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Terminator 1.91 released

Written for Terminator by Stephen Boddy on 2017-02-26

Here is a stabilisation and regression fixing release. We still have issues, but we are definitely getting to a much better place.

I'll repeat what I put in the previous release, mainly because it is still totally applicable:

Please use this if you possibly can, and provide fixes if you have the skills. If you have a bug that you can't fix and you think it is serious enough that it really should be fixed before the big 2.0, then assign it the tag "release-blocker". If I agree, I'll target it to the milestone.

Looking here for show-stoppers, as I'm well aware that Terminator has lots of strange little nooks and crannies that display strange behaviour when it's the second Thursday of a month with 30 days.

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Nueva versión 0.0.3

Written for AgenDie by Webierta on 2017-02-26

Publicada versión 0.0.3 con nuevas funciones y corrección de errores.

ACBF Editor 0.92 is out

Written for Advanced Comic Book Format by Robert Pastierovic on 2017-02-26

ACBF Editor 0.92 is out. Changes are:
- added option to zoom in/out image in frames/text-layers editor
- several minor fixes

Files 0.3.2 Released

Written for Files by Cody Garver on 2017-02-26

pantheon-files 0.3.2 is out!

Lifeograph Now Uses Git (exclusively)

Written for Lifeograph by Ahmet Öztürk on 2017-02-25

As of today, Lifeograph has dropped Bazaar version control system in favor of Git. A new Launchpad repository has been created for this and old Bzr repository will no longer be updated. Android and Windows versions of Lifeograph have been using Git since thir conception and are hosted on Github but main development will continue to take place on Launchpad.

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