Team participation for Vadim Rovachev

Vadim Rovachev is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
Fuel All (deprecated) Member Fuel Bugs, MOS Bugs, MOS QA Team
Fuel Bugs Member MOS Bugs, MOS QA Team
Fuel Security 2016-07-19 Member
MOS All Member [private team], MOS Security
MOS Bugs Member MOS QA Team
MOS Maintenance QA team 2016-05-23 Admin
MOS Platform Components 2014-11-12 Member
MOS QA Team 2015-04-07 Member
MOS Security 2016-07-19 Member
Mirantis Inc. 2013-05-29 Member
Savanna 2013-05-28 Member Subscribed
Savanna Dev 2013-04-19 Member