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Appy 0.9.1 has been released

Written for Appy by Gaëtan Delannay on 2014-11-12

Release 0.9.1 has little impact on appy.pod (2 bugfixes and 1 new feature) but continues to heavily improve the web framework part (gen). Check full changelog at

Appy 0.9.0 has been released

Written for Appy by Gaëtan Delannay on 2014-06-23

Release 0.9.0 brings more independence from Zope for appy.gen and ensures, for appy.pod, compatibility with the latest LibreOffice and Python versions.

Check full changelog at

Appy 0.8.5 has been released

Written for Appy by Gaëtan Delannay on 2013-08-12

This is the last release of series 0.8. It is a bugfix release, also including minor improvements, mainly at the gen and px levels. This is the last 'gen' version where ZPTs (Zope Page Templates) will work. They will be replaced with PXs (appy.px=PythonXml) in the next Appy version.

[pod,px] 'loop' variable, available in the pox/px context, allows to know if we are managing an even or odd elem via loop.<elem>.odd and loop.<elem>.even.

- Added the posssibility to create a custom widget that displays an icon for generating a doc from a pod field, but with an additional param allowing to customize the pod context.
- Some actions were triggered via icons. That was not explicit enough for basic users. So now, every action is triggerd by a button that displays an icon+a text.
- In the process of migrating from ZPT (Zope Page Templates) to appy.px (Python Xml).
- On Page instances, one may now define a method for conditionnally showing the 'edit' button on 'view' layout.
- An app may now, on its Config class, define a method getHomeObject that must return an object that will be the home object for a given (class of) user(s). This object's menu will appear when the user is consulting a page with no tied menu (like a search for example).
- Moved Appy fields into appy/fields together with their PX.
- Added a validator for String fields, for validating Belgian NISS numbers.
- Replaced, in PXs, function 'img' by function 'url', that returns the URL of an external resource to be included in the XHTML, like an image, a Javascript file or a CSS file.
- Created param config.groupsForGlobalRoles that disables by default creation of a group for every global role.
- On a appy class it is now possible to define a static method 'generateUid' that generates a UID for every instance of this class, instead of using the standard Appy way to produce such UIDs.
- Changed the way to customize the Config in an app.

- PX is now thread-safe.
- Added the possibility to have several PX actions in the same XHTML tag. If several PX actions are defined, they are evaluated in this order: var, for, if.
- Added tag 'var2', similar to 'var', but that is executed after tags 'for' and 'if'.
- Managed special HTML attributes like 'checked' and 'selected'.
- Better error reporting when encountering a parsing error in a PX.
- Added boolean param 'unicode' that defines if PX result must be unicode or an encoded str.

- dav: improved Resource.soap: better handling of HTTP header SOAPAction.
- dav: Upgraded to use httplib.HTTPConnection instead of httplib.HTTP.
- dav.Resource: allow to retrieve the result encoded or not in utf8.

Appy 0.8.4 has been released

Written for Appy by Gaëtan Delannay on 2013-06-13

- Added the possibility to define several variables, in 'with' statements, separated by ';'.
- Added the possibility, for function 'document', to import, into an ODT result, external documents of various formats: doc, xls, ppt, etc. This new 'ConvertImporter' uses LibreOffice to first convert the doc into PDF, and then uses the PdfImporter to split the PDF into images (one image per page) and include in in the pod result.
- Allowed to call a pod template within another pod template via new POD function 'pod'.
- Improved error handling.
- Bugfix: error when a pod template does not have a 'mimetype' file inside (
- Bugfix: error when parsing some ods pod templates: some cells do not have attribute 'office:value-type' (see bug
- An expression that begins with char ':' is considered XML code that will come into the result unescaped.
- Within the context of a 'for' statement, loop objects now have additional boolean attributes named 'first' and 'last' that allow to know if the currently walked element is, respectively, the first of the last element of the whole list.
- Added params 'pageBreakBefore' and 'pageBreakAfter' to OdtImporter and PodImporter.
- Updated 'print' statements throughout Appy code, in order to be Python3x as well as Python2x-compliant. But Python3x support is not yet complete.
- Added new method 'pageBreak' allowing to insert a page break via a note 'do xxx from pageBreak()'
- Line breaks which are found within pod expression results are converted to odf line-breaks into the pod result.

