Back in Time release 1.1.14

Written for Back In Time by Germar on 2017-03-06

This is a bug fix release fixing a critical bug which could make a system unboot-able if restoring filesystem-root as root without 'Full rsync mode' and with ACL and/or xattr activated. It would make '/' only read-able by root. No other user would be able to read from the whole filesystem.

Couple other bug fixes have been backported from 1.2. series, too.

- backport bug fix: udev schedule not working (
- backport bug fix: Keyring doesn't work with KDE Plasma5 (
- backport bug fix: nameError in tools.make_dirs (
- backport bug fix: use current folder if no file is selected in files view
- Fix critical bug: restore filesystem-root without 'Full rsync mode' with ACL and/or xargs activated broke whole system (

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