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 - ubuntu-cloudimg-query: change default release to 'xenial'
 - growpart: fix some issues in error path reporting
 - growpart: capture output of 'partx --help' as older versions
   do not support that flag, and send output to stderr.
 - add 'vcs-run' utility for easily executing / bootstrapping
   from a version control system (hg, git, bzr)
 - cloud-localds: add man page [Thomas Bechtold]
 - cloud-localds: only use qemu-img convert if output format is not 'raw'
 - cloud-localds: add '--hostname' flag to specify local-hostname in
 - cloud-publish-image: add '--architecture' when using 'register'
 - cloud-publish-image: improvements to -v (debugging)
 - cloud-publish-image: pass through --root-device-name
 - cloud-run-instances: dropped (obsolete, not recommended)
 - dropped installation of (obsolete) ubuntu cloud-image keyring.
   See ubuntu package 'ubuntu-cloudimage-keyring'
 - add mount-image-callback
 - cloud-localds: make quiet by default (increase verbosity with '-v')
 - ubuntu-cloudimg-query: do not fail on no ami id found if no ami id is
   necessary for the output requested (ie, allow 'armhf' queries of url)
 - growpart: fix bug when growing partitions on disks > 2TB. (LP: #1259703)
 - growpart: run partx only on block devices (not files)
 - ubuntu-cloudimg-query: allow 'ppc64el', 'arm64' as input. (LP: #1273769)
 - ubuntu-cloudimg-query, ubuntu-ec2-run: know about trusty
 - ubuntu-cloudimg-query: add '--arch' to specifically state the arch.
 - growpart: better --dry-run output for gpt disks, providing sgdisk command
   line that would be used.
 - ubuntu-ec2-run: know about more instance types
 - mount-image-callback: add '--partition' flag to mount other than first
 - ec2metadata, ubuntu-ec2-run, write-mime-multipart: move to python3
 - growpart: support sfdisk >= 2.26, and support gpt partitions with sfdisk
 - mount-image-callback: pass --format when invoking qemu-nbd (LP: #1492386)
 - mount-image-callback: add '--mountpoint' flag to mount to an existing dir
 - mount-image-callback: add '--overlay' to use overlayfs mounts
 - mount-image-callback: use qemu-nbd --read-only for safer read only
 - mount-image-callback: improved waiting for devices. part=auto now default.
 - ubuntu-cloudimg-query: support arch input of 'powerpc' and 's390x'
 - cloud-localds: support writing vendor-data and network config
 - cloud-localds: support --disk-format=tar, tar-seed-local and tar-seed-nonet
   to more easily use when populating a fs rather than a external disk.
 - pep8 and whitespace cleanups

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