Chunky 1.1.4

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Jesper Öqvist
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download icon Chunky-1.1.4.exe (md5) Windows Installer 1,270
last downloaded today
download icon Chunky-1.1.4.dmg (md5) Mac Bundle 176
last downloaded today
download icon (md5) Binaries 560
last downloaded 3 weeks ago
download icon chunky-1.1.4.tar.gz (md5) Source Code 12
last downloaded 11 weeks ago
Total downloads: 2,018

Release notes 

Major changes in this version:

* Added an installer for Windows
* Added rendering for new blocks
* Improved texture pack loading (support for new texture layout)
* Added option to render clouds


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    * Implemented rendering of several new blocks:
        + Anvil
        + Nether Brick Slab
        + Quartz Slab
        + Quartz Stairs
        + Block of Quartz
        + Block of Redstone
        + Dropper
        + Nether Quartz Ore
        + Activator Rail
        + Trapped Chest
        + Weighted Pressure Plate (light & heavy)
    * Improved rendering of the Beacon block
    * Beacon block now emits light
    * Partially implemented flower pot rendering
    * Removed spatial filtering in sample selection (slightly improves
      rendering performance)
    * Added option to enable rendering clouds
    * Horizontal coordinates are now used for sun position
    * Allow opening read-only region files
    * If sunlight is disabled the sun will not be rendered
    * It is now possible to disable the sky horizon mirroring
    * Added support for new texture pack layout (individual block texture files)

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