- gen now integrates ckeditor 4.1.
- Integrated ckeditor inline editing via boolean parameter field.inlineEdit.
- can now be configured even for anonymous users.
- Added tool.sendMail as an easy access method for function appy.gen.mail.sendMail.
- A Page instance that does not have sub-pages does not show the portlet.
- Added field appyclass.breadcrumb, allowing to show/hide the breadcrumb when displaying instances of this class
- Added field appyclass.resultMode, allowing to choose between 'list' or 'grid' mode (previously, only list mode was enabled) when showing instances of this class as a result of some query.
- appyclass.getIcons now receives the nav param, in case one wants to reproduce, on an icon or a picture, the link to the element. For example, on a artist's site that presents its artworks, getIcons can be used to create a clickable link to a small version of the artwork, that leads to the full-size picture.
- Bugfix: sort references.
- Allow to show transitions on 'view' and/or 'result' layout types.
- UI improvements.
- Added the possibility to define dict someClass.styles (with, currently, a single entry 'title'), allowing to specify alternative CSS classes for class-related elements (here, 'title' allows to define an alternative CSS class for the link allowing to click on some instance of the class on a query or ref.
- Added a basic integration of gen applications with Google Analytics.
- Bugfix in the query engine.
- Bugfix: do not show the Calendar widget (search and edit layouts) if field.calendar is False.
- Bugfix in the start and end dates for the Calendar widget.
- Added Config.discreetLogin allowing to put a discreet link on the main page for logging in, instead of the login form in the central strip, for sites where logged users do not represent the majority of visitors (only some admins).
- Corrected Zope index type for Date fields.
- wrapper.appyUser returns the admin if the user is 'System Processes', the virtual user that runs when Zope is starting.
- Added the possibility, for an admin, to unlock a page that was locked for too long by some user.
- Improvement in the management of Unauthorized exceptions.
- Added attributes 'created' and 'modified', now accessible on Appy wrappers.
- Added method AbstractWrapper.countRef that allows to count the number of objects tied to a given object via a Ref field whose name is given as method param.
- Replaced attributes tool.enableAdvancedSearchForX by Obsolete fields 'enableAdvancedSearchX' are not generated anymore on the tool.
- Added a mechanism for caching method calls that are performed several times for displaying a single ui page (ie: methods).
- Bugfix in the way to index text fields containing line breaks.

- Added a new script that allows to search for some pattern within odt and ods files.
- Added script bin/ to check connection to LibreOffice.

- First version of a new template engine Python-XML, sharing the pod roots.

Appy 0.8.3 has been released

Written for Appy by Gaëtan Delannay on 2013-02-22

***pod now works with ODS (spreadsheet) templates! ***

Here is the full change log.

- Added the possibility to use POD with ODS (Calc) templates. Integration with gen (Pod field).
- Bugfix for (thanks Gauthier): management of HTML entities with the standard Python SAX parser expatreader.
- Bugfix while generating filenames for files included into pod results.
- Changed the way pod results are re-zipped, in order to be compliant with section 17.4 of the OpenDocument format specification (bug
- Use, when available, Python's uuid module to generate images and file names to be included in pod results.
- Performance improvement: stop computing tag names, create a dict of precomputed tags before starting parsing.
- Bugfix: import several times an image from the same URL.

- Bugfix: it is now possible to generate indexes on back references.
- Added the possibility to span widgets on several columns on the search screen (param Field.scolspan).
- Added config param 'enableSessionTimeout' for enabling/disabling session timeout (disabled by default).
- Bugfix: generate i18n label even for transitions for which show is False, because the label will be used within object's history.
- Allow to display, in history, differences between successive versions of XHTML fields via appy.shared.diff.HtmlDiff (which was not integrated to appy.gen until now). Improved rendering of XHTML fields.
- Allow to show the cumulative differences performed on historized String fields with format=String.XHTML.
- One can now specify a different source language for every translation.
- field.history can now be a method. This way, historization can be enabled/disabled, field by field, according to any custom condition.
- Bugfixes in cleaning of XHTML fields.
- Allow Managers to delete data change events if things go wrong.
- Bugfix in generation of back reference for predefined Refs from
- Bugfix while editing XHTML fields from class
- Added a system for locking pages when editing it.
- Added, on (the unique Appy HTML form) a handler window.onbeforeunload to warn the user that data can be lost or a lock can stay on the object.
- Stop using param 'cmp' in method [].sort (deprecated in Python3). Used para 'key' instead.
- Wrapper.reindex: allow to specify attribute 'fields' containing the list of fields that must be reindexed. If not given, all object fields are reindexed.
- Improved search abilities.
- Added params Type.swidth and Type.sheight to allow for different sizes for the search widgets.
- Bugfix while generating the Translation class (page 'main' was not viewable because of field 'trToTool' for which was False for an unknown reason).
- Added a link to the home page for anonymous users; resized fields 'login' and 'password'.
- Bugfixes with IE8 and JS function 'getElementsByName'.

- Converted files with country codes to UTF-8.
- Added, which is the list of countries of the euro zone.
- added method 'copy' to get a copy of a file.

- Added a script for creating a local Debian repository (yes I know this is a bit far from the core Appy business)

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