As if to confirm that it was a day of strange occurrences, Kathy and Beth insisted that she go to the living room with Martin and leave them to clean up the dishes after dinner. Her shock showing on her face, she finally conceded to their demands and left the kitchen to them.

Martin settled into his chair with the paper and she fidgeted with a magazine. Her mind refused to focus on the world around her. Every time she tried, the photograph flashed into her mind. She refought the battle over and over whether to tell. Martin and show it to him. She knew what the picture could do to him and his career if it fell into the wrong hands or if it was already in the wrong hands. She shivered with the thought of what would happen to her world and her family.

"I'm going to take my shower," Kathy announced as she passed through the room. The statement snapped Louise back to reality for a moment.

She drifted back to her thoughts as she heard the hiss of water in the bathroom. Beth wandered into the room and sat on the arm of her father's chair. He smiled up at the girl. She read the paper over his shoulder.

The water stopped in the shower and Louise was vaguely aware of the noises of the girl moving around in her room. Beth slid off the chair arm and disappeared. Louise heard the shower hiss again.

Kathy re-entered the room, clad in her shorty gown and a tight pair of panties. Louise glanced at the girl's round, nearly exposed ass as she crossed to her father's chair and pushed his paper out of the way and slid onto his lap. For a moment, it didn't register and then slowly she awakened. The girl had her arms looped around his neck and was smiling seductively at her rather as they whispered.

Louise looked hard at her husband and her daughter. There was something definitely sexual about their expressions and response to each other. Her eyes fell on his hand as it slowly rubbed the girl's ass through the sheer panties. In spite of herself, Louise felt heat and passion rising slowly in her crotch. She imagined what the situation was doing to his cock. She wondered for a moment why she wasn't feeling jealousy. For some reason that she couldn't explain, she only envied the girl.

Beth padded into the room. Panties were her only garment. Louise started and squeaked.

"It's so hot, I just couldn't find anything to wear," she explained softly to her wide-eyed mother.

Louise nodded silently. The girl's nipples stood erect on her flat chest. The panties she wore were even sheerer than Kathy's. Louise could see plainly the hairless little slit.

Beth settled on the arm of Martin's chair and put her arm around the back of it, leaning over to kiss his lips. Louise lurched. She shook her head. Her whole day had been a jumble and now it was turning topsy-turvy.

"Oh, let me show her," Kathy giggled, her voice rising above a whisper. Louise lifted her eyes to them.

Kathy slid off Martin's bulging lap and crossed slowly to her mother. Louise held her breath. The girl sat down beside her on the sofa. Only then did the woman see the small stack of photographs in the girl's hand. Her heart jumped into her throat.

"Beth and I took some interesting pictures today with Daddy's Polaroid," she said.

Louise glared at the girl, anger and fear bubbling up in her throat. She clenched her fist and tensed. Kathy held the pictures out to her. For several seconds Louise looked from the pictures to her daughter's smiling face. Slowly her hand took them and she looked down at the first one.

It was a clear shot of her sitting on the kitchen table, her head down, her mouth filled with the young panhandler's cock. Her heart stopped. She sat frozen for a moment, too stunned to move or speak. She jerked and snatched the picture off the top of the pile. The next one was of him lapping at her hairy, gaping cunt. Again and again she shuffled a picture aside. Each one was a different phase of her love making with the young man.

She almost passed the next one. It was of Kathy, naked, kneeling before Martin. His cock was in the girl's mouth and Kathy was actually managing to smile with her mouth stretched open so wide. Louise stiffened. Her eyes rose to meet the smiling face of her daughter.

"See, Mom," the girl said quietly, "you aren't the only one who likes sex and especially sucking cocks."

The woman winced as she heard the word roll off her daughter's lips. Her eyes flicked quickly across to her husband. His face was smiling, too, though with other incentive. His fingers were working slowly at Beth's nylon-covered crotch, between the girl's spread legs.

"Oh, God!" Louise moaned hoarsely.

"Don't fight it, Mom, join us," the younger girl rasped through the passion that her father's fingers had stirred up.

Something touching her breast jerked Louise's mind almost back from the tumbling world of shock. She looked down to find Kathy's fingers scraping at her nipple through her dress and her bra. Tingles of pleasure ran through her, causing the nipple to become suddenly erect. Her spongy flesh throbbed and her cunt pulsed damply.

"Kathy!" she gasped. The girl's fingers were flipping the buttons of her dress open. Louise tried to fight the glowing lust that was rising up inside her. It was a futile battle.

