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2.2 release from the trunk series released 2012-02-26

Release information
Release notes:

* bzr-loom requires bzr 2.4.0 due to API changes in bzr. On older versions of
  bzr bzr-loom will still work for most operations but will fail when making
  new branches as part of a push or branch operation. (Robert Collins, #201613)



* --auto is now the default on up-thread. You can supply a thread name to stop
  at a given thread, or --manual to go up a single thread. (Aaron Bentley)

* ``bzr combine-thread`` now accepts a ``--force`` option.


* A new revision specifier ``below:`` has been added. (Robert Collins, #195282)


* bzr-loom is now compatible with bzr 2.3b5 and newer. There were some API
  additions bzr-loom needed to support. Compatibility with earlier versions is
  unaffected. (Andrew Bennetts)

* Loom now takes advantage of lazy loading of bzr objects (though not to a
  complete degree), reducing the overhead of having it installed.
  (Robert Collins)

* Loom now registers a ``bzr status`` hook rather than overriding the
  ``bzr status`` command. (Jelmer Vernooij)

* Loom now checks that a compatible version of bzr is being used.
  (Jelmer Vernooij, #338214)


* ``bzr combine-thread`` will no longer combine threads without ``--force``
  when the thread being removed has work not merged into either the thread
  above or below. (Robert Collins, #506235)

* ``bzr loomify`` explicitly checks that branches being converted are not Looms
  already. This should not have been needed, but apparently it was.
  (Robert Collins, #600452)

* ``bzr nick`` will now rename a thread rather than setting the current thread
  pointer to an invalid value. (Robert Collins, #203203, #260947, #304608)

* ``bzr nick`` will now rename the branch too. (Vincent Ladeuil, #606174)

* ``switch`` now accepts the ``--directory`` option. (Vincent Ladeuil, #595563)

* The ``thread:`` revision specifier will no longer throw an attribute error
  when used on a normal branch. (Robert Collins, #231283)

* The ``bzr status`` hook for looms will no longer crash on non-workingtree
  trees. (Jelmer Vernooij, #904095)

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download icon bzr-loom-2.2.0.tar.gz (md5, sig) release tarball 1,770
last downloaded 24 hours ago
Total downloads: 1,770

2.1 release from the trunk series released 2010-04-20

Release information
Release notes:

This release gets bzr-loom working with bzrlib trunk again, but doesn't add any new features.


  * Stop using APIs deprecated for 2.1.0 (child progress bars for
    merge and (Vincent Ladeuil, #528472)

  * Work with changes to bzr trunk - colocated branches and switch -r.

File Description Downloads
download icon bzr-loom-2.1.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source tarball. 449
last downloaded 23 weeks ago
Total downloads: 449

2.0 release from the 2.0 series released 2009-09-22

Release information
Release notes:


    * ``bzr status`` now shows the current thread of the loom. (Jonathan
      Lange, #232465)

    * ``bzr switch`` now accepts ``top:`` and ``bottom:`` to jump to the top
      and bottom thread respectively. (Jonathan Lange)

    * ``bzr switch -b newthread`` now works. (Robert Collins, #433811)

    * ``bzr push`` now pushes the last-loom rather than creating an empty loom.
      (Robert Collins, #201613)

    * ``up`` and ``down`` are now aliases for ``up-thread`` and
      ``down-thread`` respectively.

    * ``up-thread`` now notifies when a thread becomes empty. This is a step
      towards removing it automatically/prompting to do so.
      (James Westby, #195133)


    * ``pull`` expects the keywork local. (Mark Lee, #379347)

    * ```` do...

File Description Downloads
download icon bzr-loom-2.0.tar.gz (md5, sig) 2.0 compatible source release 249
last downloaded 3 weeks ago
Total downloads: 249