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ntfs-3g (1:2011.4.12-1ubuntu1~karmic1~ppa1) karmic; urgency=low

    * New Upstream release
    * ntfs-3g: fixed possible wrong hole size when overwriting compressed data.
    * ntfs-3g: fixed listxattr() to environments with extended attributes.
    * ntfs-3g: fixed ENOSPC when making an index non-resident.
    * ntfs-3g: fixed partial mapping ahead of mapped runlist.
    * ntfs-3g: enabled forensic mounting (currently same as read-only).
    * ntfs-3g: expand an attribute without creating a hole.
    * ntfs-3g: improved appending data to a long hole.
    * ntfs-3g: deny direct modifications to metadata files.
    * ntfs-3g: option ‘acl’ to request the use of Posix ACLs.
    * ntfsclone: fixed reading old big-endian ntfsclone images.
    * ntfsclone: avoided writing beyond allocated variable.
    * ntfsclone: close volume and cleanup when exiting.
    * ntfsclone: new option not to clear the timestamps.
    * ntfsclone: sync created image before remounting.
    * ntfsclone: use a stream to produce aligned writes during image creation.
    * ntfsinfo: display times in UTC.
    * mkntfs: don’t store full bitmap and logfile in memory.
    * mkntfs: set a volume UUID if option -U.
    * mkntfs: fixed $MFT allocated size.
    * mkntfs: fixed allocated size of resident unnamed data.
    * ntfsfix: new option -n for no action.
    * ntfsfix: try alternate boot sector if cannot start up.
    * ntfsfix: check and fix the upcase table.
    * ntfsfix: try to fix file systems with incorrect size.
    * ntfsundelete: fixed a segfault.
    * ntfsresize: new option –info-mb-only.
    * ntfsresize: new option –check.
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