"Mmmmm!" Kathy hummed as she reached inside the open dress and massaged the bra-encased mounds. "I hope mine get that big!"

Louise slumped on the sofa, her legs parting slightly under the dress in an attempt to release some of the pent up heat. She groaned softly, letting her eyes flutter shut.

Kathy smiled to herself at the obvious signal of surrender from her mother. Her own young pussy was soggy and on fire. Her fingers pinched and rolled the hard button of the nipple. Her mother sighed and flexed as sensation after sensation sifted through her. Kathy slipped her hand to the top of the bra and pushed her fingers under the edge.

The spongy flesh was warm and damp as she crept across it under the confining cotton cloth. The bud of the nipple slipped under her fingers and pressed into her palm hot and hard.

Her head dropped and her lips pressed gently into the valley between the two mounds. She heard her mother gasp. She flicked her tongue over the satin skin, tasting the vaguely salty taste. Her fingers crept out from under the bra and slipped around the woman's body finding the hooks at the back of the band of cloth. For a moment she fumbled clumsily until she found the right move and the band separated.

Kathy pushed the bra up and out of the way.

The rigid nipples vibrated as the bra flicked across them. The girl gazed transfixed at the large dark circles that surrounded the firm buttons. Her mouth watered and she felt a twinge run through her hungry little pussy.

A wet mouth closed around Louise's nipple and she gasped, her body trembling with the tension. The small wet tongue flicked back and forth over the knobs and the woman found herself wondering what that tongue would feel like doing that to her clit. She shivered with the thought and the sensations that the tongue was stirring .

Kathy fell to her task, greedily savoring the feel of the warm flesh and the faint salty taste. She forced her mouth around as much of the mound as she could and suckled and licked. The woman was moaning and rolling under the ministrations of the girl's lashing tongue.

Kathy dropped her hand onto Louise's belly, feeling the warmth through the dress. The woman tensed with anticipation with the contact of the hand. The girl slid it slowly down across the slightly rounded plane of cloth until she crossed the hem and touched the soft skin of the woman's thigh. Immediately, her fingers slid upward, pushing the dress ahead of them until she felt the slippery surface of panties. Kathy paused to gasp for breath.

Louise held her breath. The light touch of the fingers on her panties, their heat penetrating the sheer cloth, sent waves of lust through her tense body. The fingers moved and she flinched in anticipation.

"Ooooo, baby!" Louise crooned, her hand stroking the back of the girl's head.

Light skimming fingertips danced across her belly and then down across the springy bush of hair under the sheer nylon and into the damp valley between her open thighs. A half grunt, half groan escaped the woman's throat as the fingers dipped between the folds of her panty encased cunt. Her hips lifted slightly and she hunched her throbbing slit up closer to the probing fingers.

Kathy found the slight bump of the woman's clit and teased it. The fleshy thighs opened wider and the damp crotch pushed up higher. She hummed around the pulsing nipple and dug deeper between the nylon folds. A hand caught hers and pulled it to the elastic of the leg of the garment and pushed her slim fingertips under the stretchy band.

Her fingers found curls and soft hot flesh and then wet slippery folds and the swollen knob of Louise's clit. She rolled the slippery knob under her finger, enjoying the moans and tremors of the woman's body as she worked over it.

Louise forced her eyes open and peered across the room to the chair where Martin sat. The sight that met her eyes sent flashes of passion spiraling through her already saturated body. Beth knelt between the man's feet, her small hands clutching his large hard cock. Her small mouth cupped the tip of it, sliding from side to side. Martin watched his daughter through lust glazed eyes, his hands holding her head gently.

The woman felt Kathy's hands tugging at her soggy panties and lifted her hips to assist. The wisp of cloth slid down her legs and she kicked them off. The girl's wet mouth was already moving down to her belly and her small body was slipping to the floor. Louise watched through the slits of her eyes. Kathy landed on her knees and scampered around the woman's legs and between them.

Her small pink tongue flicked across Louise's belly and then trailed slowly downward.

Louise's eyes opened wider and she held her breath as she felt the warm breath of the girl wafting down her belly and through the matted curls at her mound. She spread her full thighs further apart and waited excitedly. The girl's tongue seemed to move excruciatingly slow. It edged into the matted hair and inched down to the hot silky skin of her inner thigh. Suddenly Kathy turned her face to the gaping, drooling slit and paused. Her eyes turned up to her mother's face and she smiled dreamily. Her little pointed tongue flicked across her lips and then her eyes dropped back to the open pussy. Her tongue reached out and touched the fleshy lips and Louise gasped.

