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KiCad 4.0.2 Released.

Written for KiCad by Wayne Stambaugh on 2016-02-13

The third release of the stable series 4 of KiCad has been released. This is a bug fix release only.

New Device Notification

Written for Nutty by Siddhartha Das on 2016-02-13

If Device monitoring is enabled in the preferences, any new device found on the network will be notified to the user with a on screen notification.

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Cheerp 1.2.1 released

Written for Cheerp by Stefano De Rossi on 2016-02-11

Point release of Cheerp to fix a bug in literal strings

* Fixed encoding of literal strings in JavaScript
* Minor fixes

Robustness improved in item import or remote creation

Written for When by Francesco Garosi on 2016-02-09

This release of When gains many fixes and enhancements compared to previous ones: the DBus Remote API is now rather stable and usable, and the import/export functions and the ability to correctly create items from Item Definition Files are more robust. Moreover some glitches in the UI and other minor and possibly not-so-minor issues have been corrected.

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QWWAD 1.2.1 preview release now available!

Written for Quantum wells, wires and dots by Alex Valavanis on 2016-02-09

A bugfix release for the 1.2.x branch is now available. This fixes the build on new versions of Ubuntu and enables parallel compilation. Users should update when convenient.

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