PPA packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
choreonoid-graspplugin hlab - Ubuntu Bionic 1.0.0+20210222+7+3~ubuntu18.04.1 None
choreonoid-graspplugin hlab - Ubuntu Focal 1.0.0+20210222+7+3~ubuntu20.04.1 None
choreonoid-graspplugin hlab - Ubuntu Xenial 1.0.0+20210222+7+3~ubuntu16.04.1 None
choreonoid hlab - Ubuntu Bionic 1.7.0+20210222+26~ubuntu18.04.1 None
choreonoid hlab - Ubuntu Focal 1.7.0+20210222+26~ubuntu20.04.1 None
choreonoid hlab - Ubuntu Xenial 1.7.0+20210222+26~ubuntu16.04.1 None
choreonoid-editor daily - Ubuntu Vivid 1.0.0+20160407+25+2~ubuntu15.04.1 None
choreonoid-editor daily - Ubuntu Trusty 1.0.0+20160407+25+2~ubuntu14.04.1 None
choreonoid-ros-plugin daily - Ubuntu Trusty 1.0.0+20160407+52+7~ubuntu14.04.1 None
choreonoid-bettercontact-plugin daily - Ubuntu Wily 1.0.0+20160105+515+2+1~ubuntu15.10.1 None
choreonoid-bettercontact-plugin daily - Ubuntu Trusty 1.0.0+20160105+515+2+1~ubuntu14.04.1 None
choreonoid-bettercontact-plugin daily - Ubuntu Xenial 1.0.0+20160105+515+2+1~ubuntu16.04.1 None
choreonoid-bettercontact-plugin daily - Ubuntu Vivid 1.0.0+20160105+515+2+1~ubuntu15.04.1 None
choreonoid daily - Ubuntu Vivid 1.5.0+dfsg+20151123+474+16~ubuntu15.04.1 None
choreonoid daily - Ubuntu Trusty 1.5.0+dfsg+20151123+474+16~ubuntu14.04.1 None
choreonoid daily - Ubuntu Precise 1.5.0+dfsg+20151123+474+16~ubuntu12.04.1 None
choreonoid daily - Ubuntu Utopic 1.5.0+dfsg+20150212+185+12~ubuntu14.10.1 None
hrpsys-base daily - Ubuntu Vivid 3.1.5+20150212+917+6~ubuntu15.04.1 None
hrpsys-base daily - Ubuntu Utopic 3.1.5+20150212+917+6~ubuntu14.10.1 None
hrpsys-base daily - Ubuntu Trusty 3.1.5+20150212+917+6~ubuntu14.04.1 None
hrpsys-base daily - Ubuntu Precise 3.1.5+20150212+917+6~ubuntu12.04.1 None
openrtm-aist daily - Ubuntu Vivid 1.1.1+20150212+1703+5~ubuntu15.04.1 None
openrtm-aist daily - Ubuntu Trusty 1.1.1+20150212+1703+4~ubuntu14.04.1 None
openrtm-aist daily - Ubuntu Precise 1.1.1+20150212+1703+4~ubuntu12.04.1 None
openrtm-aist daily - Ubuntu Utopic 1.1.1+20150212+1703+4~ubuntu14.10.1 None
openrtm-aist-python daily - Ubuntu Vivid 1.1.0+20150212+296+4~ubuntu15.04.1 None
openrtm-aist-python daily - Ubuntu Precise 1.1.0+20150212+296+4~ubuntu12.04.1 None
openrtm-aist-python daily - Ubuntu Trusty 1.1.0+20150212+296+4~ubuntu14.04.1 None
openrtm-aist-python daily - Ubuntu Utopic 1.1.0+20150212+296+4~ubuntu14.10.1 None
collada-dom2.4-dp daily - Ubuntu Trusty None
collada-dom2.4-dp daily - Ubuntu Precise None
collada-dom2.4-dp daily - Ubuntu Vivid None
collada-dom2.4-dp daily - Ubuntu Utopic None
openhrp daily - Ubuntu Vivid 3.1.5+20150212+1415+4~ubuntu15.04.1 None
