Activity Log Manager 0.9.5 "Dolphin Whistles" released

Written for Activity Log Manager by Manish Sinha (मनीष सिन्हा) on 2013-05-30

On behalf of the Zeitgeist Team I am happy to announce Activity Log Manager 0.9.5 "Dolphin Whistles"

-------- WARNING: Diagnostic broken for this release --------
This release was targeted primarily for Elementary and is useful for any
distribution which does not use the diagnostic feature of activity-log-manager.
The primary user is Ubuntu and any ubuntu make distro which chooses to keep it.
The next release will have diagnostic privacy feature available for whoopsie
error reporting tool.
-----END of Warning --------------------------------------------------

* Totally new revamped UI - single tab instead of three
* In control center integration, move Privacy from System to Personal
* Fix the Elementary switchboard integration
* Fix LP #1050620 - activity-log-manager crashed with SIGSEGV
  in g_action_muxer_insert()
* Fix LP #1083160 - config.vapi is not shipped in the .tar.gz
* Fix LP #1083151 - DISTCLEANFILES shouldn't include configure and config.sub
* Merge patches from the Ubuntu package:
  - 02_handle_upstart_in_whoopsie.patch:
    - Run initctl start/stop whoopsie when enabling/disabling crash reporting
      (LP: #978917).
  - 03_correct_path_to_whoopsie_preferences.patch:
    - The whoopsie_preferences binary is currently installed to /usr/bin.
  - 04_correct_privacy_policy_url.patch:
    - Add a parameter to the end of the privacy policy URL, so that a policy
      specific to crash reporting can be provided.

For Diagnostic:
* Bring back the metrics checkbox on the diagnostics page, in support of:
* Add a 'Show Previous Reports' button to the diagnostics page.

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