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Release notes 

== Release Notes ==

Cloud-init release 22.4 is now available

The 22.4 release:
 * spanned about 3 months
 * had 23 contributors from 25 domains
 * fixed 13 Launchpad issues

 * Add NWCS datasource
 * Add Mariner support
 * Add support for Container-Optimized OS
 * Passthough v2 netconfigs in netplan systems
 * Allow jinja templating in /etc/cloud
 * Machine-readable output --format yaml/json in "cloud-init status"
 * Net: add BSD ifconfig(8) parser and state class
 * Ensure "centos" settings are identical to "rhel" in cloud.cfg.tmpl
 * LXD:
   * Enable hotplug for LXD datasource
   * Add support for lxd preseed config
 * Ansible:
   * Add support for Ansible galaxy install
   * Add Ansible control module
   * Allow pip bootstrapping


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== Changelog ==
 - test: fix pro integration test [Alberto Contreras]
 - cc_disk_setup: pass options in correct order to utils (#1829)
 - tests: text_lxd basic_preseed verify_clean_log (#1826)
 - docs: switch sphinx theme to furo (SC-1327) (#1821) [Alberto Contreras]
 - tests: activate Ubuntu Pro tests (only on Jenkins) (#1777)
   [Alberto Contreras]
 - tests: test_lxd assert when present (#1827)
 - tests: replace missed ansible install-method with underscore (#1825)
 - tests: replace ansible install-method with underscore
 - ansible: standardize schema keys
 - ci: run json tool on 22.04 rather than 20.04 (#1823)
 - Stop using devices endpoint for LXD network config (#1819)
 - apport: address new curtin log and config locations (#1812)
 - cc_grub: reword docs for clarity (#1818)
 - tests: Fix preseed test (#1820)
 - Auto-format schema (#1810)
 - Ansible Control Module (#1778)
 - Fix last reported event possibly not being sent (#1796) (LP: #1993836)
 - tests: Ignore unsupported lxd project keys (#1817) [Alberto Contreras]
 - udevadm settle should handle non-udev system gracefully (#1806)
 - add mariner support (#1780) [Minghe Ren]
 - Net: add BSD ifconfig(8) parser and state class (#1779) [Mina Galić]
 - adding itjamie to .github-cla-signers [Jamie (Bear) Murphy]
 - Fix inconsistency between comment and statement (#1809) [Guillaume Gay]
 - Update .github-cla-signers (#1811) [Guillaume Gay]
 - Add Alpine-specific manage_service function and update tests
   (#1804) [dermotbradley]
 - test: add 3.12-dev to Travis CI (#1798) [Alberto Contreras]
 - add NWCS datasource (#1793) [shell-skrimp]
 - Adding myself as CLA signer (#1799) [s-makin]
 - apport: fix some data collection failures due to symlinks (#1797)
   [Dan Bungert]
 - read-version: Make it compatible with bionic (#1795) [Alberto Contreras]
 - lxd: add support for lxd preseed config(#1789)
 - Enable hotplug for LXD datasource (#1787)
 - cli: collect logs and apport subiquity support
 - add support for Container-Optimized OS (#1748) [vteratipally]
 - test: temporarily disable failing integration test (#1792)
 - Fix LXD/nocloud detection on lxd vm tests (#1791)
 - util: Implement __str__ and __iter__ for Version (#1790)
 - cc_ua: consume ua json api for enable commands [Alberto Contreras]
 - Add clarity to cc_final_message docs (#1788)
 - cc_ntp: add support for BSDs (#1759) [Mina Galić] (LP: #1990041)
 - make Makefile make agnostic (#1786) [Mina Galić]
 - Remove hardcoding and unnecessary overrides in Makefile (#1783)
   [Joseph Mingrone]
 - Add my username (Jehops) to .github-cla-signers (#1784) [Joseph Mingrone]
 - Temporarily remove broken test (#1781)
 - Create reference documentation for base config
 - cc_ansible: add support for galaxy install (#1736)
 - distros/manage_services: add support to disable service (#1772)
   [Mina Galić] (LP: #1991024)
