Camicri Cube Server 0.1.119 is now released!

Written for CamicriCube by Camicri Systems on 2015-08-31

Camicri Cube 0.1.119 is now released! And we have fixed 2 critical bugs and added 2 new features. We really recommend all users to to update your Cube to the latest.

Bug fixes (Refer to
1) [CRITICAL] #1490089 Not checking 'AND Dependencies' for virtual packages (Provides)
2) [CRITICAL] #1490093 Provides packages split but not stripped
3) [MEDIUM] #1490079 Package query will change to 'Marked Packages' when 'Download/Install Marked Packages' is clicked

Blueprints (New features) Implemented
1) Clean Project (Delete unnecessary packages)
- You can now remove all downloaded packages that are already installed and no longer needed to free up space!
2) Package list additional information to show
- In the package list, you can now see the package section and the version of a specific package when you hover the mouse in that package

To see all the future features to be added on Cube, or if have any feature requests, check the Blueprints page of Camicri Cube Server Launchpad page

To install Cube Server via apt-get, enter the following in your terminal
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:camicrisystems/daily
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install cube-server

Offline and portable installers for Linux and Windows is also available in our Launchpad Download page

Have questions or encountered a bug? Feel free to send it to us here or at

Updated on 2016-08-18.

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