleep?"

I tilt her head with my finger, look at her, and agree that it has been a tiring day for me, too, as I drove 4 hours to get there and after working all day. Maybe it would be better to get some sleep.

She then laughs, and before I know it, she somehow flips me over, and I’m on my back. She’s on top of me, her hands pressing down on my chest and her pussy riding on my abs. "you really think I’m going to let you go to sleep without me feeling that fat cock in my pussy?"

"But, you said you were tired from the flight and all we just did?" I asked

"Silly, I didn’t flap my arms on the way over here. I slept most of the way, played with myself a bit while I thought of you and me together for the next four nights. So, no, I’m not tired." She replied.

I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her down to meet my lips. Released her and said, "Ok babe, have at it; you’re in control now."

She looks down at me, then draws me in for another kiss. Her hands have not been idle; she reaches back and grabs my cock. I try to take my hand to rub her clit as she sits on top of me, but she stops me. She looks into my eyes, and I look into hers, and she says, "Stan, you said I’m in control, so let me have a little fun, let me make a little love to you right now."

I lay my head back on the pillows. She leans forward, sucking on my nipples, they harden, and I feel the sensation as she moves her head down to my belly, her hair tickling me. Then she puts her knees on either side of my body, reaches back, and grabs my cock. She starts to lower herself until my cock head is just barely touching her warm wet pussy. I tense as her grip tightens, and she hovers there. Finally, I look up at her and ask her, "what’s the matter? Do you need lube?"

"Nothing is the matter; I’m in control, correct?" I nod in the affirmative. "So, I’m deciding if I want this load for a late-night snack or feel you inside of me."

Her grip is intensifying, and it’s not a good feeling at the moment. I’m not sure, but looking down, I think my cock head is turning purple. She suddenly released her grasp, spread her legs, leaned over, and laid her chest on my chest. I lie there wondering what she has in store for me. In our chats and PM sessions, she told me several things she’s never done and would like to do with me. My mind wanders to those thoughts, trying to figure out what she’s intending. What she does is nothing that she has ever referred to or talked about before.

She lay there on top of me for a second; then she maneuvers her pussy so that the head of my cock is pushing up against her clit. Then she started moving her hips back and forth, dragging my cock back and forth across the bottom of her pussy. I could feel her wet pussy. I could hear her breathing quicken, and I could feel her heart pounding in her chest as my chest pressed up against her breasts.

She enveloped my mouth in a kiss, our tongues darting back and forth. I figured I would let her be in charge up to a point, and I’d try to mimic what I thought she wanted. I’m not used to not being the instigator, but for her, I’ll allow it. We kept kissing as she moved her pussy back and forth against my cock. I reached up and started tickling her back, up and down her spine. I went to grasp her ass cheeks to pull her tighter against me, but she stopped kissing and said, "No, I’m in charge." I released my grasp and let my hands fall to my side. She then sat up, moved her hips, dragging my cock to an elevated position. My cock straightened and poised just below her pussy.

She slowly lowered her body till I felt her pussy lips on the head of my cock. She slowly inserted just a tip of the head of my cock into her pussy. First, my cock head was enveloped in that wet, tight pussy, then she sat even further down, taking all of me. She gasped, and I felt her pussy tightening around my cock.

I felt her pussy juices running down my legs; my cock was so damn hard, it actually hurt. It was like it had grown another inch or two, gotten wider and fatter as it and I became aroused by the beauty of her sitting there on my cock, her breasts dangling ever so slightly and her firm nipples erect. I wanted so badly to touch them, suck on them, but she was in charge, for now.

She started moving her body up and down on my cock. Raising as far as hips and her knees extended would allow, but I don’t think getting the full stroke she thought she could obtain. I looked into her eyes and gradually moved my arms until they gripped her waist. I then lifted her body so that she could get the entire stroke and then released her. I continued helping her raise and lower her body, she was getting into a rhythm now, and it felt so good to me as well. She was moaning and writhing in my arms. We had been doing this for about fifteen minutes, just a slow up and down movement of my arms. Lifting her and lowered her down, using my hips to force my cock deeper and deeper. I felt the need to release, but I suppressed it.

I had enough; it was evident she had only read about this or watched it on some XXX flick. I lifted her off of my cock and then lowered her pussy, so it lay on top of its length. I angled my hips and arched my body where she was now lying on top of me. I pressed even harder at this angle, bringing the tip of my cock on the upward thrust, up under her clit hood and pushing her clit into the hood. I started moving it faster with shorter strokes, pushing the head up against her clit and into the hood. Her eyes opened up, and she groaned as I felt her orgasm; I felt her whole body shudder.

I felt her pussy juices flowing down my legs. She was breathing extremely hard, her chest pounding against my chest. She groaned again, calling out my name. "Damn Stan, I’m cumming again!"

This time as I felt her climax and as she screamed my name, I raised her body, pulled back my hips, let my cock get to the right angle, and then I lowered her quickly at the same time I thrust my pelvis and drove my cock deep into her pussy. She moaned even louder, she kissed me, and she bit down on my lower lip and broke the skin, I tasted blood but ignored it as another orgasm racked her body, and she shuddered and came again as I continued thrusting my cock in and out of her faster and faster.

