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Thomas Juberg
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last downloaded 16 weeks ago
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Release notes 

This is a maintainance release fixing varous issues.
This upgrade is mandatory for Age of Conan due to protocol changes.


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Version 0.6.7
- Improved the cURL get_site function to support POST and Login.
- Added a Link for turning LFT on in click to join blob, can be disabled under settings.
- Autoinvites users who apear to have LD during a Raid.
- rally's can now be saved and loaded
- The bot will now automatically use cURL if it is available. The previous get_site setting has been removed
  and a new setting added to allow disabling cURL.
- The socket method used for get_site should now properly time out instead of waiting for the default
  socket timeout which is 60 seconds for most installs.
- Removed a bug where cron jobs sometimes didn't execute right on time.
- Added Tank and Caller Info to Raid Spam.
- Added Ability to kick all users in PG that arnt in Raid.
- Some Bug Fixes and Spelling Corrections in Raid mod.
- Make it so you goto be in PG to join Raid, can be disable in settings and only applies to AO game.
- Roster Module now Supports use of dimension name for AO
- Fixed login procedure for AoC patch 1.06
- Changed name of AoC Testlive server so that it doesn't get confused with AO Testlive
- Fixed an issue with invalid users on AOC causing crashes.
- Xyphos items database now used by default for AO. Please report issues at

New Modules:
- Added AdminsUI Module to allow members to easily see the admin list, which also shows alts and status

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