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Nuvola Player in April 2016 - Report for Patrons

Written for Nuvola Player by Jiří Janoušek on 2016-04-30

This is my monthly report for generous patrons who contributed €170.52 to support development of Nuvola Player in April 2016. Thanks to them, I renewed VPS hosting for €53.78 and spent 7.48 hours working on five tasks, which are listed bellow with a few comments, so my reward was €12.6 per hour.

You can support my work on Nuvola Player via PayPal, Gratipay, Patreon, Flattr or Bitcoin. Let's make Nuvola Player more awesome!

Thank you!

Jiri Janousek

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Nuvola Player 3.0.2 released

Written for Nuvola Player by Jiří Janoušek on 2016-04-30

I'm happy to announce Nuvola Player 3.0.2. This is a bug fix release addressing following issues:

  * Added hint how to edit/remove keyboard shortcut in the Keyboard shortcuts tab of the Preferences dialog. Issue: tiliado/nuvolaplayer#217
  * WebView used to fail to initialize properly sometimes resulting in empty non-functional window. This should not occur any more. Issue: tiliado/nuvolaplayer#207
  * WebKitGTK version information was added to the JavaScript API for web app scripts to check whether they are compatible and notify user if they are not. Issue: tiliado/nuvolaplayer#215
  * Ubuntu 14.04: WebKitGTK 2.8.5 packages have been uploaded to the Nuvola Player repository and Nuvola Player now uses this version instead the old packages from the official Ubuntu archive. this should fix various rendering and integration issues that happened only in Ubuntu 14.04. Issue: tiliado/nuvolaplayer#216
  * Fedora 22 and 23: Nuvola Player package also depends on the webkitgtk4-plugin-process-gtk2 package. Issue: tiliado/nuvolaplayer#223

These issues have been also fixed in the rolling builds of Nuvola Player 3.1. You can download the source tarball at or use Tiliado Repository for Nuvola Player.

I would like to thank to all Nuvola Patrons who made this release possible. Make a donation to keep the project going. Thank you!

Jiri Janousek, Nuvola Player developer

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New version released on 04/27/2016

Written for Cubic by Cubic PPA on 2016-04-30

Version 2016-04-14 was released on 04/27/2016.
This release supports Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus).
This release features a new feature: the user can now select which packages will be removed by the installer.

ترجمهٔ فصل نخست منتشر شد

Written for ترجمهٔ بنیاد آسیموف by Danial Behzadi on 2016-04-28

‫ترجمهٔ فصل نخست منتشر شد و به صورت pdf بر روی لانچ‌پد قرار می‌گیرد


Written for MAUS by Adam Dobbs on 2016-04-26

MAUS-v2.2.0 has been released. The following changes were made:
    - Geometry updates
    - Scifi Kalman fit updates
    - Scifi pattern recognition updates
    - Scifi geometry bug fix
    - EMR updates
    - Global tracking bug fix
    - Test framework updates
    - Third part library SCons version updated to 2.4.1
If upgrading, please redo the entire build.

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