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2.1 release from the master series released 2013-04-06

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download icon bash-completion-2.1.tar.gz (md5) 997
last downloaded 4 days ago
Total downloads: 997

2.0 release from the master series released 2012-06-20

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download icon bash-completion-2.0.tar.gz (md5) 42
last downloaded 3 weeks ago
Total downloads: 42

1.99 release from the master series released 2012-01-09

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download icon bash-completion-1.99.tar.gz (md5) 30
last downloaded 8 days ago
Total downloads: 30

1.90 release from the master series released 2011-11-05

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download icon bash-completion-1.90.tar.gz (md5) 19
last downloaded 12 days ago
Total downloads: 19

1.2 release from the master series released 2010-06-17

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download icon bash-completion-1.2.tar.gz (md5) 43
last downloaded 3 weeks ago
Total downloads: 43

1.1 release from the master series released 2009-10-10

Release information

bash-completion (1.1)

  [ David Paleino ]
  * Permit .gz files concatenation (Debian: #514377)
  * Fix svk completion using $filenames instead of $default (Debian: #524961)
  * Really add build-dep to aptitude's completion (Debian: #495883)
  * Fix checks for GNUish userland, thanks to Robert Millan (Debian: #529510)
  * Fix typo in .ass subtitles completion for mplayer (Debian: #531337)
  * Fix regression on man(1) completion: also complete on local .3pm files
    (Debian: #531343)
  * Split mutt completion to contrib/mutt
  * Split iconv completion to contrib/iconv
  * Split dict completion to contrib/dict
  * Split {update,invoke}-rc.d completions to contrib/sysv-rc
  * Don't install _subversion anymore, upstream completion is better than
    ours. Added to EXTRA_DIST in
  * Split autorpm completion to contrib/autorpm
  * Split jar completion to contrib/jar
  * Split chkconfig completion to contrib/chkconfig
  * Split chsh completion to contrib/chsh
  * Split apt_build completion to contrib/apt-build
  * Split aptitude-related completions to contrib/aptitude
  * Split apt-cache and apt-get completions to contrib/apt
  * Split rpm-related completions to contrib/rpm
  * Split cvs-related completions to contrib/cvs
  * Split man completion to contrib/man
  * Split bash builtins completions to contrib/bash-builtins
  * Split dpkg-related completions to contrib/dpkg (and re-enable usage
    of grep-status if available)
  * Split gcc completion to contrib/gcc
  * Split dselect completion to contrib/dselect
  * Split cardctl completion to contrib/cardctl
  * Split pineaddr completion to contrib/pine
  * Added avahi-discovered hosts to _known_hosts_real() (Debian: #518561)
  * Added m4v completion to mplayer (Debian: #504213)
  * Improve qemu completion (Debian: #534901)
  * Added sshfs completion (shares the same as scp) (Debian: #545978)
  * Fixed obvious brokenness (typos) in contrib/mdadm
  * Clean []:port format in known_hosts, thanks to
    Xuefer (Gentoo: #284563)
  * Added --no-generate to "apt-cache pkgnames" calls, make it faster
    on certain configurations (Debian: #547550)
  * Split okular from evince filename extension completion, needed to add
    okular-specific completions: xps, epub, odt, fb, mobi, g3 and chm.
    Also, okular can read any of its formats also in .gz/.bz2 compressed
    format, so change the regular expression to match this.
  * Remove --with-suggests and --without-suggests from aptitude completion
  * Patches from PLD Linux (thanks to Elan Ruusamäe):
    - avoid sed pipe as ps itself can omit the headers
    - improve service(8) completion, also look for "msg_usage"

