Cairo-Dock Plug-Ins Extras (third-party) 3.0.0

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Cairo-Dock Plug-Ins Extras (third-party)
Matthieu Baerts
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Yeaaah! Cairo-Dock / GLX-Dock 3.0 has just been released! :)

How to install it:

Note that if you like this work, don't hesitate to help us by reporting bugs, by donating with Paypal or Flattr, by translating the dock, by proposing new themes or new patches, by proposing new ideas, by posting an article on your blog, or simply by writing a little comments on our forum ;)
More information:
And if you want to follow us, there are a few ways:
Thank you to all contributors! (specially Fabounet for this great work ;) )
Matt for the Cairo-Dock team.
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* The *taskbar* has been greatly enhanced.
* The *Log out* applet has been rewritten, now allowing you to switch users.
* The *control of the dock from the keyboard* is now very powerful:
 * many shortkeys have been added in several applets.
 * you can activate a launcher by pressing a shortkey + its number.
 * all shortkeys can now be managed in a single place in the configuration window.
* The *Sound Menu* from Ubuntu has been integrated into the Sound-Control applet.
* A new *Twitter applet* lets you tweet in one click.
* A new applet to *inhibit the screensaver* in one click.
* Separators are transparent to click in *'Panel'* mode.
* Cairo-Dock now uses *GTK3*, for a better integration in a Gnome desktop.
* Few additions to the DBus API.
* Text drawing (e.g. with Clock) has been improved.
* Icons from user icons theme are now loaded with the right size.
* The new default theme with a panel is now included in the core package.
* It's possible to donate to support the project!

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A screensaver inhibitor applet A screensaver inhibitor applet 2 Low Fabounet  11 Implemented
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