Cairo-Dock Core 2.1.0 "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger"

While 2.0 was introducing OpenGL, version 2.1 is getting more robust.

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Cairo-Dock Core
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Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
Matthieu Baerts
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Release notes 

A really heavy version !
 - Control any music player with the MusicPlayer applet
   Share your files easily with the world thanks to the dnd2share applet,
   Monitor your system thanks to the System-Monitor applet
   Take notes quickly thanks to the Notes applet.
 - The dock has an "extended panel" mode and a new theme selector.
 - Lot of updates in the Keyboard-indicator and Shortcuts applets
 - New animation for the 'Slide' view\n - Bug fixes in the Taskbar, Clipper, Powermanager, Clock and Cairo-Penguin modules.
 - OpenGL mode works on ATI and Intel with the latest drivers !
 - Finally, Cairo-Dock is now on LaunchPad (stable ppaand weekly build, bzr, bug tracker and translation) and has a complete documentation on and a new tutoriel in order to customise the dock on the wiki of


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