  [ Ville Skyttä ]
  * Split yum completion to contrib/_yum (no longer installed by default, the
    intent is to move it to yum upstream soon).
  * Split yum-arch completion into contrib/yum-arch, load completion only if
    yum-arch is installed.
  * Update list of yum commands and options.
  * Add yum repolist, --enable/disablerepo, --disableexcludes, -d, -e, --color,
    and --enable/disableplugin completions.
  * Add chkconfig --override and resetpriorities completions.
  * Split mplayer and friends completions to contrib/mplayer.
  * Parse top level mplayer and friends option completions from -list-options.
  * Fix dir-only completion for make to include only dirs, not files.
  * Remove unused variable RELEASE.
  * Improve aspell dictionary completion: don't hardcode data-dir, get
    canonical dicts from "aspell dicts".
  * Always use /etc/shells for chsh -s completion, don't complete on comment
    lines in it.
  * Fix rpm --whatrequires/--whatprovides completions with spaces and other
    unusual characters, add filename based --whatrequires completions.
  * Add modplugplay filename completion.
  * Add more mod-like audio file extensions for xine-based players and timidity.
  * Complete on plain alternatives like update-alternatives.
  * Rename installed_alternatives() to _installed_alternatives().
  * Add /etc/pki/tls/openssl.cnf to list of default openssl config files,
    search for default ones only if -config is not given.
  * Use POSIX compliant arguments to tail in mkisofs completion.
  * Protect various completions from unusual user input by not embedding the
    input in external command arguments.
  * Add _split_longopt() helper for improved handling of long options that
    take arguments in both "--foo bar" and "--foo=bar" formats.
  * Use _split_longopt to improve and clean up aspell, bluez-utils, chgrp,
    chown, chkconfig, cpio, dpkg, heimdal, iptables, mailman, make, mc,
    mii-diag, mii-tool, mkinitrd, pkg-config, postgresql, quota, reportbug,
    samba, smartctl, yum, and generic long option completion (Alioth: #311398).
  * Add chown --from and --reference value completions.
  * Add chgrp --reference value completion.
  * Do not assume all --foo= options take filenames in generic long option
    completion, assume only that --*file*= does, and that --*dir*= takes dirs.
  * Add make --old/new-file, --assume-old/new, --what-if value completions.
  * Add smartctl -n/--nocheck completion, add more other value completions.
  * Fix leaking $prev from cpio, dsniff, freeciv, gkrellm, mkinitrd, service,
    and tcpdump completions.
  * Split ant completion to contrib/ant, improve the built in one.
  * Improve postfix completion.
  * Improve samba completion.
  * Split lilo completion to contrib/lilo.
  * Split reportbug and querybts completions to contrib/reportbug.
  * Remove debug output noise from quotaon completion.
  * Split Linux wireless tools completion to contrib/wireless-tools.
  * Add mock completion.
  * Split FreeBSD kld(un)load completion to contrib/kldload.
  * Split FreeBSD pkg_* completion to contrib/pkg_install.
  * Split FreeBSD portupgrade and friends completion to contrib/portupgrade.
  * Split Slackware pkgtools completion to contrib/pkgtools.
  * Improve rpm group completion (displayed completions are still wrong).
  * Change many completions to load in memory only if the completed commands
    are available.
  * Invoke the actual mplayer/mencoder command being completed (with full path)
    to get various completions instead of simply "mplayer" or "mencoder".
  * Associate OOXML/MS Office 2007 extensions with OpenOffice applications.
  * Associate .tsv with oocalc.
  * Add xmlwf completion.
  * Associate *.po with poedit, gtranslator, kbabel, and lokalize.
  * Add xz, xzcat, xzdec, and unxz completion.
  * Add lzcat, lz*grep, lzless, lzmore, and unlzma completion.
  * Load "modules" completion if /etc/profile.d/ exists even if
    the "module" alias has not been defined (yet).
  * Add *.ogv to xine-based players (Debian: #540033).
  * Add $compopt (":" i.e. no-op with bash < 4, "compopt" with >= 4).
  * Complete bzcat and zcat only on compressed files.
  * Do not require a dot in bzcmp, bzdiff, bz*grep, zcmp, zdiff, z*grep, zless,
    and zmore filename completions.
  * Add xz and compress support and more tarball filename extensions to
    rpmbuild -t*/--tarbuild completion.
  * Don't hardcode path to lsmod.
  * Fix sbcl file/dirname completion (Debian: #545743).
  * Add /sbin to $PATH when invoking lspci and lsusb.
  * Support .xz suffix in info page completions.
  * Prevent rpm --define/-D completions from falling through.
  * Add more common options to rpm option completions.

