Cardapio MiniMode, Docky helper, and more!

Written for Cardapio by Thiago Teixeira on 2010-11-27

This week the Cardapio team has delivered a new version which fulfills several of the most common requests from our users. Below are a few:

* MiniMode: By checking the option to "Reduce size of Cardapio's main window", you collapse the category sidebar into a vertical row of icons -- saving lots of precious screen space! I find this is great for netbooks.

* Docky helper: Install the "cardapio-docky" package (in Ubuntu) to access to a new Docky helper that let's you click on the "Anchor" icon to open Cardapio. So now Docky users have even less reason to use the default Gnome panel, if that's what floats your boat!

* Reduced memory usage: Cardapio is now smarter about loading plugins into memory, which not only saves your precious RAM but also makes startup times *much* faster! In addition, we have finally fixed the sneaky memory leaks that existed in the Firefox Bookmarks and Software Center plugins. So now the latter has been re-added to the Cardapio's default plugins list.

* Search box location: Also worthy of notice is that among the many bugfixes and feature-requests included in this version, Cardapio's search box is now sensitive to Cardapio's location. That is, if Cardapio is being launched from the top panel, then the search box resides on the top of Cardapio's window as it always has. If, however, Cardapio is on the bottom panel, then the search box moves to the bottom of the window, making it much more easily accessible.

* Etc etc etc: This release contains one month worth of work, so I may be forgetting other changes. So just try it out for yourself!

Screenshot of Docky + MiniMode:


One thing about the Docky helper: it seems that Docky uses some serious black magic to make sure it always appears in front of other windows. This is a problem, because it causes Cardapio to appear behind Docky at times, especially when Docky's "zoom" option is selected. If anyone has any pointers on how to fix this, please let us know!

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