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  • Pidgin is a multi-protocol instant messaging program. You can talk to your friends using AIM, ICQ, Jabber/XMPP, MSN Messenger, Yahoo!, Bonjour, Gadu-Gadu, IRC, Novell GroupWise Messenger, QQ, Lotus Sametime, SILC, SIMPLE, MySpaceIM, and Zephyr.
    Registered by Pidgin Developers on 2007-12-25
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  • The upstream developers (and Crazy Patch Writers) of Pidgin who use Launchpad. A PPA with updated versions of Pidgin is also provided here. This PPA often lags behind the source releases a couple of days (sometimes weeks), so please be patient.
  • All bugs Latest bugs reported. Bug #913502: over scrolling when text message is entered, both incoming and outgoing Reported on 2012-01-08 Bug #618785: Plugin(and Pidgin) crashes.
  • All bugs Latest bugs reported. Bug #1408007: Failure to link against WinSparkle.lib Reported on 2015-01-06 Bug #1408003: Missing header when compiling the Perl plugin
  • Pidgin can log in to multiple accounts on multiple IM networks simultaneously. This means that you can be chatting with friends on AIM, talking to a friend on Yahoo Messenger, and sitting in an IRC channel all at the same time. Pidgin supports many features of the various networks, such as file transfer, away messages, and typing notification.
  • File Description Downloads; Pidgin++ with SkypeWeb 15.1 x86 Setup.exe (md5, sig) : Windows installer for SkypeWeb edition (32-bit) 55 last downloaded 6 weeks ago Pidgin++ with SkypeWeb 15.1 x86 (md5, sig) : Source code for SkypeWeb edition (32-bit)
  • Pidgin++ has 3 active branches owned by 1 person. There were 2 commits by 1 person in the last month.
  • The plugin blocks the first authorization request of a contact and answers with the order to ask for authorization again. This helps to prevent spam on ICQ accounts.
  • Translation details. Launchpad currently recommends translating Pidgin++ trunk series. To see all the translation files that are waiting to be imported, please look at Pidgin++ import queue.
  • Answer contacts for Pidgin++ • Take the tour • Read the guide Take the tour • Read the guide © 2004-2020 Canonical Ltd. • Terms of use • Data privacy ...
  • 383.By Renato Silva on 2016-04-09 Update Windows build dependencies. * Add PCRE library now required by GLib. * Remove missing directory from GTK+ integration.
  • Displays the character count of the current message in a Pidgin chat window’s input widget, which is useful when using Twitter via IM, to know if you’re going over the 140 character limit.
  • Did anyone get this to work? Changing stuff in the code is a little over my head, but if there is source code available that will compile on a 64-bit system I would love to get it.
  • Version 1.1 on 2010-09-20 * added the ability to hide the buttons Version 1.0.2 on 2010-09-01 * FIX: build failure on Ubuntu karmic and lucid (it should now compile agains...
  • 1323.By Robert Dyer on 2010-05-03 some better handling of the gnome-keyring-sharp calls by ensuring any code we want to run on the Main thread checks first if it is already the Main thread - bug 555562
  • Merging the OTR library instead of the plugin seems more interesting because the library is licensed under LGPL2.1, which is compatible with GPL2+.
  • On Ubuntu there is a pseudo-package "build-essentials" that install all commonly necessary tools to build a program from source. Maybe there is one on SuSE too. kgraefe (konradgraefe) said on 2010-12-23 :
  • This is a proof of concept! Use it at your own risk (and report the result please)!
  • Pidgin-Screenlet has 2 active branches owned by 1 person and 1 team.
  • This is a plugin that allows you to log in with your MXit account.
  • This Plugin allows you to automatically set the folder for saving your incoming file transfers by some criteria such as buddy alias.
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