I grabbed ahold of her body in a bear hug, my cock still entirely inside of her, and swung my legs over the side of the bed and stood up. I laid her down on the bed, then I grasped her ankles and spread her legs open as wide as I could, and began pounding her pussy with the whole length of my cock. Bringing the tip of my cock just barely out of her pussy and then slamming it back in with all the force I could manage. Each thrust would propel her further back onto the bed, and I had to keep dragging her ass back to the edge before I would thrust it back in. Finally, she started to clench her pussy muscles around my cock as I plunged into her. She suddenly sat up upright on the bed and screamed so loud that I was pretty glad that I had reserved the cabin at the farthest point from the front of the hotel complex.

"Stan, please no more, I can’t take any more. Gosh, this feels so damn good, but please no more. I want you to cum, and you said you can’t while standing up". I kept up my thrusting, not heeding her words. Then another orgasm hit, and she didn’t scream. She was just mumbling and stuttering, but not much sound was being emitted from her mouth. Her hair was plastered to her face from the exertion. "Please, Stan, I want to feel you cum in me."

I grabbed a hold once more to her body and maneuvered our bodies so that once again, I was on my back, and she was on top of me. This time, she seemed to have caught on quite quickly as she started gyrating her hips back and forth. Again, the feeling was an indescribable mix of pain and pleasure.

She increased the stroke length and would pull the head of my cock out of her pussy and then slam her body down and me back in. Each time I would come out, she would gasp, and when I re-entered, she would moan intensely. She kept doing this, and her breathing became more labored, mine as well. Her breasts were heaving under her breathing.

I then began increasing the pumping of my hips, staying firmly inside of her and only taking out 3-4 inches of cock and then thrusting my hips upward as she sat downward, pushing my full length up and inside of her. I felt myself getting ready to release. We were both breathing harder now, and I leaned forward and kissed her nipples, sucking hard on one then the other as I increased my pace and shortened my stroke. Faster and faster, I jackhammered her pussy. She was jumping up and down on my cock. Her hands on my chest were pushing upwards. Then as I was getting ready to cum I pulled her down so that we were chest to chest, releasing my mouth on her tit, then clamping my mouth onto hers. I gave one last hard mighty upward shove, pushed my cock deep inside her pussy, and shot my load. The orgasm I felt was a sweet release on my cramped nuts. I shot ropes and ropes of cum deep inside her. She screamed into my mouth as I moaned into her mouth.

We lay like that for several minutes, then her eyes opened, her breathing slowed, and our convulsing relaxed. I pushed her up a bit to look into her eyes and was getting ready to pull out. She looked down at me, leaned into me for a passionate kiss, and said, "Please, can we just stay like this for a few minutes more?" I nodded because I was uncertain if I could even talk. My nuts still felt like they were on fire, my cock was still rock hard, and I could still feel her pussy throbbing. We lay like that for a while, and at some point, we both fell asleep.

The following day, with the sun streaming in the windows, we woke at the same time. We were lying on our side, my arm around her and cupping a breast. Her ass was pressed firmly up against my cock, and I felt it starting to harden as we fully awoke. She felt it, too, as she pushed her ass up tighter against my cock.

She rolled over, and her breasts were touching my chest, her nipples brushing against my chest. She sat up suddenly, and before I knew it, she was stroking my cock as it got harder, longer, fatter. She continues this moment, and suddenly, I let out a small gasp, a bit of precum pumped out.

"We didn’t get any supper last night, nor breakfast that you promised to make. But, of course, I did say that I would cook you supper if you made breakfast the next morning. So, now I’m going to have breakfast, and you can make it". With those words said, she quickly lowered herself onto my cock.

 She took her tongue from the base of my balls, up my shaft, and then engulfed my cock in her mouth. It’s all I can do not to cum. I feel my nuts tightening, and before I can quench it, precum oozes out again, and I see her smile. She licks the precum off and begins stroking me and sucking on my cock. I moan out again and say, "Oh Denise, my gosh, woman, that feels so damn good. Suck me, baby, take all you want, breakfast is on me".

Her mouth is going up and down on my cock as she takes all of me in, and she only gags a few times; faster and faster, she sucks on me. Now it’s my turn to moan, writhe and squirm on the bed. She starts stroking me harder and faster. Her hand clutches my cock hard and her mouth on the top of my cock, sucking it more brutal. She strokes up and then takes all of my cock into her mouth and down her throat on the downward movement. Rarely gagging, she strokes and sucks me faster and faster.

I can barely concentrate, and I tell her I’m about to cum. She strokes me faster, and then I arch my back and shoot my load into her mouth. If I thought last night was an incredible experience, I’m once again shooting ropes and ropes of cum again this morning. I keep cumming, and she keeps swallowing. With my nuts depleted, they actually feel pretty good. Finally, I pull her up over my body and kiss her deeply.

"So, this is how birds feed their young. Now that we’ve shared a liquid breakfast, how about I make us a solid breakfast of pancakes with lots of syrup?".

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