Awn extra applets 0.2.1 : First official release

Written for Awn Extras by Julien Lavergne on 2007-12-11

The first release of awn extras applet is available for download :

Awn extras applets provide some usefull extensions (or "applets") for the dock bar avant-window-navigator.
Available applets are :

  * main-menu: Display a list of all the applications on your computer

  * separator: Display a white line to separate applets.

  * trash: Display and empty your trash. Like the gnome panel trash applet.

  * awnsystemmonitor: Display CPU activity and system stats on click

  * BlingSwitcher: Replacement for the simple Switcher. It draws the background and the windows of every viewport.

  * media-control: Display album art and allow to control your media players

  * media-icons: Allow to add media icons like play, pause, and next/back and control media players

  * battery-applet: Display computer current power status

  * gmail: Allows to receive notification when new mail arrives into a GMail inbox

  * quit-applet: A simple gnome-quit launcher

  * showdesktop: Hides/shows all of the windows of the current viewport

  * stack: A stacks applet. Provides a convenient location to place commonly used files

  * volume-control: A fancy volume changing applet that works much like the gnome panel version

  * weather: downloads and displays the current weather conditions and weather

  * awn-notification-daemon: Replace notification windows by AWN windows. Must kill the classic notification daemon.

  * filebrowser: Displays the content of a directory in a nice dialog window. You can navigate in the directories like in a file manager.

  * notification-area: Replaces the gnome-panel notification area. Not transparent. Can't be launch with the notification gnome-panel applet.

  * trasher: A replacement for the trash applet

  * plugger: Display plugged devices like USB memory stick. Need stack applet.

Updated on 2007-12-20.

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