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  • debian-med (3.1) unstable; urgency=medium * Versioned Build-Depends bumped to 0.6.99 to enable Recommends in tasks files * s/Depends/Recommends/ (leave out list of changed metapackage dependencies which is messed up due to this change) * Moved to Salsa * Standards-Version: 4.1.4 * Bumped versioned Build-Depends blends-dev to >= 0.7~ * Priotity: optional (as per policy - see #759260 ...
  • New branch merging latest 1.7.0-2 version from Debian Unstable, as requested by Ludovic Rousseau (the upstream maintainer) Builds fine, see: ...
  • s390x build of gnome-applets 3.22.0-2ubuntu0.2 in ubuntu zesty PROPOSED. Build started on 2017-08-07 and finished on 2017-08-07 taking 6 minutes — see the log
  • Hi there, I also have a problem getting content en the client screen. I have installed server and client on two different PCs and set up a display in the client options, which is currently displaying the Xibo splash screen, but the scheduled Layout won't start. In the client options I have successfully entered all the information, as stated by Dan in a different post: "1.
  • The packages provided by this PPA are a binary copy from https:/ /launchpad. net/~nebc/ +archive/ ubuntu/ bio-linux? field.series_ filter= trusty and are NOT TESTED.. The following packages are available in Bio-Linux 8, but absent from this PPA, as they are updated in
  • Hello cjwatson, I made some corrections taking your remarks into account. (It was a bit empirical for dh tiny rules, but I hope it's the way to do this, if not, please explain this to me, as dh tiny rules are really new to me!)
  • 23.By Didier Raboud on 2013-06-11 * New upstream release - Fixed rules file and gen-rules script to make the symlink rule append instead of replace (thanks to John Hedges)
  • Release branch for Percona toolkit version 2.2.9
  • Thanks for your contribution to Ubuntu! Given that the new Debian release has already been synced from unstable (which was the correct way to do it - we don't use bzr merges when we don't have any Ubuntu changes), I think it would be rather too confusing to merge this branch.
  • Thanks for the merge request. Here are some comments: 1- Please file a bug for this issue if you want it to get fixed in stable releases, as an SRU needs to have an associated bug.
  • bug: 1 title: Microsoft has a majority market share date-reported: Fri, 20 Aug 2004 00:00:00 -0000 date-updated: Thu, 03 Jan 2019 15:30:47 -0000 reporter: Mark ...
  • Emmanuel Bourg has proposed merging lp:~ebourg/openjdk/openjdk8 into lp:~openjdk/openjdk/icedtea-web. Requested reviews: Matthias Klose (doko) For more details, see ...
  • #250496 SSL connections take longer to connect and takes 100% CPU during that time
  • Looks like the attached patch (by Big Muscle) solves the problem so the corrupted file can't go into the finished downloads folder anymore. However,
  • This report is just about the bug we discussed in DCDev yesterday. * when client wants to download full/partial filelist, the list name is generated as <current_ nick>.< CID> * when partial filelist is finished, it must be found in queue so it is deleted from there.
  • Basically the nmdc problem for which Token was suggested, seems to also happen with ADC. To reproduce this 1. connect to a ADC hub where downloads is blocked, e.g. DC Dev Public. 2. get someone else to connect to same hub. 3. connect to a ADC hub where downloads aren't blocked. 4. get same person to connect to this. 5. try doing a download / upload to them from the second hub.
  • IPv6 support in StrongDC++ is now almost ready - IPv4/IPv6 connections to hubs work, connections between users work correctly too. But there are two possible implementations and each one has its advantages and disadvantages.
  • This bug appears when TLS encryption is enabled in ADC hub and it is easily reproducable when trying to connect to more users in hub (I'm trying to connect to all users in DCDev Public). When TLS is on, there is a lot of users I can't connect to. The reason is that SSL_connect is waiting too long and connection timeouts during that time and is disconnected.
  • The problem hits 0.67x and is because the FileFindIter class does not like if the given path is a root folder of a drive. If it created by passing a <drive:>\ like (or any other invalid) format to the constructor then the DirData structure member functions' retrurning values are computed on random memory content. isHidden() returns mostly false but not always as many reported :) The attached ...
  • No. Apex's solution its a check for parameter validity and maybe more (not checked throughly) and as long as its reported that the latest StrongDC++ is crashing as well, it seems that defining an empty handler function does not solve the problem.
2140 of 159 pages matching "muscle"