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  • Answers and questions are important part of community contribution. Showing stats on them could raise the interest to contribute. AskBot has API to retrieve data ...
  • Branch format: Branch format 7 Repository format: Bazaar repository format 2a (needs bzr 1.16 or later)
  • We're installing an instance of Askbot under the domain, with the help of Askbot developers. It will have a custom skin and authentication based on Launchpad like the rest of our services. In the first phase it will support English and once we decide that we like it, ...
  • I looked at AskBot doesn't seem to have any mechanism to build a FAQ or to mark a question as 'solved' or 'obsolete'. I noticed that people edit the questions adding the word [solved] in the question, which is not very elegant. I also couldn't make the authentication with Launchpad but it worked with my other openID provider (claimID ...
  • Author: Tom Beckmann Revision Date: 2015-04-11 17:41:20 UTC Remove link to PPA until it is made sure that new setup works with it
  • Now that Phase I (launch in English) is > almost done, I'm thinking of Phase II: add options to ask questions in > different languages, Asian languages (Chinese and Japanese) included. > > I'm looking for people experienced running Apache solr in Chinese that can > help the Askbot team getting solr up and running.
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  • Stefano Maffulli wrote: > Here is the list of requirements we gathered: > > * good search engine > * ability to promote question and best answer to FAQ > * good looking and nice to use > * custom domain (like > * layout customizable, to give it the " look" > * use Launchpad login > * Tagging > * Use of a reputation system to encourage participation and get a ...
  • Author: Michael Hall Revision Date: 2011-10-04 19:06:30 UTC Includes a few fixes: 1. Fixes path to the ubuntu logo in the header 2. Cleans up the whitespace in ie.css (warning, big diff)
  • Author: Stas SUSHKOV Revision Date: 2009-06-03 13:30:23 UTC Added files, licence notes and README
  • All blueprints Latest blueprints. Add ownCloud into project type. Registered on 2015-11-25 Add Report Showing LOC deleted Registered on 2015-10-21 Process statistics from
  • (ex.: Askbot vs. Forum-Module, BI vs. Pentaho Integration, Document Management vs. Alfresco, Install packages vs. provisioning scripts, just to name a few, - correct me if I misunderstood - own Database-Layer vs. Django or similar) But thats more strategic (and also philisophy) and it is probably not the right place here.
  • *Hello Fabien* thanks for the news. Some comments inline. Hello, > > I'd like to thank everyone who participated to the Odoo Open Days a few weeks ago.
  • Hello, I have clean - remove reference in all modules - replace all many2one state_ids field by a char field - Added ...
  • Askbot vs. Forum Module, BI vs. official Pentaho Integration, Docu Mgt vs. Alfresco, even database abstraction layers, etc.) I initially thought there would be an opportuinity to change the way Odoo upgrades and "outsource" this functionality to an expert open source community to free up OCA resources to focus on the ERP side.
  • Here are a few news and ideas on how we can improve collaboration in the future with the community: **Community Q&A** When we launched the new website, we replaced our Q&A website (based on Askbot, Drupal) with a new Odoo module.
  • Hi Fabien, Hi Antony, Don't want become a party pooper, but will v8.0 still be released on 7 july 2014 as said on the OpenDays ? Have a nice weekend you all ...
  • Hello, In o2m on field of product, Search product based on name and code get result related of partner. Thanks.
  • media/style/typography.css templates/authopenid/complete.html templates/badge.html
  • [ADD] New module: website_forum, a clone of askbot / stackoverflow. This module models a forum: questions, answers, voting and comment system, karma management. There is a link with gamification, allowing to use badges and reward users for their participation to the forum.
120 of 48 pages matching "Askbot"