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Baltix "Gutsy" serie is based on Ubuntu 7.10 and introduces a number of new desktop features, like 3D desktop effects, instant printer configuration and mobile internet (3G/UMTS/HSDPA/EDGE/GPRS) connection support, etc.

Baltix GNU/Linux operating system's "Gutsy" serie is based on Ubuntu 7.10. There are 3 CD versions in this serie - Baltix-3.0rc, Baltix-3.0, Baltix-3.1 and one DVD release for educational institutions - Baltix-3.1e. Lots of new desktop features were introduced in this version, like 3D desktop effects, instant printer configuration, mobile internet (3G/UMTS/HSDPA/EDGE/GPRS) connection support for Lithuanian providers Omniconnect and Bite/Vodafone, etc.

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Gutsy (3.0)
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Baltix baltix-3.1e "Baltix-School-DVD-2008" 2008-03-03 2008 m. 03 mėn. Švietimo ministerijos Informacinių technologijų centras (ITC)...
Baltix baltix-3.1 "baltix-bms-1.4" 2008-01-09 2008 m. 01 mėn. išleista Baltix 3.1 (sukurta iš Ubuntu 7.10), buvo platinama ...
Baltix baltix-3.0 2007-10-25 2007 m. 10 mėn. išleista Baltix 3.0 (sukurta Ubuntu 7.10 pagrindu), kuri buvo...
13 of 3 results

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