Milestones belong to a series and can be created from the series page by a project owner or series release manager.

Version Series Expected Released Summary
cinderlib 4.3 "zed-official" zed 2022-12-15 not yet released
cinderlib train-em "train-em" train 2022-08-28 not yet released This branch is now in Extended Maintenance mode.
cinderlib 4.1.1 "xena-next" xena 2022-07-11 not yet released
cinderlib 4.2.0 "yoga-official" yoga 2022-06-23 not yet released Cycle-trailing Yoga release.
cinderlib 4.1.0 "xena-official" xena 2021-12-16
cinderlib ussuri-em "ussuri-em" ussuri 2021-11-16 not yet released
cinderlib 4.0.1 "wallaby-next" wallaby 2021-09-30 not yet released
cinderlib 4.0.0 "wallaby-official" wallaby 2021-07-02 Cycle-trailing release (will happen during the Xena development cycle).
cinderlib 3.1.1 "victoria-next" victoria 2021-05-08 not yet released
cinderlib 3.1.0 victoria 2021-05-01
cinderlib 2.1.0 ussuri 2021-01-26
cinderlib 3.0.0 "victoria-official" victoria 2021-01-14 Cycle-trailing release (will happen during Wallaby development cycle)
cinderlib 2.0.0 "ussuri-official" ussuri 2020-07-13
cinderlib 1.0.1 "train-final" train 2020-03-29
cinderlib 1.0.0 "train-official" train 2019-12-12
cinderlib 0.9.0 "stein-final" stein 2019-04-16