openhrp daily - Ubuntu Utopic 3.1.5+20150212+1415+4~ubuntu14.10.1 None
openhrp daily - Ubuntu Trusty 3.1.5+20150212+1415+4~ubuntu14.04.1 None
openhrp daily - Ubuntu Precise 3.1.5+20150212+1415+4~ubuntu12.04.1 None
choreonoid unstable - Ubuntu Precise 1.5.0+dfsg+150+10~ubuntu12.04.1 None
choreonoid unstable - Ubuntu Vivid 1.5.0+dfsg+150+10~ubuntu15.04.1 None
choreonoid unstable - Ubuntu Utopic 1.5.0+dfsg+150+10~ubuntu14.10.1 None
choreonoid unstable - Ubuntu Trusty 1.5.0+dfsg+150+10~ubuntu14.04.1 None
hrpsys-base unstable - Ubuntu Vivid 3.1.5+897+4~ubuntu15.04.1 None
hrpsys-base unstable - Ubuntu Utopic 3.1.5+897+4~ubuntu14.10.1 None
hrpsys-base unstable - Ubuntu Trusty 3.1.5+897+4~ubuntu14.04.1 None
hrpsys-base unstable - Ubuntu Precise 3.1.5+897+4~ubuntu12.04.1 None
openhrp unstable - Ubuntu Vivid 3.1.5+1411+4~ubuntu15.04.1 None
openhrp unstable - Ubuntu Utopic 3.1.5+1411+3~ubuntu14.10.1 None
openhrp unstable - Ubuntu Trusty 3.1.5+1411+2~ubuntu14.04.1 None
openhrp unstable - Ubuntu Precise 3.1.5+1411+2~ubuntu12.04.1 None
openhriaudio OpenHRI test - Ubuntu Lucid 2.01-0ubuntu2 None
seatsat OpenHRI test - Ubuntu Lucid 2.00-0ubuntu1 None
openhrivoice OpenHRI test - Ubuntu Lucid 2.00-0ubuntu1 None
llvm Portable RT-Component Manager - Ubuntu Lucid 2.9-0ubuntu1 None
xdot OpenHRI test - Ubuntu Lucid 0.4-1ubuntu1 None
rtctree OpenHRI test - Ubuntu Lucid 3.0.0-1ubuntu2 None
rtshell OpenHRI test - Ubuntu Lucid 3.0.0-1ubuntu1 None
mmdagent-example OpenHRI test - Ubuntu Lucid 1.0-1 None
open-jtalk OpenHRI test - Ubuntu Lucid 1.04-0 None
hts-engine-api OpenHRI test - Ubuntu Lucid 1.05-0 None
open-jtalk-dic-utf-8 OpenHRI test - Ubuntu Lucid 1.04-0 None
hts-voice-nitech-jp-atr503-m001 OpenHRI test - Ubuntu Lucid 1.04-0 None
open-jtalk-dic-utf-8 test - Ubuntu Lucid 1.04-0 None
hts-engine-api test - Ubuntu Lucid 1.05-0 None
hts-voice-nitech-jp-atr503-m001 test - Ubuntu Lucid 1.04-0 None
openrtm-aist OpenHRI test - Ubuntu Lucid 1.0.0-2openhri9 None
openrtm-aist-python OpenHRI test - Ubuntu Lucid 1.0.0-release0openhri3 None
python-omniorb OpenHRI test - Ubuntu Lucid 3.4-0openhri1 None
omniorb4 OpenHRI test - Ubuntu Lucid 4.1.4-0openhri1 None
soar OpenHRI test - Ubuntu Lucid 9.3.0-1ubuntu3 None
soar OpenHRI test - Ubuntu Karmic 9.3.0-1 None
openhriarchive OpenHRI test - Ubuntu Lucid 1.00-1 None
cabocha OpenHRI test - Ubuntu Lucid 0.60pre4-1nlp2~0jaunty1ubuntu2 None
crf++ OpenHRI test - Ubuntu Lucid 0.53-1nlp1~0jaunty1ubuntu2 None
tinysvm OpenHRI test - Ubuntu Lucid 0.09-3nlp2~0jaunty1ubuntu4 None
open-jtalk test - Ubuntu Lucid 1.01-0 None
175 of 95 results