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pcb-4.0.0 released

Written for pcb by Bert Timmerman on 2017-01-17

Dear Users and Contributors,

It has been quite some time since the last snapshot of pcb was released
in March 2014.

Since then quite a lot of bugs were fixed and new features added, below
a summary is given of the improvements and additions since the latest
snapshot "pcb-20140316".

This release represents over 480 commits (mostly bugfixes and code
refactoring) and as such this summary clearly is not complete.

This pcb release 4.0.0 has a significant change in the major version

This is done to make a fresh start and to get away from the 1.99z
version with YYYYMMDD snapshots.

The tarball and checksums file can be downloaded from:

Any bugs, or others shortcomings, can be reported to either the geda-user
mailing list or the Launchpad Bug Tracker:

Kind regards,

The pcb development team

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Files 0.3.1 Released

Written for Files by Cody Garver on 2017-01-16

pantheon-files 0.3.1 is out!

Photos 0.2.1 Released

Written for Photos by Cody Garver on 2017-01-16

pantheon-photos 0.2.1 is out!

Nuvola Player and Plans for 2017

Written for Nuvola Player by Jiří Janoušek on 2017-01-16

Nuvola Player was a bit silent from December until now. That doesn’t mean nothing was happening in the project. Quite contrary, there have been a lot of changes under the hood to facilitate plans for the year 2017.

In the latest blog post, I deal with:

- Support for More Distributions
- Flatpaks and Snaps
- First Experimental Flatpak
- Nuvola SDK and Nuvola CDK

Continue reading at

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Version 2016.12-16~201701160301~release~ubuntu17.04.1 released

Written for Cubic by Cubic PPA on 2017-01-16

Version 2016.12-16~201701160301~release~ubuntu17.04.1 has been released with fixes for bugs #1623261, #1653038, #1596547, #1596558, #1596563, and updated dependencies.

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