Activity Log Manager 0.9.4 released

Written for Activity Log Manager by Manish Sinha (मनीष सिन्हा) on 2012-03-20

On behalf of the Zeitgeist Team I am happy to announce Activity Log Manager 0.9.4

* Fix LP #957891 and #958483 to make Diagnositics tab translatable
* Fix LP #949849 when X-GNOME-Keywords is changed to Keywords
* Fix untranslated strings in Application and History tab
* Add border to folder blacklist TreeView
* Fixed a segmentation fault dued to null pixbufs.
* Make the AppSelection dialog to be orderer automatically by usage.
* Force the size of the blacklisted directory's text to be consistent with the size of the label above.
* Use "gtk-execute" as application's icon if the application's icon isn't in the current IconTheme.
* Added "Today" and "Yesterday" instead of the date, matching the mockup.
* The Folders blacklisted have icons if they are special folders
* The blacklisted Folders list show the folder name and the folder path for each entry

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