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Please update translations for Sozi 16

Written for Sozi by Guillaume Savaton on 2016-06-25

Sozi 16.06 has new messages to translate. Please update your translations so that I can add them to the next official release.
You will find the latest build of Sozi at

Nuvola Player in June 2016 - Report for Patrons

Written for Nuvola Player by Jiří Janoušek on 2016-06-23

This is my monthly report for generous patrons who contributed €150.17 to support development of Nuvola Player in June 2016. Thanks to them, I put aside €6 for VPS hosting and spent over 9.9 hours working on five tasks, which are listed bellow with a few comments, so my reward was €14.56 per hour. However, I didn't count support requests which were dealt with for free.

You can support my work on Nuvola Player via PayPal, Gratipay, Patreon, Flattr or Bitcoin. Let's make Nuvola Player more awesome!

Thank you!

Jiri Janousek

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Mixcloud script 3.0

Written for Nuvola Player by Jiří Janoušek on 2016-06-21

I released Mixcloud web app script 3.0 on behalf of Samuel Mansour almost a month ago but forgot to announce it. Anyway, this release contains following changes:

* Mix/track info parsing made more robust.
* Added license metadata.json field.
* Version increased to 3.0 because of existing 2.x tags.

Source code available at

New ESyS-Particle release under Aphache License APL2.0

Written for ESyS-Particle by Jinfang on 2016-06-21

The new release of ESyS-Particle 2.3.4 (released on 16 Jun 2016) is freely under the Apache License 2.0 (
ESyS-Particle 2.3.4 is the latest stable release of the source code as of 16 June 2016.

New features:
-Added missing python wrapper for creating FrictionPrms tagged IGs.
-Changed bond insertion so that bonded interactions now are forced to have ordered particle IDs.
-Fixes issue with exclusion (see launchpad question 292662).
-Dynamic IGs can now also be excluders, not only bonded IGs.
-Added "distance" field to ExtractFractures VTK output - can be used to detect "circular" bonds being broken.
Dowloads of ESyS-Particle 2.3.4 is available at

Also, we provide a new release of Gengeo 1.3, with new features including:
-Sub-classed ConvexPolyhedron to permit inclusion of joint sets within convex polyhedral volumes.
-Fixed bug in tagParticlesInVolume in 2D. Bug did only affect models with periodic boundaries. N.B. The same bug might exist in other tagParticles* functions - need to check.
-Added LineSet and MeshVolume2D.
-Designed to work the same way as TriangleSet and MeshVolume , but in 2D.
Dowloads of Gengeo 1.3 is available at

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Written for MAUS by Adam Dobbs on 2016-06-20

MAUS-v2.5.0 has been released.
  The following changes were made:
    - Global reconstruction updates
    - EMR updates
    - Kalman updates
    - Workbook updated
    - Third party CDB interface updated, old interface is no longer supported

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