Works for Infoweb Services, which offers web based services to webmasters and professionals.

His love for hindi language which is based on Devnagri Script and the national language of India (Devnagri Script is used in Hindi, Marathi, Nepali, Bhojpuri, Garhwali, Kumaoni, Konkani, Magahi, Maithili, Marwari, Bhili, Newari, Santhali, Tharu along with many others according to Wikipaedia, learn more at

People who use Devnagri Script based languages do not have access to localized versions of some of the best open source softwares like Wordpress for blogging, Ubuntu for there desktops or laptops.

In his effort to contribute something to Devnagri Script and Hindi language, Infoweb Services has developed an "Online Unicode Hindi Language Converter", available at which converts from Kruit Dev font (most popular Keyboard layout since Ramington Typewriters) to Unicode Hindi and from Unicode Hindi to Kruti Dev, to make it easier for everyone.

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