Synchronised packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
python-muranoclient Ubuntu Zesty 0.11.1-1 None
migrate Ubuntu Zesty 0.10.0-6 None
python-pyeclib Ubuntu Zesty 1.3.1-1 None
magnum Ubuntu Yakkety 3.1.1-1 None
senlin Ubuntu Yakkety 2.0.0-1 None
mistral Ubuntu Yakkety 3.0.0-1 None
manila-ui Ubuntu Yakkety 2.5.0-1 amd64 amd64
swauth Ubuntu Yakkety 1.1.0-2 None
python-lxc Ubuntu Yakkety 0.1-3 None
python-os-win Ubuntu Xenial 0.1.1-1 None
pandas Ubuntu Xenial 0.17.1-3 s390x powerpc armhf arm64
python-ironic-inspector-client Ubuntu Xenial 1.3.0-1 None
python-cryptography-vectors Ubuntu Wily 1.0.1-1 None
python-mistralclient Ubuntu Wily 1:1.0.0-1 None
python-greenlet Ubuntu Wily 0.4.6-2 None
python-elasticsearch Ubuntu Vivid 1.4.0-1 None
python-oslo.middleware Ubuntu Vivid 0.1.0-1 None
python-oslo.concurrency Ubuntu Vivid 0.2.0-1 None
libcap2 Ubuntu Vivid 1:2.24-6 None
python-oslo.serialization Ubuntu Vivid 1.0.0-1 None
python-eventlet Ubuntu Vivid 0.15.2-1 Not yet built
python-xstatic-bootstrap-datepicker Ubuntu Utopic None
python-xstatic-jquery.quicksearch Ubuntu Utopic None
python-xstatic-angular-mock Ubuntu Utopic None
python-xstatic-jquery-ui Ubuntu Utopic None
python-xstatic-angular-cookies Ubuntu Utopic None
python-hurry.filesize Ubuntu Utopic 0.9-1 None
python-tooz Ubuntu Utopic 0.3-2 i386
python-pymemcache Ubuntu Utopic 1.2.4-2 None
python-oslo.utils Ubuntu Utopic 0.1.1-1 i386
kazoo Ubuntu Utopic 1.3.1-1 None
subunit Ubuntu Utopic 0.0.18-4 None
python-iso8601 Ubuntu Utopic 0.1.10-0.1 Not yet built
python-testscenarios Ubuntu Utopic 0.4-3 None
python-fixtures Ubuntu Utopic 0.3.14-1.1 Not yet built
python-cliff Ubuntu Utopic 1.6.1-1 None
python-httpretty Ubuntu Utopic 0.8.0-2 None
python-oslotest Ubuntu Utopic 1.0.0-1 None
migrate Ubuntu Utopic 0.8.5-1 Not yet built
python-oslotest Ubuntu Trusty 0.1-1 Not yet built
open-vm-tools Ubuntu Trusty 2:9.4.0-1280544-5 None
libvirt-python Ubuntu Trusty 1.2.0-2 None
migrate Ubuntu Trusty 0.8.2-1 Not yet built
subunit Ubuntu Trusty 0.0.15-2 None
python-jsonschema Ubuntu Trusty 2.0.0-1 None
python-fixtures Ubuntu Trusty 0.3.14-1 Not yet built
python-django-compressor Ubuntu Trusty 1.3-1 None
percona-xtrabackup Ubuntu Saucy 2.1.3-618-1 armhf arm64 armhf
python-lesscpy Ubuntu Saucy 0.9h-1 i386
novnc Ubuntu Saucy 1:0.4+dfsg+1+20130425+git4973b9cc80-1 None
testrepository Ubuntu Saucy 0.0.14-1 i386
python-json-patch Ubuntu Saucy 1.0-1 None
python-json-pointer Ubuntu Saucy 1.0-1 None
python-json-pointer Ubuntu Raring 0.6-1 None
python-json-patch Ubuntu Raring 0.12-1 None
netcf Ubuntu Raring 0.2.2-2 None
xen-api Ubuntu Precise 1.3.2-5 None
novnc Ubuntu Precise 2012.1~e3+dfsg+1-2 None
dnstracer Ubuntu Precise 1.9-3 None
sg3-utils Ubuntu Precise 1.33-1 None
krb5 Ubuntu Precise 1.10+dfsg~beta1-2 None
python-melangeclient Ubuntu Precise 0.1-1 i386
python-quantumclient Ubuntu Precise 2012.1~e3-2 i386
puppet Ubuntu Precise 2.7.10-1 None
numactl Ubuntu Precise 2.0.8~rc3-1 None
165 of 65 results