Kathy whimpered and buried her face in the slushy crevice. Louise arched her back and gurgled. Her hands found the girl's head and pulled it tighter into her cunt. Her clit throbbed as the girl licked and lashed it. Louise was slowly tumbling into the abyss of her passion. Her cunt convulsed as the little tongue stabbed into its soft tunnel. Her love button ached the sweet ache of lust.

"Ahhhhhnnnnn!" a groan reached the woman's ears.

She looked up to her husband and found him arching high out of his chair. Beth clutched frantically at his bucking body, her small mouth pressed to the head of his jerking cock. White globs of cum oozed from the corners of the girl's mouth. Louise could see Beth's throat working as she swallowed what part of his load that she could catch.

The sight sent flashes of heat through Louise. Her body strained upward and her hands pulled at Kathy's head. Her thighs trembled and she jerked. Her climax crashed down around her and her mind blanked and she hovered in her backbend as she succumbed to the racking volleys of pleasure. For long seconds she hung there, lost in her lust.

Kathy rode the bucking of her mother's body, her mouth glued to the soft, soupy crevice of her cunt. Sucking and lapping, she drank the tart thin juices that first oozed and then seemed to squirt from it. Her own little cunt was in the convulsions of climax as she lapped at the woman's gooey slit.

Climax after climax slammed through Louise's straining body as her daughter lapped and suckled her cunt. She bounced and groaned with each new burst of pleasure. Her attention was drawn to her husband and other daughter by the younger girl's squeal.

"Eeeeeooooo, Daddy!" Beth squeaked.

She was squatting over the man's face, her feet on the arms of the chair. Martin sat slumped, his head back, his mouth pressed to her pussy. Louise could see his broad tongue slicing through the firm lips of the little pussy. His cum-smeared cock waved slowly at his crotch.

Unable to withstand any more stimulation, at least temporarily, Louise pushed Kathy's mouth from her cunt and heaved a rasping sigh. The girl looked up at her with a smile, shiny with pussy juice

Kathy turned to look at her father and sister and let out a whimper when she saw his cock naked and unattended. She leapt to her feet and crossed the room. Her fingers tore at her panties, stripping them off and tossing them aside.

Martin's hips jerked when Kathy's fingers curled around his throbbing cock. The girl spread her legs and crawled into the chair astride his lap. Her down-covered little pussy hovered for a moment as she straightened his cock and then she lowered herself to his cock.

Louise sat slumped on the sofa, regaining her breath. She watched fascinated and slightly stunned as Kathy pushed her tight cunt down over the head of Martin's cock. A flicker of lust glowed in the woman and began to heat up to the rekindling paint. She whimpered and pressed her hands between her slippery thighs, squeezing them against her wet pussy.

Her father's cock stretched her small pussy almost to the tearing point. Kathy bit her lower lip and worked herself down lower on the throbbing hard tool. The blunt end pushed against the end of her cunt and she hovered, savoring the stretched, filled feeling. Through the slits of her eyes she watched him lapping at Beth's little pussy.

Beth's hips moved back and forth, her ass cheeks opening and closing. Kathy saw the puckered little asshole peek out at her. A thought crossed her passion-fogged mind. She leaned forward and catching the small ass in her hands spread the spheres apart and buried her face between them. Her tongue stabbed at the puckered little hole. Beth gasped and pushed back against the probing tongue. Kathy reamed and licked at the tight hole, forcing the tip of her tongue into it.

Louise found herself in a near frenzy. Her pussy burned and throbbed with lust and her body ached for contact. Her mouth was dry and she felt a deep craving for the taste of sex.

The woman rose and stripped off her dress and bra. The clothes fell in a heap and she crossed the room to the trio. Her naked body dropped behind Kathy's and her hands busied themselves with stroking the girl's ass and cupping Martin's hairy balls. Her lips pressed to the girl's back, her tongue leaving wet trails as she worked her way down toward the round ass of her daughter.

Her long slim fingers stroked the satin smooth skin of the adolescent ass. Her nostrils flared and her breathing became harsh as she caressed Kathy's ass and watched it rise and sink slowly over. Martin's swollen cock. Unable to resist, she bent and kissed the girl in the small of the back. The girl gasped. Louise flicked her tongue across the warm flesh. Another gasp.

