Team participation for Walter Lapchynski

Walter Lapchynski is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
#lubuntu IRC Operators 2015-11-17 Member
#lubuntu-offtopic IRC Operators 2016-05-15 Member
Bug Supervisors for Ubuntu Translations Member Ubuntu Bug Control
Calamares Maintainers 2018-05-10 Member
Canonical Contributor Agreement 2015-03-10 Member
Community Website Developers Member Django Foundations Developers, LoCo Team Portal Developers
Computers for Christians Team 2015-06-04 Member
Crash bug triagers for Ubuntu packages Member Ubuntu Bug Control
Django Foundations Developers Member LoCo Team Portal Developers
Kubuntu Bugs Member Kubuntu Members
Kubuntu CI Member Kubuntu Ninjas Not subscribed
Kubuntu Members 2016-11-18 Member
Kubuntu Netbook Member Kubuntu Ninjas
Kubuntu Ninjas 2016-12-10 Member
Kubuntu Package Archives Member Kubuntu Ninjas Not subscribed
Kubuntu Packagers Member Kubuntu Ninjas
Kubuntu Release 2017-10-04 Member
Kubuntu Updates Testing Member Kubuntu Ninjas
Kubuntu Users Member Kubuntu Bugs, Kubuntu Members
LXQt team 2016-05-17 Member
Launchpad Beta Testers 2015-11-09 Member
Launchpad Users 2014-11-03 Member Subscribed
LinuxPadawan 2015-01-09 Member Subscribed
LinuxPadawan Admins 2016-02-15 Owner
LoCo Team Portal Developers 2016-02-08 Member Subscribed
Lubuntu 2011-10-07 Admin
Lubuntu Admins 2014-11-03 Owner Subscribed
Lubuntu Artwork Member Lubuntu Admins
Lubuntu Brainstorming 2014-10-20 Member Subscribed
Lubuntu Developers Team 2018-08-17 Member
Lubuntu Global 2014-10-31 Member
Lubuntu Members 2018-02-14 Member
Lubuntu Next Member Lubuntu Admins
Lubuntu Packages Team 2012-09-02 Admin
Lubuntu Product Managers 2014-06-27 Member
Lubuntu QA 2011-12-27 Admin
Lubuntu Software Center Team 2015-05-17 Member
Lubuntu Wiki and Docs Team Member Lubuntu Admins Subscribed Site Editors Member Lubuntu Admins
Not Canonical 2014-12-19 Member
Planet Ubuntu Member Ubuntu Members, Kubuntu Members
Tomahawk Member Kubuntu Members
Tritemio Maintainers Member Kubuntu Packagers, Kubuntu Ninjas
Ubuntu App Cats 2015-02-10 Member Subscribed
Ubuntu Bug Control 2014-10-22 Member Subscribed
Ubuntu BugSquad 2014-10-14 Member
Ubuntu Community 2016-02-08 Member
Ubuntu Community Council 2017-09-29 Member
Ubuntu Core Channel Operators Member #lubuntu IRC Operators
Ubuntu Council Teams Member Ubuntu Community Council Subscribed
Ubuntu Cyclists 2014-10-14 Member Subscribed
Ubuntu Font Family Interest Group 2015-03-09 Member
Ubuntu Fridge Editors 2018-05-23 Member
Ubuntu IRC Operators Member Ubuntu Core Channel Operators, #lubuntu IRC Operators
Ubuntu IRC Team Member Ubuntu Community Council
Ubuntu Ingressors 2015-12-17 Owner Subscribed
Ubuntu Leadership 2014-09-23 Member
Ubuntu Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender 2016-05-31 Member Subscribed
Ubuntu LoCo Enthusiasts 2016-02-08 Member
Ubuntu Local Community Teams Member Ubuntu Oregon LoCo
Ubuntu Members 2014-08-19 Member
Ubuntu Membership Approval Boards Member Ubuntu Community Council
Ubuntu Membership Board 2015-04-14 Member
Ubuntu Oregon LoCo 2014-07-10 Admin
Ubuntu Oregon LoCo Admins 2016-02-05 Owner
Ubuntu PNW Loco 2016-02-19 Member
Ubuntu Phone 2015-02-10 Member Not subscribed
Ubuntu PowerPC Architecture Team 2016-10-03 Member Subscribed
Ubuntu QA Website Developers 2016-02-04 Member
Ubuntu Quality 2016-02-08 Member
Ubuntu SSO 2-factor testers 2015-05-26 Member
Ubuntu Scientists 2014-07-09 Member Subscribed
Ubuntu Testcase Admins 2012-10-22 Member
Ubuntu Vegetarians 2014-11-25 Member
Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter 2014-12-14 Member
Ubuntu cloaked people on freenode 2014-08-19 Member
Users of the Ubuntu Etherpad instance 2014-12-18 Admin
librecad-dev 2015-06-20 Member
ubuntu-news 2014-12-06 Member