  [ Todd Zullinger ]
  * Make yum complete on filenames after install, deplist, update and upgrade
    when the following argument contains a slash.

  [ Mike Kelly ]
  * Fix _filedir on bash 4.
  * Add support for xz to tar completion.
  * Fix _quote_readline on bash 4 (Debian: #544024).

  [ Guillaume Rousse ]
  * Split mkinitrd completion to contrib/mkinitrd, improve it.
  * Split smartctl completion to contrib/smartctl.
  * Better ssh and sftp completion
  * Better xhost completion
  * Split _known_hosts completion in two parts, to avoid parsing command line
  * Added strace completion
  * Added xm completion
  * Added rpcdebug completion
  * Added msynctool completion
  * Added openldap completion
  * Added ldapvi completion
  * Added heimdal completion
  * Added vpnc completion
  * Added rpmcheck completion
  * Added munin-node completion
  * Added bluez-utils completion
  * Added samba completion
  * Added cfengine completion
  * Added xmllint completion, contributed by Ville
  * Added shadow completion, contributed by Ville
  * Added repomanage completion, contributed by Ville
  * Splitted and enhanced openssl completion
  * Added rfkill, mdadm and resolvconf completions

  [ Raphaël Droz ]
  * Add mount -L and -U completion.

  [ Philipp Weis ]
  * Add .dvi.{gz,bz2} completion for evince/okular (Debian: #522656)

  [ Freddy Vulto ]
  * Patched _known_hosts() to support multiple {Global,User}KnownHosts in SSH
    config files, thanks to Thomas Nilsson (Alioth: #311595) (Debian: #524190)
  * Fix leaking $i from info, man and python completions.
  * Added setting COMP_KNOWN_HOSTS_WITH_HOSTFILE. _known_hosts_real() will add
    hosts from HOSTFILE, unless COMP_KNOWN_HOSTS_WITH_HOSTFILE is set to an
    empty value (Alioth: #311821)
  * Quoted $cur to prevent globbing - thanks to Eric Blake (Alioth #311614)
  * Fix leaking $muttcmd from mutt completion
  * Fix completing multiple hosts (Debian: #535585)

 -- David Paleino <email address hidden> Sat, 03 Oct 2009 15:41:49 +0200

File Description Downloads
download icon bash-completion-1.1.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) 1.1 15
last downloaded 2 weeks ago
download icon bash-completion-1.1.tar.gz (md5, sig) 1.1 21
last downloaded 2 weeks ago
Total downloads: 36

1.0 release from the master series released 2009-04-02

Release information

bash-completion (1.0)

  [ Guillaume Rousse ]
  * Make bibtex complete on .aux files
  * Add .xvid and .XVID to player completion
  * Added cowsay/cowthink completion
  * Added brctl completion
  * Added cpan2dist completion
  * Added qemu completion
  * Added net-tools (mii-tool and mii-diag) completions
  * Added minicom completion
  * Added quota-tools completion
  * Added rdesktop completion
  * Added tightvncviewer completion
  * Cleanup screen completion, and make it completes on options