The woman's tongue trailed slowly down to the swell of the small ass and dipped into the beginning of the crevice between them. Kathy was trembling with the sensation of her gorged cunt and the wet tongue slowly working its way down between the cheeks of her ass. Louise was shaking a little herself. Anticipation joined her passion as she dropped her head and sought the puckered little hole between the smooth firm ass cheeks.

Kathy's body lurched as she felt her mother's tongue stab hot and wet into the sensitive hole. Her cunt clutched at Martin's cock like a vise. Her own tongue stabbed deep into Beth's asshole. The younger girl was shivering in the throes of her third or fourth climax. Kathy wasn't far from one herself.

As Louise licked and probed Kathy's ass, she watched Martin's hips lift and fall as he pushed his throbbing cock in and out of the girl's cunt. She knew that he wasn't far from shooting the tight little cunt full of boiling cum. Her cunt was convulsing with passion as she watched the thick flesh column push and pull at the tender flesh of the girl's cunt. She drove two of her free fingers into her own cunt and teased her clit, trying to bring a little release for her own tension.

"Ahh! Ahh Daddy!" Kathy groaned. Her body quaked and jerked as she slammed into the rending pleasure of her climax.

Martin pumped his cock upward into the girl's tight cunt. His body strained and trembled. His tongue was stabbing furiously into Beth's little cunt. Louise knew from his trembling that his climax was near. Her mouth moved the inch or two necessary and licked at the underside of his throbbing cock and the lips of Kathy's cunt. She felt the surge in his cock that announced the first gusher of cum. She cupped her mouth around the lips of the little cunt and waited.

Martin's cock lurched against her lips as he sent another spurt of thick hot cum into the girl's spasming cunt. Louise whimpered against the cock and cunt and waited. Her reward came. Rivulets of cum seeped from Kathy's cunt and ran down the sides of the pumping cock. Louise sucked it in greedily. Her own wet cunt went into spasms of climaxing as she gulped down the hot cum.

The final gush emptied into Kathy's cunt and with a shiver, he collapsed. Kathy trembled with the waves of pleasure that his cock had driven her to. She fell forward, her face on his chest, mouth agape as she gasped for breath.

Beth swung a shaky leg over the two and stepped to the floor. Her knees buckled and she slid slowly to the carpet, leaning back on the chair. A soft sigh seeped from her throat.

Louise lapped the last oozing drops of cum from the juncture of the man's and girl's bodies. Her body was on fire despite several climaxes. She ached to be fucked or sucked. She drew her mouth reluctantly away from the base of Martin's cock and sank back onto the carpet. She opened her legs and plunged her fingers back into her slushy cunt. Ripping and digging at her tender flesh, she begged for a climax. Her noises drew the others' attention.

Kathy and Martin looked at Louise and sat amazed. Beth rolled her head to the side and watched. A light sparkled in the girl's eyes. She crawled across to her mother's nearly naked body. Her small hands took the woman's shoulders and lowered her back onto the floor. She sat on her heels looking down at her for a moment and then turned to the other two.

"Come on. Let's all do Mommy, now," she suggested.

Without hesitation, Kathy pulled her snug cunt from around Martin's cock and joined Beth, kneeling on the opposite side of the woman. Their fingers dropped almost simultaneously to the large spongy breasts and each pinched a rigid knob. Louise gasped and jerked.

Martin watched for a moment and then slid, to the floor. His hand cupped around the hairy mound of Louise's cunt, his finger plowing between the gooey lips and discovering her small erect clit. She jerked again.

Kathy smiled at her sister and lowered her mouth to the dark nipple that she was rolling between her fingers. Her lips circled it and she sucked slowly. Beth followed the older girl's example and caught the other nipple in her mouth. She rolled her tongue around the erect little knob and sucked noisily.

Louise was shivering with passion. The two mouths on her breasts were driving her into a frenzy. She could vaguely feel Martin's fingers plying her cunt. She rolled her hips from side to side and flexed her legs. Her cunt was hungry for a mouth. She got her wish.

Martin's finger slid out of her slushy cunt and was immediately replaced by his mouth. His tongue stabbed between the soft wet folds and found her oozing cunt. With a muffled grunt, he buried his face in the hairy wet pussy and pushed his tongue as deep as he could reach in the hot hole. Louise squealed and hunched her hips up to meet the thrust.

