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CVE-2018-8739 (Candidate)
VPN Unlimited 4.2.0 for macOS suffers from a root privilege escalation vulnerability in its privileged helper tool. The privileged helper tool implements an XPC interface, which allows arbitrary applications to execute system commands as root.
Created 13 hours ago and modified 13 hours ago.

CVE-2018-8740 (Candidate)
In SQLite through 3.22.0, databases whose schema is corrupted using a CREATE TABLE AS statement could cause a NULL pointer dereference, related to build.c and prepare.c.
Created 22 hours ago and modified 13 hours ago.

CVE-2018-7544 (Candidate)
** DISPUTED ** A cross-protocol scripting issue was discovered in the management interface in OpenVPN through 2.4.5. When this interface is enabled over TCP without a password, and when no other clients are connected to this interface, attackers can execute arbitrary management commands, obtain sensitive information, or cause a denial of service (SIGTERM) by triggering XMLHttpRequest actions in a web browser. This is demonstrated by a multipart/form-data POST to http://localhost:23000 with a "signal SIGTERM" command in a TEXTAREA element. NOTE: The vendor disputes that this is a vulnerability. They state that this is the result of improper configuration of the OpenVPN instance rather than an intrinsic vulnerability, and now more explicitly warn against such configurations in both the management-interface documentation, and with a runtime warning.
Created on 2018-03-01 and modified 13 hours ago.

CVE-2018-7677 (Candidate)
A CSRF exposure exists in NetIQ Access Manager (NAM) 4.4 Identity Server component.
Created on 2018-03-06 and modified 13 hours ago.

CVE-2018-7678 (Candidate)
A cross site scripting vulnerability exist in the Administration Console in NetIQ Access Manager (NAM) 4.3 and 4.4.
Created on 2018-03-06 and modified 13 hours ago.

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