Ceilometer Grizzly 2 Milestone available

Written for Ceilometer by Nick Barcet on 2013-01-14

The Ceilometer team is proud to announce the first synchronous milestone delivery with the OpenStack project. Grizzly-2 is also the last Folsom compatible version of Ceilometer as we are planning to introduce some breaking changes very soon in our trunk to enable a totally new set of features bringing Ceilometer beyond basic metering into monitoring and alerting.

This milestone can be found at:


With this milestone, 10 blueprints have been implemented and 53 bugs have been fixed. Here is a quick summary of the new features:

  * Plugins can now be disabled so that they will not be polled when they are not needed.
  * Removed all nova database access from Ceilometer agents
  * SQLAlchemy DB driver is now fully implemented
  * Ceilometer is now provided with a default configuration file
  * Multi-dimension indexing allows to perform queries that aggregate meters based on additional keypair values other than the simple tenant/user/resource triplet
  * Ceilometer now provides a user facing API which allows non-admin users to query Ceilometer, limiting them to their own data.
  * Compute agent interaction with hypervisor layer is now independent of nova internals
  * There is now a python-ceilometerclient library and a ceilometer client CLI
  * Swift is now instrumented and meters therefore accessible
  * Ceilometer does not need to use nova.flags nor to read nova configuration anymore

More details can be found at: https://launchpad.net/ceilometer/+milestone/grizzly-2

Thanks to Doug Hellmann, Julien Danjou, John Tran, Angus Salkeld, Eoghan Glynn, Lianhao Lu, Brooklyn Chen, Emilien Macchi, Guillaume Pernot, Fran├žois Charlier, and Jiang Yunhong for their contributions to this milestone.

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