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  • > "pre-HD" is also flawed for Intel cards as in the case of the broken > 4500 GMA theres a "M" and "HD" version released simultaneously. Needs > to be reworded to mean no cards that came before the HD-Graphics > series rather than Intel's previous HD suffixing. Ok reworded, check if you think it is better now... > I would keep python off ...
  • Confirmed for TravelMate 5735z with intel gma 4500MHD on Natty 64-bit. The problem does however not appear for me if I already use the backlight adjustment keys (fn + left arrow) during the bios boot screen. The backlight adjustment does however not work in natty anymore.
  • Asus p5g41-m (Intel g41 chipset with GMA x4500 gpu) Very plain install, nothing of note added or removed. Using Awn testing ppa Awn 0.3.9-rewrite-bzr1801-karmic1-1. The lag isn't awful but it is noticeable.
  • Tablet PC T4420, Fujitsu. 2.53ghz core2duo, 4 gb ram, intel 4500 gma. The other is a tower pc with a quad core, core2duo gen. processor. 4gb ram, Radeon 4850.
  • The information about this bug in Launchpad is automatically pulled daily from the remote bug. This information was last pulled on 2018-05-26.
  • I have this problem as well. Clicking menus or icons does not always work. When this happens, mousing out of the icon/menu item and then back in and clicking seems to then work most of the time.
  • Binary package hint: firefox-3.0 When scrolling in Gmail (and other websites however its not as noticable) the scrolling performance is terrible. There is a slight lag from when it starts to scroll to when it actually does scroll. On my Windows XP machine it is MUCH faster (basically instant). This is present with both Compiz enabled and disabled.
  • menu bars sized and located wrong using 1280x800 Bug #291288 reported by Brad Mueller on 2008-10-30 This bug report is a duplicate of: Bug #273899: [g45] IBM thinkpad X200 use G45 and gma 4500 abnormal display 1280 x 800..
  • qinjuehang (qjh1993) wrote on 2008-04-29: Re: compiz doesn't start if metacity compositor is enabled #13 In theory it would, because there is no compositor to fight with compiz, but the problem is that it is turned on by default. For users who know what they are doing it won't cause much more pain than 20 mins figuring out the problem, but for ...
  • The new Intel processors have the graphics card integrated on themselves. As it turns out, current stable ubutnu (10.04) with all updates applied cannot boot with this graphics adapter,.
  • If I don't add kernel parameter acpi_backlight= vendor backlight is off. As I tested at boot there are 4 items under /sys/class/ backlight: acpi_video0 acpi_video1 intel_backlight radeon_bl1. After login brightness is controlled under acpi_video1 for some reason. But brightness was set under intel_backlight to 4394 (maximum 4882).
  • Version: 9.10 beta Graphics: nvidia 8600GT Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-G31M-S2L I'm trying to boot into the Mythbuntu 9.10 beta LiveCD environment. When the cd boots the list of options appears. If I select the option to start the LiveCD environment, the boot appears to start fine with dmesg output text scrolling down the screen. The screen then freezes mid-boot with some of the dmesg output text ...
  • EXA appears not be working with the Intel GMA 965 (GM) chipset (including the Intel X3100). Upon editing my xorg.conf file to add references to XAA I now have better performance, and am able to use KDE4 desktop effects.
  • J. McDonald (mcdonald-joseph) wrote on 2010-05-03: Re: [Bug 550625] Re: Alps touchpad is recognized but synaptics clients and scrolling do not work #77 That was entirely my mistake - I subscribed to pre-proposed daily builds and got a daily build that somehow reverted the change to the earlier 2.6.32-22 daily that you had fixed. I think the ...
  • I really think Pentium compatible is horrible terminology ever since Intel absolutely destroyed the name and now theres old generation I3s rebranded as Pentiums.
  • References. suggested resolution (and other specs) From: Marco Ciampa, 2015-10-14 Re: suggested resolution (and other specs) From: Marco Ciampa, 2015-10-14
  • Ubuntu 9.04, fresh install on Acer Aspire 5005 / Toshiba Satellite. (confirmed also with 9.10 and 10.04) Not sure about package, but it seems the problem is: * with CPU frequency adjustment, * fan control, * thermal sensors, * control of cooling itself. Laptop shuts down right in the middle of CPU-greedy operation overheated.
117 of 19 other pages matching "GMA 4500"