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planetfilter 0.8.1 was released

Written for PlanetFilter by Fran├žois Marier on 2017-09-19

This release works around broken feeds by removing superfluous whitespace around the XML content. Thanks to the Radio Amateurs of Canada website for the test case!

Wingpanel Network Indicator 2.1.1 Released

Written for Wingpanel Network Indicator by Cody Garver on 2017-09-18

wingpanel-indicator-network 2.1.1 is out!

AppCenter 0.2.6 Released

Written for AppCenter by Cody Garver on 2017-09-18

appcenter 0.2.6 is out!

End of project

Written for desktop-facebook by Folke Schwinning on 2017-09-17

I've stopped developing this project in 2012. There will be no updates; the bug tracker and blueprint functions have been set to inactive to prevent spamming.

Updated on 2017-09-17.

Switchboard Network Plug 0.1.1 Released

Written for Switchboard Network Plug by Cody Garver on 2017-09-15

switchboard-plug-networking 0.1.1 is out!


* Fix SOCKS proxy availability
* Add an explanation for hotspot
* Fix incorrect "null" string in supported settings value
* Ignore virtual machine interfaces
    Correct spelling of Wi-Fi and WLAN

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