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Sarracenia release v2.19.09b1

Written for MetPX Sarracenia by Supercomputing @ Government of Canada on 2019-09-17

A new version of the Sarracenia reference implementation in python is now available with a substantial number of improvements.


    new: #191 adding log_reject to debug checksums and reject/accept configurations
    new: #191 sr implementation replaced. old available as sr1. man page sr(8) added.
    new: #227 some support added to for rabbitmq to work with mqtt.
    new: tools to support migration of large Sundew configurations to Sarracenia.


         #240, #254, #249, #252 logging and background launch output redirection.
         #238 sr_watch crashes when encountering file it can't read
         #212 fix for interpretation of username in baseurl (FIXME: requires review)
         #211 fix for size approximation being wrong on polls that don't provide exact size.
         #210 sr_audit race condition fixed by killing at the beginning of stop processing.
         #207 reassembly of partitioned files by sender.
         #202 Stack overflow on sr_watch restart.
         #201 fix for lookup in cache for partitioned files.
         #190 when printing v03 messages, post_log was misleading (not updated)
         #182 fixed support for file=NONE (Sundew compatibility)
         #174 sr too slow fixed by replacing it.
         also allowed removing some duplicate code.
         lost backward compatibility warnings around in on_post calls.
         apparently, in Sundew keys: + is the same as .* mapping added.

testing improvements/fixes:

         more design diagrams.
         unit testing refactored.
         #208 fixed: flow test is leaking...
         #206 log rotation corrupts flow tests.
         #184 some some flow test refactoring
         #182 sr_watch fails on high volumes in flow test.

Installation Guide:

packages available for ubuntu from here:

python packages:

The windows version is not yet available, due to a problem generating the
package. Coming soon!

windows installer:

source code:
    git clone

New Stable Release --

Written for msmtp-scripts by Daniel F. Dickinson on 2019-09-15

* In order to deal with permissions problems for non-root daemons sending mail, queue only at first, and let queue runner take care of actual sending
* In order to avoid lock contention especially for program that mail from within cronjobs, use per-message locks.

Mudlet 4.1 – quality improvements all around

Written for Mudlet by Vadim Peretokin on 2019-09-08

This is a quality release bringing improvements to Mudlet editor, Geyser, while adding MSSP, HTTP POST/PUT/DELETE, and more. Enjoy :)

Read more

Lifeograph 1.6.0 is released

Written for Lifeograph by Ahmet Öztürk on 2019-09-08

Another exciting release of Lifeograph is here.

Main highlights of this update are synchronization between diary files and a much more powerful entry parser.

This update DOES NOT change the diary version with respect to the previous stable release 1.5.

Please backup your valuable data frequently to be on the safe side.

Move to GitHub

Written for Widelands Website by GunChleoc on 2019-09-07

We have moved to GitHub.

Updated on 2019-09-07. Read more

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