 - OpenBSD: remove pkg_cmd_environ function (#1773)
   [Mina Galić] (LP: 1991567)
 - docs: Correct typo in the FAQ (#1774) [Maximilian Wörner]
 - tests: Use LXD metadata to determine NoCloud status (#1776)
 - analyze: use init-local as start of boot record (#1767) [Chris Patterson]
 - docs: use opensuse for distro name in package doc (#1771)
 - doc: clarify packages as dev only (#1769) [Alberto Contreras]
 - Distro manage service: Improve BSD support (#1758)
   [Mina Galić] (LP: #1990070)
 - testing: check logs for critical errors (#1765) [Chris Patterson]
 - cc_ubuntu_advantage: Handle already attached on Pro [Alberto Contreras]
 - doc: Add configuration explanation (SC-1169)
 - Fix Oracle DS primary interface when using IMDS (#1757) (LP: #1989686)
 - style: prefer absolute imports over relative imports [Mina Galić]
 - tests: Fix ip log during instance destruction (#1755) [Alberto Contreras]
 - cc_ubuntu_advantage: add ua_config in auto-attach [Alberto Contreras]
 - apt configure: sources write/append mode (#1738)
   [Fabian Lichtenegger-Lukas]
 - networkd: Add test and improve typing. (#1747) [Alberto Contreras]
 - pycloudlib: bump commit for gce cpu architecture support (#1750)
 - commit ffcb29bc8315d1e1d6244eeb1cbd8095958f7bad (LP: #1307667)
 - testing: workaround LXD vendor data (#1740)
 - support dhcp{4,6}-overrides in networkd renderer (#1710) [Aidan Obley]
 - tests: Drop httpretty in favor of responses (#1720) [Alberto Contreras]
 - cc_ubuntu_advantage: Implement custom auto-attach behaviors (#1583)
   [Alberto Contreras]
 - Fix Oracle DS not setting subnet when using IMDS (#1735) (LP: #1989686)
 - testing: focal lxd datasource discovery (#1734)
 - cc_ubuntu_advantage: Redact token from logs (#1726) [Alberto Contreras]
 - docs: make sure echo properly evaluates the string (#1733) [Mina Galić]
 - net: set dhclient lease and pid files (#1715)
 - cli: status machine-readable output --format yaml/json (#1663)
   (LP: #1883122)
 - tests: Simplify does_not_raise (#1731) [Alberto Contreras]
 - Refactor: Drop inheritance from object (#1728) [Alberto Contreras]
 - testing: LXD datasource now supported on Focal (#1732)
 - Allow jinja templating in /etc/cloud (SC-1170) (#1722) (LP: #1913461)
 - sources/azure: ensure instance id is always correct (#1727)
   [Chris Patterson]
 - azure: define new attribute for pre-22.3 pickles (#1725)
 - doc: main page Diátaxis rewording (SC-967) (#1701)
 - ubuntu advantage: improved idempotency, enable list is now strict
   [Fabian Lichtenegger-Lukas]
 - test: bump pycloudlib (#1724) [Alberto Contreras]
 - cloud.cfg.tmpl: make sure "centos" settings are identical to "rhel"
   (#1639) [Emanuele Giuseppe Esposito]
 - lxd: fetch 1.0/devices content (#1712) [Alberto Contreras]
 - Update docs according to ad8f406a (#1719)
 - testing: Port unittests/analyze to pytest (#1708) [Alberto Contreras]
 - doc: Fix rtd builds. (#1718) [Alberto Contreras]
 - testing: fully mock noexec calls (#1717) [Alberto Contreras]
 - typing: Add types to cc_<module>.handle (#1700) [Alberto Contreras]
 - Identify 3DS Outscale Datasource as Ec2 (#1686) [Maxime Dufour]
 - config: enable bootstrapping pip in ansible (#1707)
 - Fix cc_chef typing issue (#1716)
 - Refactor instance json files to use Paths (SC-1238) (#1709)
 - tools: read-version check GITHUB_REF and git branch --show-current
 - net: Ensure a tmp with exec permissions for dhcp (#1690)
   [Alberto Contreras] (LP: #1962343)
 - testing: Fix test regression in test_combined (#1713) [Alberto Contreras]
 - Identify Huawei Cloud as OpenStack (#1689) [huang xinjie]
 - doc: add reporting suggestion to FAQ (SC-1236) (#1698)

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