New applets in trunk

Written for Awn Extras by Julien Lavergne on 2008-01-10

Since the 0.2.1 release, new applets have been uploaded to the trunk. There is a quick summary :

* MiMenu : new menu applets, more like the standart GNOME menu
* PyClock : a simple clock, written in Python
* aRSS : a reader for RSS feeds
* awnterm : to always have a terminal ready
* cairo-menu : a fast and little menu applet
* calendar : a clock and calendar applet with integration with Evolution
* comic : a viewer for several comics websites
* DigitalClock : a clock in a digital format
* last-fm : listen your last-fm channel
* places : display your different places (folder, devices ...)
* shiny-switcher : a replacement for the switcher with preview of the workspace/viewport
* tsclient : an applet to manager tsclient

To test it, follow the wiki instruction :
Or try the new testing branch :

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