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v2.1 Released

Written for Aptik by Tony George on 2016-01-17

  * Backup and restore for 32-bit packages installed on 64-bit systems
  * Backup and restore for packages installed from downloaded DEB files
  * New download manager window for faster package downloads
  * New 'Package Status' and 'Section' dropdown filters
  * App settings will be saved as separate archives
  * New app icon from the Numix Circle icon theme
  * Various UI improvements

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Aptik v1.5

Written for Aptik by Tony George on 2014-07-08

  * Fixed: PPA restore fails on Mint 17

  * Fixed: Unselected missing packages were listed in install summary

  * Added a warning if the list of default packages is missing

  * Main window will not be minimized before restore

  * Keep the restore window open after user cancels package restore

  * Added Italian translation

Aptik v1.4

Written for Aptik by Tony George on 2014-04-10

* New updated UI
* New option to backup & restore application settings
* Bug fixes and improvements

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