Milestones belong to a series and can be created from the series page by a project owner or series release manager.

Version Series Expected Released Summary
Awn 0.4.2 0.4 None * Expose multi-panel functionality (maybe rewrite awn-settings?) * Merge Luci...
Awn 0.2 None Bugfixes since 0.3.2. No new features.
Awn 0.2.4 0.2 None Desktop Agnostic backends, Vala applets support, Updated Awn Manager UI
Awn 0.2.1 0.2 None Awn 0.2.1 bugfix release
Awn 0.2 0.2 None The long awaited 0.2 release of Awn, bringing to the masses a huge amount of ...
Awn 0.4.0 0.4 2010-04-10 * Dock is a single GtkWindow * Non-composited support * Better autohide funct...
Awn 0.3.2 0.2 2009-02-09 Last release in the 0.2 series with all implemented features and bug fixes si...
Awn 0.2.8 0.2 2008-04-12 This is an inactive milestone Build fixes.
Awn 0.2.6 0.2 2008-02-22 Fix build issues with xfce4; Fix awn-manager launcher editing
Awn 0.2.4-milestone 0.2 2008-02-18 This is an inactive milestone Merge the changes from awn-core-testing (see
Awn 0.2-milestone 0.2 2007-08-31 This is an inactive milestone