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libcec ( xenial; urgency=medium

  * changed / added:
    * bump platform lib (windows)
    * use a template that can be used by scripts for the changelog
    * make released key polling wait for exact time until key gets released.
      credits @popcornmix
    * keep track of time since initial button press and last button update
      credits @popcornmix
    * support repeating button presses with configurable repeat rate. credits
    * pass through duration on all button repeats. credits @popcornmix
    * updated
    * moved the buffer in CDRMEdidParser::GetPhysicalAddress() from the stack
      to heap
    * added #include to make the IDE happy. not actually used when compiling
    * clean up device detection code a bit and replace winapi calls with
      CM_* calls. issue #130
    * replaced lockdev by flock. closes #141
    * use a single number as major SO version like others. credits @rbalint
    * Sharp uses vendor id 0x534850 too. issue #36
    * use p8-platform instead of platform
    * detect dirty trees
    * support for vs2015 to build scripts
    * update build scripts for vs2015 and win10uni

  * fixed:
    * missing version.h when installing on windows
    * skip double press removal. It is handled through other means. credits
    * don't generate an invalid env.h when not built with the .git dir present.
      closes #112
    * fix multi-arch libdir locations. credits @wsnipex
    * fix for holding buttons on remotes of Philips TVs. credits @mrgreywater
    * initialisation issue found on Raspberry Pi with Buildroot. credits
    * crash on systems without /sys/class/drm. credits @rbalint
    * segfault when an empty EDID blob is passed to
    * combo key (stop by default) in the EventGhost plugin. fixes #128
    * silence compiler warnings
    * script
    * clean/fix platform detection
    * display a nice error message if LibCecSharp failed to load
    * limit the log in cectray to 100k
    * open cec-tray minimised if configured. don't open and minimise. issue
    * cosmetics: persist -> save
    * query commands in eventghost. fixes #160
    * eventghost demo config
    * don't call PowerOnDevices() if no devices to wake have been configured.
      issue #97
    * Don't skip checking for Rasperry Pi library (Fixes #166). credits
    * TDA99x check
    * disable DRM for FreeBSD

 -- Pulse-Eight Packaging <email address hidden>  Wed, 20 Jan 2016 00:37:32 +0100

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