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Release notes 

Cloud-init release 21.2 is now available

The 21.2 release:
 * spanned about 2 months
 * had 23 contributors from 23 domains
 * fixed 12 Launchpad issues

 - Azure support for consuming userdata from IMDS
 - Prefer partprobe for reading partition table if available
 - New config option to specify use of short hostname vs fqdn
 - Support BONDING_MODULE_OPTS on SUSE in sysconfig


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 - Add \r\n check for SSH keys in Azure (#889)
 - Revert "Add support to resize rootfs if using LVM (#721)" (#887)
   (LP: #1922742)
 - Add Vultaire as contributor (#881) [Paul Goins]
 - Azure: adding support for consuming userdata from IMDS (#884) [Anh Vo]
 - test_upgrade: modify test_upgrade_package to run for more sources (#883)
 - Fix chef module run failure when chef_license is set (#868) [Ben Hughes]
 - Azure: Retry net metadata during nic attach for non-timeout errs (#878)
 - Azure: Retrieve username and hostname from IMDS (#865) [Thomas Stringer]
 - Azure: eject the provisioning iso before reporting ready (#861) [Anh Vo]
 - Use `partprobe` to re-read partition table if available (#856)
   [Nicolas Bock] (LP: #1920939)
 - fix error on upgrade caused by new vendordata2 attributes (#869)
   (LP: #1922739)
 - add prefer_fqdn_over_hostname config option (#859)
   [hamalq] (LP: #1921004)
 - Emit dots on travis to avoid timeout (#867)
 - doc: Replace remaining references to user-scripts as a config module
   (#866) [Ryan Harper]
 - azure: Removing ability to invoke walinuxagent (#799) [Anh Vo]
 - Add Vultr support (#827) [David Dymko]
 - Fix unpickle for source paths missing run_dir (#863)
   [lucasmoura] (LP: #1899299)
 - sysconfig: use BONDING_MODULE_OPTS on SUSE (#831) [Jens Sandmann]
 - bringup_static_routes: fix gateway check (#850) [Petr Fedchenkov]
 - add hamalq user (#860) [hamalq]
 - Add support to resize rootfs if using LVM (#721)
   [Eduardo Otubo] (LP: #1799953)
 - Fix mis-detecting network configuration in initramfs cmdline (#844)
   (LP: #1919188)
 - tools/write-ssh-key-fingerprints: do not display empty header/footer
   (#817) [dermotbradley]
 - Azure helper: Ensure Azure http handler sleeps between retries (#842)
   [Johnson Shi]
 - Fix chef apt source example (#826) [timothegenzmer]
 - .travis.yml: generate an SSH key before running tests (#848)
 - write passwords only to serial console, lock down cloud-init-output.log
   (#847) (LP: #1918303)
 - Fix apt default integration test (#845)
 - integration_tests: bump pycloudlib dependency (#846)
 - Fix stack trace if vendordata_raw contained an array (#837) [eb3095]
 - archlinux: Fix broken locale logic (#841)
   [Kristian Klausen] (LP: #1402406)
 - Integration test for #783 (#832)
 - integration_tests: mount more paths IN_PLACE (#838)
 - Fix requiring device-number on EC2 derivatives (#836) (LP: #1917875)
 - Remove the vi comment from the part-handler example (#835)
 - net: exclude OVS internal interfaces in get_interfaces (#829)
   (LP: #1912844)
 - tox.ini: pass OS_* environment variables to integration tests (#830)
 - integration_tests: add OpenStack as a platform (#804)
 - Add flexibility to IMDS api-version (#793) [Thomas Stringer]
 - Fix the TestApt tests using apt-key on Xenial and Hirsute (#823)
   [Paride Legovini] (LP: #1916629)
 - doc: remove duplicate "it" from nocloud.rst (#825) [V.I. Wood]
 - archlinux: Use hostnamectl to set the transient hostname (#797)
   [Kristian Klausen]
 - Add documentation for recently added config key
   (#824) [dermotbradley]
 - Update cc_set_hostname documentation (#818) [Toshi Aoyama]

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