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  • Back in Time release 1.1.20 (fixes a critical bug) on 2017-04-09 This release fixes a critical bug which could be used to escalate permissions... Back in Time release 1.1.16 on 2017-03-28 This is a bug-fix release for Back in Time. I pushed the last release a bit o... Back in Time release 1.1.14 on 2017-03-06
  • Hi - not sure if this is right to put this here ... anyway, here goes ... I have installed backintime 0.9.2 on my OpenSuse 11.0 system (with gnome). The backup target is an external hard drive connected by USB which is working fine with everything else. Backintime appears to run fine and it creates a snapshot on the target, but although all the directory structure is created, nothing is put in ...
  • That makes perfectly sense. However I installed backintime and in gnome-shell application list (grid) I noticed two icons - Back In Time and Back In Time (root). I use the second one. I assume that this second icon should run "gksu" command instead of "sudo"? I am not sure if those icons are made by Back In Time installator or by Gnome Shell ...
  • In fact BackInTime doesn't use anacron anymore. It was to inflexible. But that schedule mimics anacron. BIT will create a crontab entry which will start 'backintime --backup-job' every 15min (or once an hour if the schedule is set to 'weeks').
  • I'm trying to back up my new Fedora 11 linux home server to a network mounted drive. It's a FreeAgent disk formatted as HFS+ and attached via USB to an Apple Airport Extreme. It's exposed to the linux box via CIFS on the local network. Here are the details: ----- The /etc/fstab auto-mounts the drive at /mnt/SBE via: \\\freeagent\040-\040server /mnt/SBE cifs credentials=/etc/sbe ...
  • Can you help with this problem? Provide an answer of your own, or ask for more information if necessary.
  • Clearly, the problem is that the user is "unknown". I have checked other postings on the site and have created a symlink using my user profile (toaster/.config/ backintime/ config) as root/.config/ backintime/ Link to config. For the record, I am using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS with Back In Time Version 0.9.26 (from the Ubuntu Software Centre).
  • Hi Guys I need some help from someone who knows how the priority of Back In Time works. We have a HP Quad Zeon 2.4g with hardware raid controller running Debian Squeeze. We have a mirror drive that we backup to a single drive using Back In Time. All drive are on the RAID controller and are SATA Solid State Disks. When the backup is occurring some instance of the system slow down very badly.
  • If you're on Debian/Ubuntu you can install Back in Time with 'sudo apt-get install backintime-common'. If you use any other distri please let me know and I'll try to help. To run Back In Time on a headless machine (only command line, no graphic user interface) you need to create the config file in ~/.config/ backintime/ config manually. Take a ...
  • Hi! My question is: what does full rsync mode do? I have been looking in documentation and forum but couldn't find any explanation. It was recommended earlier by Dan. Is it still recommended? Thanks for any info on this and for a nice backup program and friendly forum. /Sven
  • backintime runs from command line ok. When daily cron job starts the following is in /var/log/messages: backintime (root): WARNING: Not configured and the job does not run I think everything is set up but I must be missing something. Debian based system (ELive) thanks.
  • I am switching from OSX to ubuntu 12.04, so I am an experienced but novice user with a fresh eye. backintime was among my first programs to install, with OSX TimeMachine as my base comparison. for the record, I like both of them, though neither is perfect. here are some of my observations: 1* it is not clear whether backintime is backing up even if a backintime window is not open.
  • 1185.By Germar on 2015-10-04 Fix bug: remote rename of 'new_snapshot' folder sometimes isn't recognized locally; rename local now
  • Using ssh on WD My Book World Edition Whitelight Asked by Martin Fisher on 2013-04-19 I am following https:/ /answers. launchpad. net/backintime/ +faq/2115 to set up ssh access on my WD My Book World Edition Whitelight.
  • The BusyBox that is used by WD in MBWE for serving basic commands like 'cp' (copy) doesn't support hardlinks. Which is a rudimentary function for BackInTime's way of creating incremental backups. As a work-around you can install Optware on the MBWE. Before proceeding please make a backup of your MBWE.
  • I have version 1.0.2 from the bit-team PPA on Ubuntu 9.10. My snapshot is of ~, i.e. the includes screen simply has /home/ben, while the exclude screen has several dirs, a couple with wildcards. I am running it as a normal user. My backup destination is a USB drive. Here is the output of mount: /dev/sdb1 on /media/NexStarLite type ext4 (rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=devkit) Here is the output of the ...
  • This is my first time using BiT. I took a snapshot of parts of my Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook installation, which was done only on one of my SSDs (the 4g one). I went & reinstalled Ubu 10.10 Netbook but this time w/ some directories on the 4g (/ & /root) & /home on the 16g. I've an Asus Eee PC901 w/ the 2 aforementioned SSDs, w/ 2g of RAM. I did the backup to a 4g sdhc class4 card on the onboard card ...
  • Hi all, In Ubuntu 10.10 I use backintime and had no problems so far. I switched from the official backintime version 0.96 to the ppa:bit-team/stable version 1.06. The transfer to the new structure seemed to work.
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