Her hands caught the girls' heads and crushed them against her spongy breasts. Small teeth nipped at the sensitive knobs of her nipples. She groaned and pulled tighter. Martin's tongue slipped out of her cunt and glided upward until it touched her throbbing clit. She squealed and bounced again. He caught it between his lips and nipped it gently with his teeth and she almost fainted with pleasure.

"Eat her, Daddy!" Kathy rasped around the nipple. "Suck her cunt until she begs you to fuck her!"

The muffled words went straight to Louise's head and sent showers of lust through her. She gritted her teeth against the intense pleasure and felt her cunt spasm as she slipped into a quaking climax.

"Oh, yes!" she cried. "Eat my cunt! Drive me crazy!"

Beth raised her head from Louise's nipple and looked down at the woman's lust contorted face and her working mouth. Shifting her body, she swung her small leg over the woman's face and lowered it to the open mouth. Louise sighed and grabbed at the girl's hips, pulling her down to her hungry mouth. Beth opened her eyes and looked down at her father's shiny face. The lower half was hidden from view by the hairy pussy.

Kathy switched back and forth from one nipple to the other. Her tongue lashed and licked, her teeth nipping at the hard little knobs. Her little pussy itched and burned. She paused a minute to shift positions and then looked down at the large spongy mounds of Louise's breasts. A smile spread over the girl's face

Lifting a leg over her mother, she lowered her hungry little snatch onto one of the breasts, watching closely to get the erect nipple against her little cunt. Her hips flexed slowly, flicking her clit back and forth over the nipple. A sigh of pleasure seeped from the girl's throat.

A tender pussy on her mouth, one drooling on her nipples and a tongue lashing her cunt, Louise jerked and bounced from one climax to another, each one a little more intense. Beth's juices smeared her face Kathy's her nipples. Martin's mouth left her cunt and then she felt the blunt head of his cock pushing at the wet entrance. She groaned into Beth's pussy and hunched her hips up to meet his first thrust.

"Fuck her, Daddy!" Kathy rasped.

"Fuck her eyes out!" Beth chimed in.

Spurred by their words, Martin paused and then rammed his gorged cock to the hilt in Louise's slushy cunt. His balls bounced off her upturned ass and she flinched and pushed up to him. His hips began to piston slowly, working his cock from side to side against the pliable walls of her cunt.

Beth's small body was shaking violently as she surrendered to the absorbing pleasure of her climax. Her small fingers held the lips of her bare cunt apart as Louise lapped at the angry red little clit Beth jerked and ground her pussy over the woman's face. Whimpers and groans bubbled from her sagging lips.

"It's not fair!" the younger girl gasped. "You and Kathy get to fuck Daddy. I don't!"

"Your cunt is too small!" Kathy replied, trying to keep her clit on the knob of Louise's nipple. "He could stretch it," she wailed.

"It would tear and bleed," Louise interjected.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" the younger girl grunted as she interrupted herself to come one more time.

Martin was oblivious to their short conversation. He was pounding his pulsing cock into the familiar wet tunnel, his hands clutching at her spongy ass. Louise knew from his movements that he was nearing his climax. She rammed her hips upward to meet his thrusts, her cunt clutching gently at the pistoning rod of flesh.

"Hey! How about in the ass!" Kathy suggested.

For a moment Beth and her mother were at a loss as to what the girl was talking about. It dawned on Beth and a smile spread over her face. She nodded vigorously unable to speak due to the pleasure that her climax was giving her.

Martin was still too engrossed in Louise's cunt to hear the three females plotting. His ass was driving harder and harder and Louise lost her train of thought as she climbed once more to a climax. She could hear Martin wheezing and then he trembled and the woman pushed her cunt higher and waited. The hot flood of his cum filled her cunt and she shook as each gusher sent a wave of pleasure through her.

Kathy watched and waited. She had already made plans about what she would do. Her pulse pounded with excitement and anticipation. Her father's face was contorted as he rode the breakers of his climax. Kathy could see his cock bucking and pumping in her mother's cunt.

Emptied and gasping for breath, Martin rolled slowly away from Louise's cunt, landing on his back, his cum-smeared cock pointing toward the ceiling. Kathy whimpered with lust and fell face down into Louise's pussy. Her pink little tongue lapped at the globs of cum that clung to the dark curly hair. When they were gone, she pushed her tongue into the hot steaming cunt and sucked a flood of the thick juices put into her mouth.

Louise gritted her teeth and fought the shudders that were running through her. Kathy's tongue was sending almost unbearable pleasure through the woman's body. Beth slid off her mother's face to drop to her father's side. Her small hand gripped his slippery cock and held it us her pink tongue licked the coating of cum and pussy juice from the throbbing member.

