Activity Log Manager 0.9.7 released

Written for Activity Log Manager by Manish Sinha (मनीष सिन्हा) on 2013-07-10

On behalf of the Zeitgeist Team I am happy to announce Activity Log Manager 0.9.7

* Application now builds even when whoopsie is not present (LP: #1197934)
* Renamed "Instant Messaging" to "Chat Logs" (LP: #1198368)
* Added screen Lock Option visible only in Unity (LP: #1189313)
* Incognito Mode now stop even logging to GtkRecentManager (LP: #992338)
* Deleting all history also purges entries in GtkRecentManager (LP: #992338)
* Minor UI Changes
* The standalone app is now called "Activity Log Manager" to avoid
  confusion with "Privacy" of upstream GNOME
* Unity Online Search Tab now available visible only in Unity
* The Privacy Panel in G-C-C- is now called "Security and Privacy"
* Use ellipses whenever needed

Thanks a lot to Jeremy Bicha for his contributions.

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