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1.52 (1.52) release from the trunk series released 2009-04-29

Release information
Release notes:

screen-profiles (1.52-0ubuntu1) karmic; urgency=low

  * bin/updates-available: drop leading "Inst" in detailed report
  * bin/logo: add logo for altlinux
  * screen: drop the -t title, causes hangs if user defines shelltitle,
    LP: #368925
  * profiles/profile.skel: swap the position of ip-address and menu
  * screen-profiles.1: document all notifications, LP: #369040
  * profiles/common, screen: create a temp file to use on screen launch,
    consisting of the profile plus the windows, but don't source default
    windows otherwise as this breaks F5-refresh, LP: #368786
  * screen-profiles: ensure that all registered keybindings get updated
    if the user changes their escape sequence, LP: #368937
  * screen-launcher-install, screen-launcher-uninstall: support

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download icon screen-profiles_1.52.orig.tar.gz (md5, sig) screen-profiles-1.52 39
last downloaded 339 weeks ago
Total downloads: 39

1.51 (1.51) release from the trunk series released 2009-04-28

Release information
Release notes:

  * bin/cpu-freq: only print cpu-freq if available
  * bin/hostname: hostname -s fails sometimes, it seems
  * screen: respect $SCREENRC environment variable, LP: #367250
  * bin/ip-address: add an ip-address status script

  Detailed status
  * bin/*: add special actions if --detail is specified; basically,
    print all relevant information on stdout without formatting
  * screen-profiles-status: add support for --detail, loop through
    all status scripts with --detail specified
  * screen-profiles-status-detail: wrapper using sensible-pager
  * screen-profiles-status-detail.1: documentation added

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download icon screen-profiles_1.51.orig.tar.gz (md5, sig) screen-profiles-1.51 64
last downloaded 124 weeks ago
Total downloads: 64

291292 of 292 releases