Team participation for Vadim Peretokin

Vadim Peretokin is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
APT-Portal Developers 2009-03-06 Member Subscribed
Community-agile 2008-07-09 Member Not subscribed
GetDeb Collaboration Team 2008-08-10 Member Subscribed
GiftWrap Devs 2009-04-11 Owner Subscribed
GiftWrap Users 2009-06-16 Owner Subscribed
Gufw Developers 2008-06-24 Admin Subscribed
HErD 2008-07-30 Member Subscribed
Launchpad Users 2009-05-22 Member Not subscribed
Mudlet Makers 2008-08-25 Owner Subscribed
My mom runs ubuntu! 2008-11-10 Member
Playdeb Developers 2008-08-31 Owner
Popcon² Developers 2008-09-12 Owner
Savage 2 monkits 2008-10-10 Owner
SchoolTool Users 2015-06-21 Member Subscribed
Shutter Team 2009-01-04 Admin Not subscribed
Svo Creators 2009-06-25 Owner
Ubuntu 64-bit 2008-09-15 Member Subscribed
Ubuntu Australian Team 2011-10-15 Member
Ubuntu Cyclists 2008-09-11 Member Subscribed
Ubuntu Font Family Interest Group 2011-05-31 Member
Ubuntu Local Community Teams Member Ubuntu Australian Team
Vadi Chat Devs 2009-03-17 Admin
Vadi Mapper Dev's 2008-02-26 Admin Subscribed