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Nuvola 3.1 Milestone 2 Deprecates DEB/RPM Packages in Favor of Flatpaks and Officially Supports Another Distribution

Written for Nuvola Player by Jiří Janoušek on 2017-03-26

Nuvola 3.1 Milestone 2 (3.1.2 for short) is the second milestone on the way towards the Nuvola 4.0 release (formerly referred to as Nuvola 3.2). There have been 123 commits since Nuvola 3.1.1 and 71 code changes since Diorite 0.3.1. The development focused on three major areas:

1. Cross-distribution flatpak packages to replace DEB/RPM packages in order to support more distributions.
2. HTML5 Audio and Media Source Extension to achieve Flash-free playback.
3. Modernization of the code base to improve performance and accomplish tighter desktop integration.

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Alarm Clock migrated to GitHub!

Written for Alarm Clock by Johannes H. Jensen on 2017-03-24

Alarm Clock has officially moved to GitHub:
All bugs have been migrated as well:

Blueprints have not yet been moved. Selected ones may be moved to the wiki in the future.

The Launchpad project is still used for translations.
Launchpad has been configured to automatically import changes from GitHub.

Moved to Github

Written for Raspberrymem-client by Bill Dengler on 2017-03-23

The project has been moved to Github.

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Percona Server for MySQL 5.5.54-38.7 is Now Available

Written for Percona Server by Hrvoje Matijakovic on 2017-03-22

Percona announces the release of Percona Server for MySQL 5.5.54-38.7 on March 22, 2017. Based on MySQL 5.5.54, including all the bug fixes in it, Percona Server for MySQL 5.5.54-38.7 is now the current stable release in the 5.5 series.

Percona Server for MySQL is open-source and free. You can find release details in the 5.5.54-38.7 milestone on Launchpad. Downloads are available here and from the Percona Software Repositories.

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Duplicity 0.7.12 Released

Written for Duplicity by Kenneth Loafman on 2017-03-21

New in v0.7.12 (2017/03/21)
* Fixed bug #1623342 with patch supplied by Daniel Jakots
  - Failing test on OpenBSD because tar/gtar not found
* Fixed bug #1654220 with patch supplied by Kenneth Newwood
  - Duplicity fails on MacOS because GPG version parsing fails
* Fixed bug #1655268 "--gpg-binary option not working"
  - If gpg binary is specified rebuild gpg profile using new binary location
* Fixed bug #1658283 "Duplicity 0.7.11 broken with GnuPG 2.0"
  - Made gpg version check more robust than just major version
  - Now use --pinentry-mode=loopback on gpg 2.1 and greater
  - Removed check for non-Linux systems, a false problem
* Merged in lp:~matthew-t-bentley/duplicity/duplicity
  - Sets a user agent. Backblaze asked for this in case there are errors that originate
    from the Duplicity B2 backend
  - Only retrieves a new upload URL when the current one expires, to bring it in line
    with their best practices for integrations:
* Add detail about import exceptions in
* Fixed bug #1657916 with patch supplied by Daniel Harvey
  - B2 provider cannot handle two backups in the same bucket
* Fixed bug #1603704 with patch supplied by Maciej Bliziński
  - Crash with UnicodeEncodeError
* Some fixes to to handle gpg1 & gpg2 & gpg2.1 commandline issues
  - --gpg-agent is optional on gpg1, but on gpg2 it is used automatically
  - --pinentry-mode is not a valid opt until gpg2.1, so condition on that
* Fixed bug #1367675 - IMAP Backend does not work with Yahoo server
  - added the split() as needed in 'nums=list[0].strip().split(" ")'
  - the other fixes mentioned in the bug report comments were already done
* Fixed bug #1671852 - Code regression caused by revision 1108
  - change util.uexc() back to bare uexc()
* Fixed bug #1668750 - Don't mask backend errors
  - added exception prints to module import errors

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