  [ David Paleino ]
  * Added .kar to Timidity completion.
  * Fix killall completion, remove trailing ":" on certain process
  * Fix man -l completing filenames (Debian: #497074)
  * (Partly) fixed java classes completion (Debian: #496828). Look for
    FIXME in source.
  * Dump to /dev/null error message from look(1) with no arguments
    (Debian: #495142)
  * Set ssh as default for rsync (was rsh) (Debian: #492328)
  * Added .oga, .ogv, .ogx to mplayer completion (Debian: #496162)
  * Added .epub to unzip|zipinfo completion (Debian: #492476)
  * Added ssh-copy-id completion (Debian: #491856)
  * Moved ssh completion to separate file (Debian: #360628)
  * Bogus completion when mounting subdirs fixed (Debian: #322238)
  * Fix `apt-cache showsrc` completing only on source package names
    (Debian: #361535)
  * Fixed bugs with gdb completion:
    - when an empty directory is in $PATH (thanks to Morita Sho)
      (Debian: #497597)
    - when a non-existing directory is in $PATH (Debian: #499780)
  * Fix missing completion for "-n" and "-e" (we were using echo, now
    using printf) (thanks to Morita Sho) (Debian: #498105)
  * Fixed gpg completion:
    - --@(export|@(?(l|nr|nrl)sign|edit)-key)) (Debian: #500316)
    - -@(r|-recipient))
  * Fixed .cb[rz] completion for evince (Debian: #502885)
  * Added gksudo, gksu, kdesudo completion
  * Added apache2ctl completion
  * Added gpg2 completion (Debian: #489927)
  * Fixed mplayer -skin completion (Debian: #501473)
  * Fixed errors with POSIX enabled (Debian: #502804)
  * Fixed dpkg-source wrong exit() with return() (Debian: #)
  * Added --schedule-only to aptitude's completion (Debian: #502664)
  * Added build-dep to aptitude's completion (Debian: #495883)
  * Added support for `-F configfile' to _known_hosts(), ssh, scp and
    sftp, thanks to Freddy Vulto (Debian: #504141)
  * Fixed sed quoting bug in _known_hosts(), thanks to Freddy Vulto
    (Debian: #504650)
  * Allow `Host(Name)' in ssh config file to be indented
  * Allow `Host(Name)' in ssh config file to have trailing comment.
  * Allow for comments in known_hosts files (Debian: #511789)
  * Fixed perl -I/-x completion, thanks to Freddy Vulto
    (Debian: #504547)
  * README updated: explain how to use bash-completion correctly.
    (Debian: #506560)
  * TODO updated: the Alioth team is now upstream.
  * Added qdbus completion, thanks to Terence Simpson (Ubuntu: #257903)
  * Added monodevelop and mdtool completions.
  * Split subversion-related completions to contrib/_subversion
    (prefixed with _ to avoid file conflicts with upstream's one)
  * Fixed completion of environment variables, thanks to Morita Sho
    (Debian: #272660)
  * Fix dpkg completion bug: it listed only non-Essential packages
    (Debian: #511790)
  * Fixed _dpkg_source completion (Debian: #503317)
  * Added _parse_help() to try to parse options listed in $command
  * Fixed gzip completion to use _parse_help(), since the available
    options vary with distributions
  * Added to_review/ directory, where completions needing a review would
    go. After it gets accepted, the completion would go into contrib/.
  * Remove unused UNAME local variable in _info() (Debian: #501843)
  * AUTHORS added
  * Make _alias() use _get_cword
  * Added .zip to jar completions (Debian: #521041)
  * Merge from Gentoo:
    - fix 'find' completion so that it properly completes on -?(i)whilename.
      Patch by Ciaran McCreesh.
    - use make -qp to parse the Makefile for us, so we get proper completion
      on things like pattern rules. Patch by Mike Kelly <email address hidden>.
    - complete on gkrellm2 as well. Patch by Aaron Walker.
    - fix CVS completion
  * Merge from Ubuntu:
    - consume error messages in configure completion (Ubuntu: #223882)
      (Mika Fischer)
    - quote $xspec in _filedir_xspec in case it is empty, which would
      cause errors if there was no match under failglob. (Ubuntu: #194419)
      (Mika Fischer)
  * debian/links fixed (Debian: #494292)
  * debian/control:
    - fixed typo in the long description
    - added Vcs-* fields
  * debian/install:
    - correctly install contrib/* under /etc/bash_completion.d/
  * debian/copyright updated
  * extra/dh_bash-completion:
    - updated to support a list of files in debian/<package>.bash-completion
      (Debian: #512917)

