Chunky 1.0.4

Bug fixes and performance improvements

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Jesper Öqvist
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Release notes 

Several new blocks have been implemented in the renderer, and the rendering of chests has been improved to match how they are rendered in Minecraft more closely.

The texture pack support has been extended. Chest textures are now loaded from their individual texture files, rather than using the obsolete terrain.png tiles.

A normal map is now used for rendering the water - making water look far more realistic!


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    * Removed tearing artifacts when changing render parameters
    * Fit octree to loaded chunks - improves render performance and
      allows loading an arbitrary number of chunks
    * Fixed error in octree initialization
    * The preview window no longer renders completely transparent
      surfaces as black
    * Full texture pack support (Chunky loads chest textures from their own
      texture rather than using the obsolete terrain.png tiles)
    * Increased maximum relative sun intensity
    * Fixed bug that caused render threads to keep rendering after the
      Render Controls dialog had been closed
    * Added Autofocus function in the Camera tab of the Render Controls dialog
    * Use normal map for water rendering
    * Tweaked water specular coefficient and visibility depth
    * Save the current world in the scene description
    * Implemented correct rendering of chest, ender chest, large chest,
      huge mushrooms (brown & red), mycelium, end portal frame, emerald
      block, emerald ore and nether wart
    * Postprocessing effects are now turned off by default, but can be enabled
      using a check box in the General tab of the Render Controls dialog
    * Crosshairs are now rendered in the 3D view in preview mode
    * Some debug info is shown in the 3D view in preview mode
    * Added buttons to halve and double canvas size
    * Hide the HALT button when it is not needed
    * Changed layout of Camera tab

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