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0.3.0 release from the trunk series released

Release information
Release notes:

Commandant 0.3.0 includes a number of new features:

 * Custom program name, version, summary and URL details can be
   provided to a CommandController. When available, they are used
   in output produced by the builtin 'help' and 'version' commands.
 * The builtin 'version' command includes information about the
   version and location of Python, bzrlib and commandant libraries
   being used.
 * A new DocstringHelpTopic can be subclassed to create help topics
   that load content from a docstring, in the same way that help
   content is loaded from command docstrings.

This release includes packages for all supported releases of Ubuntu.
They are available in the Commandant PPA:

You can find the release files at:




 - The CommandController is now composed of four mixin classes that
   can be combined and tweaked to create custom controllers.
 - CommandController takes optional parameters: program name,
   program version, program summary and program URL. When provided,
   they are used in output generated by the 'version' and 'help'
 - The 'version' command takes an optional --short command-line option
   that, when provided, causes it to output just the version number.
 - The 'version' command includes information about Python, bzrlib
   and commandant in its output, in addition to information about
   the program being run.
 - A new DocstringHelpTopic can be subclassed to create topics that
   load summary and help content from the subclass's docstring.
 - New BzrlibHooksResource test resource resets internal data
   structures in bzrlib that may have been modified by tests.
 - bzrlib's internal UI machinery is initialized then bzrlib hooks
   are installed.

Bug fixes

 - If the first option, expected to the command path, starts with a
   '-' a usage message is shown, instead of an error about a missing

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