  [ Ville Skyttä ]
  * Added JPEG 2000 files to display completion, thanks to Bastien Nocera
    (RedHat: #304771)
  * Improved rpm macro completion.
  * Added -E to rpm completion.
  * Improved rpm backup file avoidance.
  * Improved /var/log/rpmpkgs based rpm installed package completion.
  * Improved performance of rpm -qa based rpm installed package completion.
  * Improved features and performance of yum completion.
  * Added support for p (POSIX) and x ( man sections.
  * Improved filename based man page completion.
  * Added minimal sqlite3 completion.
  * Improved getent completion (Ville Skyttä, Guillaume Rousse).
  * (Re)fix gzip and bzip2 options completion.
  * Improved svn filename completion (RedHat: #430059).
  * Add lzma completion (Per Øyvind Karlsen, Ville Skyttä).
  * Add .mp2 and .vdr to mplayer completion (RedHat: #444467).
  * Add .mkv, .mp2 and .vdr to *xine completion (RedHat: #444467).
  * Added lzop completion.
  * Fix scp metacharacter escaping.
  * Remove duplicate cpio completion, thanks to Freddy Vulto (Debian: #512823)
  * Fix awk error in "modprobe -r /" completion (Debian: #512556).
  * Expand ~foo to dir name more eagerly to avoid quoting issues.
  * Fix -sourcepath handling in javadoc packages completion.
  * Extract process name completion from _killall to _pnames, make it work
    for others than Linux and FreeBSD.
  * Fix process name completion with relative paths (RedHat: #484578).
  * Use improved process name completion in pgrep in addition to killall.
  * Enable pgrep and pkill completion if the commands are available, not just
    on Linux and FreeBSD.
  * Drop hg completion, an improved version is shipped with Mercurial
    (contrib/bash_completion in the tarball).
  * Make okular complete on same files as evince, thanks to Mary Ellen Foster
    (RedHat: #486998).
  * Apply ps2pdf completion to ps2pdf{12,13,14,wr} too.
  * Simplify, return earlier in non-applicable environments.
  * Remove obsolete --buildarch and --buildos rpm(build) completions.
  * Add rpmbuild --target completion.
  * Use "-profile help" to get mplayer and friends -profile completions.
  * Fix local array initialization under bash 3.0, prevents "()" occurring in
    file and dir name completions.

  [ Freddy Vulto ]
  * Restored `_display()' completion for `display' by removing
    completion-by-extension for `display' (Alioth#311429)
  * Removed duplicate completion option `-borderwidth' for `display'
  * Prevent completion dir from being sourced twice if
  * Make `_mii-tool()' and `_mii-diag()' POSIX-compliant
  * Fix _isql completion waiting for grep input if $ODBCINI not set; handle
    whitespace in $ODBCINI.
  * Split vncviewer completion in _tightvncviewer() and _xvnc4viewer()
    Added _realcommand() global function.

  [ Jakob Unterwurzacher ]
  * ps2pdf can run on .pdf files as well. (Debian: #516614, Ubuntu: #316943)

  [ Santiago M. Mola ]
  * Add .ape to mplayer supported extensions (Alioth#311510).

 -- David Paleino <email address hidden> Wed, 25 Mar 2009 23:18:24 +0100

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download icon bash-completion-1.0.tar.gz (md5, sig) 1.0 19
last downloaded 3 weeks ago
Total downloads: 19

20080705 release from the master series released 2008-07-05

File Description Downloads
download icon bash-completion-20080705.tar.gz (md5, sig) 20080705 18
last downloaded 13 days ago
Total downloads: 18

20080617.3 release from the master series released 2008-06-23

File Description Downloads
download icon bash-completion-20080617.3.tar.gz (md5, sig) 20080617.3 15
last downloaded 10 days ago
Total downloads: 15

20080617.2 release from the master series released 2008-06-23

File Description Downloads
download icon bash-completion-20080617.2.tar.gz (md5, sig) 20080617.2 12
last downloaded 9 days ago
Total downloads: 12

110 of 12 releases