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11 of 1 result

Vincent Ladeuil's teams

“Apocryphal Alumni” team
“awsome-core” team
“babune's devs” team
“babune's team” team
“Bazaar Codereview Subscribers” team
“Bazaar Developers” team
“Bazaar GTK maintainers” team
“Bazaar jenkaas hackers” team
“Bazaar Log RSS developers” team
“Bazaar Mac OS X Team” team
“Bazaar Packagers” team
“Bazaar Windows Team” team
“bazaar-council” team
“Breezy developers” team
“Bzr-builddeb-hackers” team
“bzr-core” team
“bzr-git developers” team
“bzr-hg developers” team
“bzrk Developers” team
“Bzr-pqm-devel” team
“bzr-qa” team
“bzr-repo-push Developers” team
“bzr-stats developers” team
“bzr-svn developers” team
“Bzr-upload-devs” team
“Daniel Holbach Huggers” team
“demormll2011 participants” team
“Gardener Developers” team
“haskell-aws” team
“Launchpad Beta Testers” team
“Launchpad Users” team
“Loom Developers” team
“Martin Pitt's fan” team
“Monodevelop-Bazaar developers” team
“Olive Team” team
“OpenStack Team” team
“qbrz team” team
“QBzr Bugs” team
“QBzr Developers” team
“Subunit Developers” team
“subunit-dev” team
“testtools committers” team
“testtools developers” team
“Trac-bzr-team” team
“Ubuntu Appstore Developers” team
“Ubuntu Chumby Hackers” team
“Ubuntu Distributed Development Developers” team
“Ubuntu Phone” team
“Ubuntu Push Notifications Developers” team
“Ubuntu Tablet” team
“Ubuntu TV Interest Group” team
“ubuntu-distributed-development” team
“vc-bzr.el hackers” team
“Wikkid Hackers” team
“You made it, Dave broke it” team