Louise was beside herself with renewed lust as Kathy's tongue worked its magic on her cunt. She bounced her ass on the carpet and flexed her legs. Lifting her head a little, she saw Kathy's unattended pussy facing her. Her hands caught the girl's hips and she pulled the sweet dripping cunt up to her face. It dropped slowly to her mouth and she cupped her red lips around the down-covered slit and licked the girl's cream from it. Kathy replied by lapping feverishly at the woman's cunt.

Martin lay propped up on one elbow, watching the mother and daughter sucking each other. Beth was still licking slowly at his hard cock. Her pink little tongue was doing fantastic things to him.

"I wish you could fuck me, Daddy," the girl whispered around his cock.

"Me, too, but you know you're small darling," he replied.

"How about in the ass?"

He was quiet for a moment or two. Beth felt his cock throb harder at the mention of her other hole. She smiled and licked the dark head. It pressed hot against her tongue.

"It might hurt a little," he explained.

"I don't care! I want your cock in me!" she hissed.

The girl rolled to her knees and turned her up thrust ass toward him. "Like this?" she asked.

Martin stared at the small round cheeks and the even smaller puckered hole between them. His hand touched her ass. "I don't think that that will work. I'm too tall. Come up here," he replied.

He slid into the chair, sitting on the edge, his cock pointing out straight and hard. Beth scampered to her feet and backed up to him. His hand pushed her forward, bending her torso at the waist. Her little asshole was an inch from the head of his cock. Rampant lust throbbed through his veins.

"That will work fine, but first you had better get it wet," he said.

The girl turned to him and lowered her mouth to the bulbous head of his cock. In two seconds she had it dripping with her saliva. "Now," she said softly, turning her ass to him again.

"Let's get you wet, too," he added.

His tongue probed her tight asshole, pushing the tip inside. Beth moaned and almost forgot her desire to feel his cock inside. A few moments and his mouth left the puckered hole.

Without a word, he pulled back on her hips and pressed the head of his cock against the tight ring of muscle. Beth held her breath. Martin held his. Guiding his cock with one hand, he pulled her back against it with the other. For a second, the opening was unyielding, then slowly little by little the tip of his cock pushed through.

"Oooo," Beth moaned softly as he pushed harder.

Martin watched as the rim of the head of his cock neared the ring of muscle and then suddenly disappeared inside. Beth trembled and wiggled a little. Martin sat motionless, afraid to breathe. He was sure that any movement would cause him to lose control and his cock would squirt his load before he had even fucked her asshole.

Beth bit her lip against the burning pain. It was ebbing away slowly and being replaced by a wanton lust that she had never felt before. Her small body throbbed from head to toe with it. She wiggled her ass and pushed back against her father's cock. She could feel it sinking gradually into her asshole.

"Hurt?" he half grunted.

"No! Feels fantastic! Fuck it!" she demanded

He pulled her back, harder. His cock sank into her little asshole until he reached the end. Half of his cock was inside her. Beth tightened the internal muscles around it and Martin gasped.

Louse and Kathy had finally rolled apart and lay on the carpet, gasping, watching the man and the girl. Louise felt a twinge of jealousy. She wished that his cock was in her asshole.

"Oh, Daddy! I'm coming!" Beth rasped almost in disbelief.

The small body trembled and jerked. Martin's face was twisted in concentration. His cock pulsed and throbbed as Beth's muscles milked at it. He gritted his teeth and tried to hang on. It was useless. With a groan, he lunged, trying to get another inch inside her and then stiffened.

Beth squealed when she felt the hot flood of cum filling her asshole. With a jerk and shiver, she came again. Martin pumped her little ass full of cum and then pushed gently until her asshole slid off his cock. He fell back gasping in the chair. Beth collapsed onto the carpet.

Louise and Kathy sat on the carpet and looked at the other two members of the family, then at each other.

"Looks like one man isn't going to be enough for this family," Kathy said with a grin.

"Doesn't look like it. Any suggestions?" her mother asked.

"Well, let's see. I can only think of a couple and I don't know if they could keep their mouths shut." The girl grimaced.

"That's the thing. Keeping their mouths shut," Louise added.

"Oh, I think we'll find someone."

"But in the meantime?" Louise asked.

"Well, I've always wanted a dog."

Mother and daughter smiled dreamily at each other.

The End

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