Release of 1.0.6 for Android 1.5_r1. Calling translators!

Written for Android's Fortune by pjv on 2009-05-08

Release of 1.0.6 for Android 1.5_r1. Download it here: Also on the Market. Now includes a home screen widget!

Dear translators, Android is now available in many countries and for many locales. Your help is needed to complete and maintain the translations for Android's Fortune.

This release of Android's Fortune is currently available partially translated into: Indonesian, German, Hebrew, Dutch, Polish, Arabic, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Russian, Swedish, English (United Kingdom), Chinese (China), Portuguese (Brazil).

However the Market supports English (en_US), Nederlands (nl_NL), Deutsch (de_DE), français (fr_FR), italiano (it_IT), Español (es_ES), polski (pl_PL) and čeština (cs_CZ), in these locations in particular (and actually worldwide): Australia, Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland,United Kingdom, United States.

Android itself even supports:
    * Chinese, PRC (zh_CN)
    * Chinese, Taiwan (zh_TW)
    * Czech (cs_CZ)
    * Dutch, Netherlands (nl_NL)
    * Dutch, Belgium (nl_BE)
    * English, US (en_US)
    * English, Britain (en_GB)
    * English, Canada(en_CA)
    * English, Australia (en_AU)
    * English, New Zealand (en_NZ)
    * English, Singapore(en_SG)
    * French, France (fr_FR)
    * French, Belgium (fr_BE)
    * French, Canada (fr_CA)
    * French, Switzerland (fr_CH)
    * German, Germany (de_DE)
    * German, Austria(de_AT)
    * German, Switzerland (de_CH)
    * German, Liechtenstein (de_LI)
    * Italian, Italy (it_IT)
    * Italian, Switzerland (it_CH)
    * Japanese (ja_JP)
    * Korean (ko_KR)
    * Polish (pl_PL)
    * Russian (ru_RU)
    * Spanish (es_ES)

Ofcourse the aim is to support all these locales. Translations can be made easily in Launchpad and will be incorporated on each next release. Thanks for your cooperation.

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