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0.993 release from the 0.99 series released 2015-08-02

Release information
Release notes:

Astrolab v0.9930 including sunspot data to end of June 2015


This release brings few new features and fixes:

- Added: added Sunspot data for March and April
- Added: added Sunspot data for May and June
- Added: jQuery v2.1.4
- Added: fConstantsObj.js
- Added: DeepSkyLog link to External Tools

- Fixed: all mMainxxx menus - tidied code in <head>
- Fixed: update version graph fig001
- Fixed: cUtil001WebBr layout standardised, title corrected
- Fixed: multiple pages, <head> layout standardised
- Fixed: cCalc007Kepler layout standardised
- Fixed: cDatas001SDSMain, <head> layout standardised <head>
- Fixed: cSys001WebBr and cUtil001WebBr layout
- Fixed: /Utility pages renamed
- Fixed: Planckoscope addin stub pages standard <head>
- Fixed: fLocationObj.js cleaned up
- Fixed: fConstantsObj.js tidied
- Fixed: cConst001Astro.html tidied

File Description Downloads
download icon (md5) Astrolab v0.9930 9
last downloaded 24 weeks ago
Total downloads: 9

0.9865 release from the 0.98 series released 2014-04-12

Release information
Release notes:

Release of Version 0.9865 of Astrolab


Object Description

mMainRefDocs New Menu for reference docs linked from mMain
Astrolab*.doc New user guides divided into separate docs
                                       Generic names for ease of linking, no version numbers in names.
Astrolab*.pdf PDF versions of all user guides generated.
Solar calcs Solar calculation spreadsheets and solar data moved to cDataSol.
Readme.txt Brought up to date

fMenu006 Remove obsolete windows menus

cReferences Remove redundant folder
cDataSets Updated for latest Sunspot data and new sheet to import Sunspot raw data files.

File Description Downloads
download icon (md5) Astrolab v0.9865 13
last downloaded 25 weeks ago
Total downloads: 13