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  • Name of the page containing user-provided spellchecker words [Unicode] page_template_regex : u'[a-z0-9]Template$' Pagenames containing a match for this regex are regarded as templates for new pages [Unicode] quicklinks_default [] List of preset quicklinks which is set for a new user on account creation. Existing accounts are not affected by ...
  • Edit ~/.gitconfig and add these lines, where USER is your Launchpad username: [url "git+ssh://"] insteadof = lp: This allows you to type git clone lp:REPOSITORY instead of git clone git+ssh:// The rest of this documentation assumes that you have configured Git this way.
  • Step 1: Download the PuTTY Key Generator from here: Step 2: Run puttygen.exe and click the generate button. PuTTYGen will ask you to move your mouse around in the blank area to generate entropy. Step 3: Set a key passphrase and confirm it.
  • Create your source package, upload it and Launchpad will build binaries and then host them in your own apt repository. That means Ubuntu users can install your packages in just the same way they install standard Ubuntu packages and they'll automatically receive updates as and when you make them.
  • Download files for this release. After you've downloaded a file, you can verify its authenticity using its MD5 sum or signature. ( How do I verify a download? ) File. Description. Downloads. ( md5 ) Windows 64.
  • The biggest change is the introduction of a new program output window that supports some ANSI Escape Codes. (curses app should now run better from inside the IDE). Changelog: Improvements: - a new output window with support for the most common ANSI Escape Codes. - use a white toolbar on Windows 10.
  • * Colocated branches can now be addressed using the 'co:NAME' rather than the more complex 'file:/ /.,branch= NAME'. (Jelmer Vernooij, #833665) Bug Fixes ***** * "bzr missing" now shows tag names when displaying revision information. (#559072, Neil Martinsen-Burrell) * Fix ``branch.conf`` saving when unlocking the branch for BranchFormat4.
  • A Python wrapper API provides flexibility in the design of numerical models, specification of modelling parameters and contact logic, and analysis of simulation data. ESyS-Particle has been used to simulate earthquake nucleation, comminution in shear cells, silo flow, rock fragmentation, and fault gouge evolution, to name but a few applications.
  • Four different ordering have been implemented at generation time, the code decides which ordering to use channel- per-channel. This can be turned off via the command "output PATH --t_strategy=2" - increase number of maximum iteration for double or more T-channel - implement an alternative to the standard multi-channel.
  • ext/glslang/ SPIRV/. /ext/glslang/ SPIRV/spirv. hpp:114: note: an enum with different value name is defined in another translation unit./ext/SPIRV-Cross/spirv. hpp:171: note: name ‘ExecutionModeM axWorkgroupSize INTEL’ differs from name ‘ExecutionModeS haredLocalMemor ySizeINTEL’ defined in another translation unit
  • PPA name Description Sources Binaries; sqlitebrowser - GUI editor for SQLite databases: SQLite Database Browser is a visual tool used to create, desig... 1: 8: PHP 5.2 builds: A php-5.2 packages. It can be installed with other my php bui... 4: 380: PHP 5.4 builds: A php-5.4 packages. It can be installed with other my php bui... 1: 530: PHP 5.5 ...
  • Step 1: On the PPA's overview page, look for the heading that reads Adding this PPA to your system. Make a note of the PPA's location, which looks like: ppa:gwibber-daily/ppa Step 2: Open a terminal and enter: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:user/ppa-name Replace ppa:user/ppa-name with the PPA's location that you noted above.
  • GnuTLS is a portable library which implements the Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.0, 1.1, 1.2) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 3.0 protocols. . GnuTLS features support for: - TLS extensions: server name indication, max record size, opaque PRF input, etc. - authentication using the SRP protocol. - authentication using both X.509 certificates and OpenPGP keys.
  • This is the name people will see on your profile page and next to work that you do. Many people choose to use their real name or a widely recognised pseudonym here. Protecting your email address: Your email address is only visible to registered Launchpad users and not search engine spiders or spam bots. However, you can hide it from everyone at ...
  • You can discuss the Ubuntu One software and service on the mailing list at https:/ /launchpad. net/~ubuntuone- users. And you can sign up for Ubuntu One here: https:/ /one.ubuntu. com/. The Ubuntu One client software and protocol libraries are open source, and we are building a suite of APIs to enable all kinds of different applications to use a clean and simple sync infrastructure for everything from desktop to mobile handset.
  • In order to install it and run it, start madgraph and type install maddm in the command line. Then exit and start maddm with ./ Note: - At least M5G_aMC@NLO v.2.6.2 is required to run the latest version, now MadDM v.3.2. - MadDM does not support Python 3, but works with Python 2.7.
  • Let's have a quick recap of how you can use Launchpad for your project: Use Launchpad's applications directly: bug tracker, code hosting, user support tracker, translations, specification tracker, distribution package build and hosting, file downloads and so on. List your project in the directory: gain publicity for your project, make announcements, link to your bug tracker, register your code and make it available through Bazaar.
  • Adding this PPA to your system. You can update your system with unsupported packages from this untrusted PPA by adding ppa:kisak/kisak-mesa to your system's Software Sources. ( Read about installing ) sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kisak/kisak-mesa sudo apt update. Technical details about this PPA.
  • 4.2.0: * Added pedigree print setup. * Redesigned database manager. * Added a database repair tool. * Added export option for breeding records. * Added option to set default pigeon sort direction. * Start pigeon search when typing inside the list of pigeons. * Removed pedigree print settings in preferences window. * Many little UI changes.
  • Zorin OS Stable. Packages in “Zorin OS Stable”. This PPA currently publishes packages for Focal, Bionic, and Xenial.
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