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PeaZip 6.1.0 released

Written for PeaZip-archiver by Giorgio tani on 2016-07-23

Release 6.1.0 is focused in improving archive browsing experience.
If some or all directories are omitted in archive TOC, it is no longer an issue for the archive browser, which now also displays archive's full directory tree in navigation sidebar, allowing quick navigation and on-the-fly inspection of archive structure and content.
The breadcrumb shows in-archive directories at each node, consistently with what it does for filesystem.
Initial directory can be customized: last visited (default), computer's root, desktop, home, or custom directory set by the user.

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logdata-anomaly-miner V0.0.3 released

Written for logdata-anomaly-miner - lightweight tool for log checking, log analysis by Roman Fiedler on 2016-07-21

* Backport of changes from Debian ITP process review, see
* Handle rollover from one logfile to the next more graceful.
* New features:
  * Added support for multiple parallel timescales in component
    trigger timing, e.g. real-time and forensic-time.
  * Added MissingMatchPathValueDetector to detect when data values
    were not reported for an extended period of time.
  * Added VolatileLogarithmicBackoffEventHistory to keep data
    of limited number of events in memory for automated processing.
  * AMinerRemoteControl: Added "--ExecFile" parameter to execute
    commands from file, "--StringResponse" for direct output.
* Bugfixes:
  * debian/postinst: disable service start when not already enabled
    using standard methods debian/rules and debian/postinst.

HPLIP 3.16.7 Public Release

Written for HPLIP by Ajay Kedar on 2016-07-21

HPLIP 3.16.7 public released on 21 July 2016. Please visit for more details.

Updated on 2016-07-21.

Where to find economic term papers:

Written for researchs by marthasimons on 2016-07-19

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