lcy01-amd64-025 builds amd64 and i386 binaries and is owned by William Grant.

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22360414 [building] Building amd64 build of libreoffice-l10n 1:6.1.5~rc2-0ubuntu0.19.04.1~lo1 in ubuntu disco RELEASE [~libreoffice/ubuntu/libreoffice-prereleases]

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[build TRE] scalc/zh-CN
[build TRE] scalc/zh-TW
[build TRE] schart/ar
[build TRE] schart/ast
[build TRE] schart/bg
[build TRE] schart/bn
[build TRE] schart/bs
[build TRE] schart/ca
[build TRE] schart/ca-valencia
[build TRE] schart/cs
[build TRE] schart/da
[build TRE] schart/de
[build TRE] schart/dz
[build TRE] schart/el
[build TRE] schart/en-GB
[build TRE] schart/en-ZA
[build TRE] schart/eo
[build TRE] schart/es
[build TRE] schart/et
[build TRE] schart/eu
[build TRE] schart/fi
[build TRE] schart/fr
[build TRE] schart/gl
[build TRE] schart/gu
[build TRE] schart/he
[build TRE] schart/hi
[build TRE] schart/hr
[build TRE] schart/hu
[build TRE] schart/id
[build TRE] schart/is
[build TRE] schart/it
[build TRE] schart/ja
[build TRE] schart/ka
[build TRE] schart/km
[build TRE] schart/ko
[build TRE] schart/lt
[build TRE] schart/lv
[build TRE] schart/mk
[build TRE] schart/nb
[build TRE] schart/ne
[build TRE] schart/nl
[build TRE] schart/nn
[build TRE] schart/om
[build TRE] schart/pl
[build TRE] schart/pt
[build TRE] schart/pt-BR
[build TRE] schart/ro
[build TRE] schart/ru
[build TRE] schart/si
[build TRE] schart/sk
[build TRE] schart/sl
[build TRE] schart/sv
[build TRE] schart/ta
[build TRE] schart/tg
[build TRE] schart/tr
[build TRE] schart/ug
[build TRE] schart/uk
[build TRE] schart/vi
[build TRE] schart/zh-CN
[build TRE] schart/zh-TW
[build TRE] shared/ar
[build TRE] shared/ast
[build TRE] shared/bg
[build TRE] shared/bn
[build TRE] shared/bs
[build TRE] shared/ca
[build TRE] shared/ca-valencia
[build TRE] shared/cs
[build TRE] shared/da
[build TRE] shared/de
[build TRE] shared/dz
[build TRE] shared/el
[build TRE] shared/en-GB
[build TRE] shared/en-ZA
[build TRE] shared/eo
[build TRE] shared/es
[build TRE] shared/et
[build TRE] shared/eu
[build TRE] shared/fi
[build TRE] shared/fr
[build TRE] shared/gl
[build TRE] shared/gu
[build TRE] shared/he
[build TRE] shared/hi
[build TRE] shared/hr
[build TRE] shared/hu
[build TRE] shared/id
[build TRE] shared/is
[build TRE] shared/it
[build TRE] shared/ja
[build TRE] shared/ka

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amd64 i386 (virtual)
William Grant
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